Welcome to FictionFan’s Book Reviews!

I’ve been reviewing books for a few years now and have got into the habit of reviewing everything I read. I do it mainly for my own pleasure, to remind me of what I liked (or didn’t) about a book, but I hope other people might find them interesting too.

I suppose it’s obvious from the reviews that I’m a big fan of crime and thriller novels, and as a Scot, I particularly enjoy the ‘Tartan Noir’ authors – old favourites like Ian Rankin and newer writers like Gordon Ferris – it’s fun to be reading about places I know. Though most of the crime I read is in a modern setting, I also enjoy historical fiction with a crime element, such as Sansom’s Shardlake novels. Add to the mix some good literary fiction, both classic and contemporary, a little bit of history, a pinch of popular science and lots of political memoirs and that about sums up my reading tastes.

I’ve been a member of the Amazon Vine UK programme since March 2011 and that often gives me the chance to read books before they’re published. The programme has introduced me to lots of new authors who have now become favourites, such as Patrick Flanery and Jane Casey, both very different writers but each excellent in their chosen genres. I review on Amazon UK and US under the profile name FictionFan. (The Amazon links given on reviews are intended merely to be helpful. I am not an affiliate and make no money from this blog.)

I am also a member of NetGalley too and enjoy the wide range of titles they offer. And they give me badges…

badges 7

I’m happy to consider requests from publishers for reviews of books in one of the genres I enjoy. I can be contacted at FictionFan@virginmedia.com. As always, my review will reflect my honest opinion. I regret that I won’t accept requests from self-published authors.

Please browse the site and I’d love to hear what you think of the blog, the reviews or the books, so all comments will be gladly received.

154 thoughts on “About

  1. Hmmmm….something weird has happened…I’ve been wondering if all is ok with you as you’ve been very quiet for ages….or so I thought…for some reason my “follow” of you got undone. I have no idea why…makes me worry about who else is “quiet” at the moment but actually a glitch in the follows. So, sorry that I’ve missed your posts – I’ll be catching up again. I should be following you again.

  2. Hi there. I can’t find any contact details for you so am posting my request here. I am writing a review of Emilie Conway’s concert set “You Won’t Forget Me”, her tribute to Maeve Brennan. The best photograph I have been able to find for Ms Brennan is the one used in your piece about her from 1st August 2014. I would love to use that in my own piece and wonder if you know from whom I need to obtain permission for such use. Please reply to me at flparker1941@gmail.com.
    I intend to publish my review later today at my WP site: https://flparker.com

    • Thank you! Haha – it was only after I’d set up my blog that I discovered how creative and inventive everyone else is with their blog names. Oh well! 😉

  3. […] Fiction Fan wrote about her cats being named after Tommy and Tuppence (an Agatha Christie detective duo), and Dora shared an anecdote about her mom introducing her to the great Dame Christie: “My mother was originally the one who read everything she’s written (or at least tried), she talked about them a lot and she has I think more than 60 of her books, so naturally when I was old enough to finally read them (12 maybe) I don’t even know which one of us was more excited!” […]

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