Six in Six 2018

A half-year retrospective…

Lots of my blogging buddies have been doing this fun meme which was created by Jo of The Book Jotter. The idea is to look back over the first six months of the reading year (yes, we’re officially in the second half – let me be the first to wish you Merry Christmas!), select six categories from the selection Jo provides or create your own categories, and then find six books you’ve read between January and June to fit each category. It’s my first time of joining in, and I found it really highlighted to me the patterns in my reading – I’m sure my categories would change from year to year along with my ever-shifting tastes.

I’ve avoided duplications by some nifty juggling and have only included books I recommend, so here goes!

Six Vintage Crime

I’m becoming steeped in vintage crime these days, partly as a response to my lukewarm reaction to a lot of the modern stuff and partly because so many publishers are re-issuing “forgotten” books. I’ve got to give special mention to the British Library Crime Classics series, which has added significantly to the sum of FF happiness over the last couple of years, and has inspired me to start my Murder, Mystery and Mayhem challenge, from which five of my chosen six come…

A Murder is Announced

The Four Just Men

Strangers on a Train

Bats in the Belfry

The Red House Mystery

The Dain Curse

Six Five Star Fiction

I was only familiar with two of these authors – the other four books were chosen randomly based on blurbs, subject matter, favourite publishers and bloggers’ reviews. Which proves that taking a chance can provide great dividends! Here are my six…

In the Valley of the Sun

The Man Who Loved Dogs

The Commissariat of Enlightenment



That Summer in Puglia

Six Scottish Writers

I’m always appalled at how little I read from Scottish authors and have been trying to make more of an effort recently. Again some of these were existing favourite authors, and the rest were chance picks. Although the writers are Scottish, only about half of the books are set in Scotland – I fear we still have a bit of a problem with contemporary Scottish literature other than crime fiction.


The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar

Brazzaville Beach

I’ll Keep You Safe

Smoke and Ashes

Six Humorous Books

I never set out to read humorous books since I frequently don’t find them humorous, but this year I seem to have stumbled across several that thoroughly entertained me…

The Mystery of Briony Lodge

The Code of the Woosters

The Linking Rings

Sinister Dexter

The Murder of My Aunt

Lonelyheart 4122

Six Factual

Always one of my favourite categories and I love to mix up heavy history tomes with a range of eclectic stuff. Some fab books so far this year…

The Country House Library


Seduced by Mrs Robinson

The Golden Age of Murder

Daughters of the Winter Queen

Space Odyssey

Six Oxford World’s Classics

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be given access to lots of lovely Oxford World’s Classics editions for review this year, especially since they allowed me a free choice as to which ones they sent me. While the classics stand on their own merits, I do love reading a well written introduction (as an afterword) and the notes, and finding out all the stuff I’ve missed. I’ve especially enjoyed reacquainting myself with HG Wells last year and this…

The War of the Worlds

The Great God Pan and Other Stories

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

The First Men in the Moon

The Invisible Man

Heart of Darkness and Other Tales

* * * * * * * *

So that’s my six sixes, and they tell me I’ve had a fabulous reading year so far! As usual, I’m late to the party but Jo gives us till the end of July, so if you haven’t already joined in you still have time – it’s a wonderful way to waste spend some time!

Here’s to the next six months! 😀

45 thoughts on “Six in Six 2018

  1. I love this idea, FictionFan! And your categories are great. One of the things I like about a meme like this is that it really does encourage you to think about the scope of your reading as well as its quantity. Well done. But please! It’s not even August! No more mention of that end-of- year-holiday right now!


    • And a Happy New Year when it comes! 😉 Yes, I had no idea what my categories would be till I started going over what I’ve read and then realised there have been definite ‘themes’ to my reading this year.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a fun one to do! Yes, I definitely go through phases in my reading. Maybe next year I’ll love contemporary crime again. Or I could read more books about mad whale-hunting Captains… 😉


  2. This is a fun meme that I’ve enjoyed at other blogs as well. I won’t be doing this year, but maybe at another time. And I like the idea that you can choose your own categories.


    • Yes, I thought it was good to be able to make up the categories too – we all read so differently! And it was easier than I thought – I hadn’t realised I was reading certain ‘themes’ this year…


  3. It’s a great idea, although I’d struggle to find time to do this at the moment… Six Scottish authors in 6 months! I think I don’t get 6 in 6 years! (Which is awful, I know).


    • Yes, it took me ages to do, which is fine when you’ve ages to spare! Ha – I started to make up an index page for Scottish fiction a few months ago and was horrified at how little I’d read in my five years of blogging, so I’ve been making an effort… 😉


  4. You amaze me, FF, and always inspire me to be a more well-rounded reader! What an accomplishment in 6 months. I love this tag idea! I still need to get to Puglia and read more Scottish authors as well.


    • Aw, thanks, Jennifer! 😀 This is a fun tag and you still have time to join in! The Puglia book is very good, and it’s my mission to make everyone read more Scottish fiction… especially me! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! I’ll need to start wishing it in January next year to be sure I’m first! 😜I was surprised and pleased that I could find thirty-six that I recommend out of six months reading – must be a good year!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, my, this is a fascinating idea, but it’s not for me. Some would claim I’m in a rut by reading as many books from one or two authors as I can get my hands on, then moving to another group. I find it enjoyable, right now at least! But sadly, it doesn’t lend itself to six categories. Oh well, at least I’m reading, which is more than I can say for those folks glued to their tellys!


    • I’ve never been able to do that – I start to go off authors if I read too many of their books too close together. But I wish I could – I might not have so many half-finished series on the go then!

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  6. I’m glad you’ve joined in this year – I always find this meme a fun way to look back on my reading from the first six months of the year. I like the categories you’ve chosen – I don’t think I’ve ever read enough non-fiction to be able to include a factual category!


    • I had a lot of fun doing it, and had no idea that I seem to have some ‘themes’ in my reading this year! I love non-fiction, but it’s only since I stopped working that I’ve had time to read so much of it. And at least this year it’s not all Russian!


  7. Maybe I’m missing the something about the challenge, but if there are 6 categories with 6 books each that a person has read in the last 6 months and you want no duplicates, that’s 36 books. That can be a lot for many people! I’ve been trying to stick to around 1 book per week this year.


    • Ha! Yes, 36 does seem quite steep and I was surprised I could find 36 I could recommend. But there’s no rule about not doubling up, and I could have put several of these into more than one category if I’d needed to. Not working is a great help in getting through more books… 😉


  8. Fantastic post Fiction Fan, and a lot of inspiration for what to read next! (I am shamelessly hoarding the Crime Classics, whenever I bump into one in charity shops but haven’t gotten to reading any of them yet)


    • Thank you – glad you enjoyed it! 😀 I love the look of the Crime Classics as well as enjoying the books themselves – eventually I hope to have a shelf full of them. And I’ve got loads sitting on my TBR waiting for me to get around to them…


  9. No!! I can’t believe someone’s just wished me happy Christmas already! No!! Refuse to accept it’s already nearly Christmas again!! 😂 I love the British Library crime classics as well though. And Bats in the Belfry was aces 😁


  10. FF, I am so pleased you took part for the first time this year 🙂 I love taking part in this meme, because it is such a fun way to reflect back with different categories (mine have changed slightly every year). Great choices of categories. I particularly love how you have read enough vintage crime and Oxford World’s Classics to warrant their very own categories. 😀


    • I had so much fun doing it – I can see it’s going to be an annual thing and I suspect my categories will be different every year. Haha – there’s no doubt both Oxford World’s Classics and the British Library Classic Crime series have been the worst culprits in feeding my book addiction recently… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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