TBR Thursday 341…

Episode 341

Not only is the #20(Audio)BooksOfSummer challenge wrecking my reading of normal books, but now I’m falling behind on the challenge too! So the TBR is up again – only by 1 to 179, but I know for a fact that there’s a parcel on the way…

Guess which of these dogs I feel like? Anyway, here are a few more that should be keeping me awake soon…


At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón

I added this to my TBR years ago, presumably because it was recommended or I had seen a glowing review – can’t remember! However I’m still desperately trying to fill the South America box in my Wanderlust challenge, so hopefully this will do the trick – the unnamed country is apparently a fictionalised Peru… 

The Blurb says: Nelson’s life is not turning out the way he hoped. His girlfriend is sleeping with another man, his brother has left their South American country and moved to the United States, leaving Nelson to care for their widowed mother, and his acting career can’t seem to get off the ground. That is, until he lands a starring role in a touring revival of The Idiot President, a legendary play by Nelson’s hero, Henry Nunez, leader of the storied guerrilla theatre troupe Diciembre. And that’s when the real trouble begins.

The tour takes Nelson out of the shelter of the city and across a landscape he’s never seen, which still bears the scars of the civil war. With each performance, Nelson grows closer to his fellow actors, becoming hopelessly entangled in their complicated lives, until, during one memorable performance, a long-buried betrayal surfaces to force the troupe into chaos.

Vintage Crime

The Seat of the Scornful by John Dickson Carr

Courtesy of the British Library. I loved Carr’s Inspector Bencolin books but so far haven’t enjoyed the Dr Gideon Fell ones nearly so much. I keep hoping though, and as always the blurb sounds good…

The Blurb says: Judge Horace Ireton didn’t care about the letter of the law. He was interested in administering absolute, impartial justice as he saw it. To some, his methods of meting out justice made him seem hardly human, for they were coldly calculated – the same type of “cat and mouse” technique that he used in his chess games with Dr. Gideon Fell, the elephantine detective. The system, as he explained it, consisted in “letting your opponent think he’s perfectly safe, winning hands down: and then catch him in a corner.” But the system was not infallible. One day Judge Ireton was found with a pistol in his hand, beside the body of his daughter’s fiancé, a man he had every reason to dislike, as many people knew; and he found that when one was on the inside looking out, the game had to be played differently.

(P.S. I’ve skipped the BL’s May release because it has finally happened that it’s one I have previously read and reviewed. It’s Green for Danger by Christianna Brand, and it’s excellent – highly recommended! Here’s my review.)

* * * * *

Miss Silver on Audio

Latter End by Patricia Wentworth read by Diana Bishop

Another couple for the #20(Audio)BooksOfSummer challenge! I recently read a standalone mystery by Wentworth and thoroughly enjoyed it, so want to try her long-running Miss Silver series. I don’t know this narrator but reviews are good and if I enjoy her, zillions of the books are available on audio… 

The Blurb says: Things had never been quite the same at Latter End since Lois had taken over. Suddenly life seemed to be an endless succession of bitter family rows which Lois, needless to say, invariably won.

More than one person at Latter End found themselves stretched to the limit by Lois and her bullying, and it was only a matter of time before somebody snapped. It was unthinkable of course . . . but if anyone ever murdered Lois Latter, it would be very embarrassing to discover just how many people might have wished her dead.

* * * * *

Trollope on Audio

The Warden by Anthony Trollope read by Timothy West

I love this book and have read it many times over the years, so I’m looking forward to listening to it this time. It’s read by Timothy West whom I haven’t previously listened to as a narrator but have always enjoyed as an actor. I hope he’s good, since I seem to have acquired his narrations of several hefty classics! This one is reasonably short though…

The Blurb says: Trollope’s witty, satirical story of a quiet cathedral town shaken by scandal – as the traditional values of Septimus Harding are attacked by zealous reformers and ruthless newspapers – is a drama of conscience that pits individual integrity against worldly ambition.

In The Warden Anthony Trollope brought the fictional county of Barsetshire to life, peopled by a cast of brilliantly realised characters that have made him among the supreme chroniclers of the minutiae of Victorian England. It is the first book in the Chronicles of Barsetshire.

* * * * *

NB All blurbs and covers taken from Goodreads, Amazon UK or Audible UK.

* * * * *

So…what do you think? Are you tempted?

31 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 341…

  1. I suspect feline plotting is behind that increase in your TBR, FictionFan! Perhaps there’s even a conspiracy with your postie – I’d check on that! 😉 Seriously, though, I’m glad to see a Miss Silver in your list. I like her character, and even though those books aren’t all equally good, there are some good ‘uns among them. And you’ve reminded me I should read more Trollope than I have. As for Carr, I think I like Gideon Fell more than you do, so perhaps I’m biased, but… I hope you like this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Tommy did run and hide when the postie knocked the door earlier – guilty conscience?? I’m sure I read a few Miss Silvers way back in the dim distant, but I don’t remember anything about them other than a vague feeling that I enjoyed them. I’m looking forward to rediscovering them! I love Trollope, although there’s still loads I haven’t read *sighs*. And I think I read somewhere that this Gideon Fell is rather different from the ones I’ve previously read, in that it’s not so dependent on the “impossible crime” element, so I’m hopeful this one might work better for me…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed The Warden too a couple of years ago. I’ve read a number of Miss Silver mysteries (not this one) and find them well written ‘palate cleansers’. I hope the audio versions of both these books work well for you. It seems like Timothy West should be a right narrator for Trollope, I’ll be interested to hear how you find him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I read a ton of Trollope in earlier years and though I loved lots of them The Warden was always my favourite. Timothy West seems to be the narrator of choice for Trollope novels on Audible, so if I like him as much as I expect to, I foresee a Trollope binge in my future! The narrator of the Miss Silver books seems to get pretty high praise in reviews too, so I have my fingers crossed…

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think the Miss Silvers are very much in the Agatha Christie vein, but the little I’ve read of Wentworth makes me hope they’ll have some humour in them too – we’ll see! I love Carr’s writing but the Gideon Fell books often turn on an “impossible crime” element which is never my favourite sub-genre. I remain hopeful he’ll win me over though!


    • Yes, you are! Haha, well, at least you are if you like that sort of Victorian novelist style, which I think you do. Not as humorous as Vanity Fair but similar writing style, and he often writes about the Church, not in terms of religion, but more the politics and social importance of the Church of England. If you’ve enjoyed George Eliot I suspect you’d enjoy Trollope. And The Warden would be a great starting point…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, these all sound great! I love Anthony Trollope, though have started with the Palliser rather than the Barsetshire novels. And Audible is currently pushing its “included with membership” Wentworth novels into my feed at the moment so I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Trollope too and read tons of him back in the day, but it’s been a while! The Warden has always been a particular favourite so I’ve re-read it often over the years. Yes, I keep having to avoid the temptation of adding loads of these included books to my Audible library, but if I like this Miss Silver it’s nice to know so many of them are available…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I really enjoyed The Warden when I read it years ago, I also think Timothy West will be good. I haven’t read that Miss Silver book but I’ve liked the ones I have read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I started it today and Timothy West is great – perfect for the style of the book. Good to hear that you’ve been enjoying the Miss Silver books. I think I read some when I was quite young but I don’t remember anything about them really except a general feeling that I liked them, so I’m looking forward to revisiting them!


  5. I’m not tempted today, thank goodness – drowning in books at the moment! But I listened to another version of The Warden during the lockdown part of Covid and enjoyed it. It was a pleasant escape. (My one and only Trollope so far.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of Trollope but The Warden is still by far my favourite (and not just because it’s short! 😉 ) I know exactly what you mean about drowning in books – I need to learn to speed-read!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ha, I know! If only he’d kept them all to the same length as The Warden. I read them all in my younger years and remember feeling that the first two books were by far the best. Perhaps my more mature self might get more out of the later ones on a re-read though.


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