Friday Frippery! The Interactive Tag…

…aka The You Do the Work Tag…

I was looking for a tag to do, but couldn’t find one which tickled my fancy. This is because I’m bored with my own answers – my favourite book, favourite character, favourite cake etc. Plus I’m feeling incredibly lazy…

So then I had an inspired thought! YOU DO THE WORK!! Brilliant, isn’t it? I don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago!


Set five (easy) tasks for your readers.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy their responses.

Possibly drink a margarita.

Definitely eat some chocolate.

Tag some other people, if you have the energy, or have a nap instead…



HERE ARE YOUR TASKS – answers in the comments below please:

1. Recommend ONE book you think I’d enjoy and tell me why. (Disclaimer: I DO NOT promise to read it!) If you’ve reviewed it, please feel free to add a link to your review.

2. Cover wars: vote for the cover you like best out of these. Tell me in the comments which one you voted for.


3. Option A: What book does this make you think of and why?

Option B: For creative types with too much time on your hands, use it as a prompt for a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a limerick, a haiku, etc. – no more than 100 words, please.

Here’s mine:

There once was a girl called Amanda
Who dozed off on her sunny verandah
Along came a witch
Her nose she did twitch
And Amanda awoke as a panda.

4. What three words would appear in the blurb for your ideal book that hasn’t yet been written? And who do you want to write it?

5. Tell me a factlet about yourself you’ve never before revealed in the blogosphere.


* * * * * * * * *

I tag everyone who leaves a comment.

Thanks in advance for entertaining me! 😀

61 thoughts on “Friday Frippery! The Interactive Tag…

  1. Clever tag FF! I’m a big Garfield fan and I find his comment “I can barely contain my indifference” often comes in handy 😀
    1. This is a bit premptive because I’ve not read it myself yet, but I’m just about to start The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr. I have high hopes because Kaggsy recommended it, and I think you’ll like it because: it’s Golden Age crime, its the classic locked room mystery, and it’s short – hooray!
    2. I voted for Somebody at the Door because I really like those vintage style BLCC covers. I was nearly swayed by The Black House though which I thought had a real impact.
    3. To me that Panda looks like they’re remembering the night before. So I’ve employed a slightly flexible rhyme scheme to express this in limerick form: There once was a panda named Lynne/Who drank a vast number of gins/She woke the next day/Remembered the affray/And swore never to drink gin agin.(*cough* again)
    4. ‘precise’ ‘compelling’ ‘surprising’ – Contemporary writers I’d be happy to see write something like this would be Evie Wyld or Jon McGregor. Actually, I’d love anyone to write a book like that!
    5. I really like mosiacking. But I try to limit it because you start looking at every flat surface with a glint in your eye and my tiny flat already has a ridiculous amount of mosaic in it…


    • Haha – yes, I do feel Garfield and I are soul mates! Right, let’s see how you’ve done…
      1. Aha! This is on my TBR already, so excellent choice! It’s one of Martin Edwards’ 100 books, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. You can guinea pig it for me…
      2. I love all six of these covers for different reasons, but these two are undoubtedly today’s popular winners, especially The Blackhouse.
      3. Hahahaha! Well done! Poetic license adds a certain je ne sais quoi, I feel!
      4. Interesting – two people have mentioned Jon McGregor and I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know him at all. I shall investigate…
      5. Cool! 😎 I used to do a lot of cross-stitch but ended up with the same problem. There’s only so many pictures you can squeeze on a wall.

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turnton. Agatha Christie on crack. What’s not to like?

    2. Hm. Somebody at the Door. I love that entire collection. But The Black House is a very close second.


    Oh, my achey head
    Which way to my bed
    The sun is blinding me
    And I really have to pee


    4. intriguing, harrowing, captivating. Has to be one of my go-to authors so Karin Slaughter

    5. I used to play The Sims 3. A lot.


    • 1. Haha – poor Agatha! Oh, yes, I’ve seen lots of praise for that one… I shall consider it!
      2. I love all these covers, but those two are definitely today’s popular winners.
      3. Hahahaha – brilliant! And so evocative! I’m feeling even more sorry for the poor panda now… 😂
      4. Great choices – I’d go with intriguing and captivating, but not quite so keen on harrowing…
      5. It’s OK – I promise I won’t tell anyone… 😉

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀

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  3. 1. Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd, but maybe you’ve already read this. I’m half-way through and can’t put it down.
    2. Somebody at the Door… I love these covers.
    3. The panda reminds me of a character from Wake in Fright by Kenneth Cook. He did one stupid thing, then another and another and kept waking up the next morning and wondering why he did what he did.
    4. ‘Lost Manuscript Unearthed’ by Jane Austen. It’s not too much to ask for, is it?
    5. Poker machines bore me to tears.


  4. Thanks for the opportunity to play FF!
    1. The Cove by Ron Rash. Set in an Appalachian valley during WW1. This is a slow-burner, deeply atmospheric in both landscape and tone. The valley’s isolation and a superstitious community lead to a darkness in this story but there’s also deep humanity.
    2. The Black House. I decided to judge this from a design perspective and I thought this cover most effectively and dramatically visually conveyed the title’s literal and metaphoric meanings.
    3. I though poor panda, a really bad day. Here’s my haiku (with an added hopeful outcome):
    Desolate, head bowed.
    Sitting, eyes covered, mind blank.
    Sun rise, eyes open.
    4. Thoughtful, compelling, lyrical. Jon McGregor. (And I didn’t look at madamebibliophile’s choices until I had written mine!)
    5. For a few years in my yoof, I rode a motor bike 🏍 ….


    • Thanks for playing! 😀 Now let’s see how you’ve done…
      1. Excellent choice! Especially since I’ve already read it (pre-blogging days) and loved it! In fact, I’ve had Serena and another of his on my TBR for years because I loved The Cove so much, and yet I still haven’t got around to reading them…
      2. I love that cover too, but actually I picked six that I love as representing the books well, so any choice would be a good one! The Blackhouse is definitely today’s popular winner.
      3. Ah, lovely! And aw, I’m so glad the panda gets a happy ending! You’ve made me smile! 😀
      4. Three excellent words! I’d read that book for sure. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know Jon McGregor at all… must investigate!
      5. Very cool! 😎 I never had the courage, but I did have a few ‘backies’ from time to time. (Is that a Scottish word? Hmm…I don’t know… i.e. I was a passenger…)

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀


  5. Oh, this is fabulous, FictionFan! Very clever and lots of fun to read. And what a great way to get your followers to do the work, Tom Sawyer… 😉 – Hmm…..I’ll have to do some thinking to do this one right. I admire your other commentators who were able to answer right here in the comments. I may either do a separate post on my own blog, or stop back later…


    • OK, I’m back 🙂 Here are my answers, such as they are:

      1. I would recommend Catherine O’Flynn’s What Was Lost. It’s a haunting story (in my opinion) that offers a clear look at mid-80s Midlands life. I don’t want to say much more, both so as not to clutter up your comments section, and so as not to take away from the story. Read it. Please.
      2. I like the cover of The Blackhouse. So moody and atmospheric!
      3. The panda is saying, ‘Not another book review due!!! 😉
      4. ‘Atmospheric,’ ‘rural New Zealand’ (I know. Four words. I hope to be forgiven). And I want Paddy Richardson to write it.
      5. I won my first bicycle. I did. A kids’ TV show had a write-in sweepstakes thing, and I was lucky enough to win. It was a lovely blue bike, too.

      Now, please pass the chocolate.


      • Right! Let’s see how you’ve done…
        1. Don’t know that one at all – sounds great! I shall investigate, especially since you’ve inspired another commenter, Naomi, to recommend the same one. It’s terrible when you all gang up on me…
        2. Today’s popular choice, for definite! I love them all…
        3. Hahaha – how very true! It’s like looking in a mirror… 😉
        4. Great words! (We’ll count New-Zealand as hyphenated.) I must also read one of Paddy Richardson’s books one day…
        5. Ooh, cool! 😎 I loved my bike when I was a kid – I used to pretend it was a horse and go off and solve mysteries on it…

        Thanks for the entertainment! 😀 (Oops! I seem to have eaten it all! Sorry!)

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I’d like to see you tackle The Book Thief by Markus Zusak or The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I don’t think I’ve seen you review young adult novels.

    I voted for the Beloved cover, because it’s simple and the title is huge.

    As for the rest, I totally admire what other commenters have written. Gotta get back to editing a book now though. I took a quick break to read your blog post.


    • I very rarely read young adult books. I did read Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave, and I enjoyed Jane Casey’s crime trilogy for YA’s, but I think that’s about it…

      I love the simplicity of the Beloved cover too – I love that entire series of covers.

      Hahaha – you mean you’d put real work before these earth-shatteringly important questions? Well!

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀


  7. Very nice – do I see you eating ‘all the chocolate’???

    1. I’m touting Dear Mrs. Bird to everyone today. See the review on my blog for yesterday. Author is A.J. Pearce.
    2. Voting for The Blackhouse – if you’ve read my blog, you know I love Peter May and anything he writes about the Outer Hebrides.
    3. I think that poor panda is how I felt when I read ‘Gone Girl’. No character that I could connect with at all. I have a niece who loves pandas – she thinks she was a panda in a former life. Does that count?
    4. Outer Hebrides – Scotland – Peter May (please, may we have another?)
    5. I think I’ve told everything about me. Hmmm…I’ve never been to another country other than the US. I’m not a good traveler, so that may never happen. I love reading about other countries though. Recently read two books set in Antarctica and I guarantee that I’ll never visit. Fascinating to read about.

    OK, where’s my chocolate???? 😉


    • Me?? As if I would!! Now let’s see how you’ve done…
      1. Ah yes, I read your review yesterday! I’ve seen a lot of praise for that one…
      2. I love that cover too, but then I chose these because I love them all. The Blackhouse is definitely today’s popular choice.
      3. Hahaha – I wish I’d been a panda in a former life. Or even in this life, actually! 😂 Haha – yes, I’ve read books that have made me feel that way too! Maybe I should give them panda ratings from now on… 😉
      4. Great choices – I’m with you on that!
      5. I’m not a great traveller either these days, though I did a little when I was younger, nothing very adventurous though. I prefer to do my travelling through books too – and I loved Endurance, also set in the Antarctic!

      Oops! The chocolate seems to have disappeared! *hides wrappers* Sorry!

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀


  8. 1. I know you love Bleak House, so if you haven’t read it, I’d recommend Middlemarch.
    2. Although I love the John Carter books, I voted for The Black House because the image is so stark. Then again, it looks more like a movie cover…but I already voted, so there.
    3. The panda gif makes me think of a book I’m currently reading to my husband called A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. He’s walking the Appalachian Trail with a friend he hasn’t seen in decades. The friend, we learn, is now quite large, has a limp, and packed 75 pounds of Snickers for food. This is a nonfiction book, by the way.
    4. I would hope my blurb said something about my book treating fat women with dignity while being honest about reality.
    5. Factlet: When I was a kid (probably 8 or 9), my parents stuck my brother and I in the back of a pick-up truck with an aluminum topper on it and drove us–in July–from central Michigan to North Carolina.


    • 1. Excellent choice! I did read it at school, I think, but don’t remember it very well and actually recently acquired an audiobook version so’s I could do a re-read…
      2. The Blackhouse is undoubtedly today’s popular choice. I love all these covers because I think each suits the book so well, so any choice works for me! 😀
      3. Hahaha! Now I really want to go for a walk with a panda! It’s ages since I read any Bill Bryson – I think I have an audiobook of one of his books too…
      4. Yeah, but would the blurb turn out to be accurate? Hmm…
      5. Hahaha – poor you! You must have been beautifully tender by dinner time though… 😉

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀


  9. Phew!
    1) Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson – a most affecting account of the internment of the Japanese/Americans in the Second World war and what resulted from it. I have a particular affection for this book, since I commented on it on an American history site, and on the strength of it, the great George Takai asked to be my Facebook friend!

    2) The Blackhouse. I love black-and- white photos/illustrations.

    3) There once was a bear, black-and-white,
    Who over-indulged overnight.
    He awoke the next day,
    Decidedly blae
    And really not feeling too bright.

    4) One more book Terry Pratchett.

    5) I once made wine which fermented so enthusiastically that it blew up, and my kitchen had to be redecorated.


    • Right! Let’s see how you’ve done then…
      1. I don’t know that one at all, but it sounds great! And if it’s recommended by both you and George, then I must see if I can fit it in. Haha – friends with Sulu! I’m jealous!
      2. I love all six, but The Blackhouse is definitely today’s popular choice. It goes so well with the contents of the book too – not always a given!
      3. Hahaha – brilliant! And you get bonus points for the Scottish dialect! Poor panda… 😉
      4. Ah, yes. My own would have been Dalziel and Pascoe – Reginald Hill…
      5. Hahaha – but was the wine good? Was that what the panda was drinking?

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀


  10. Love it! I’ll do my best…
    1. Am I allowed to steal someone else’s recommendation, because “What Was Lost” was really good and I would never have thought of it if Margot hadn’t mentioned it.
    2. The Black House – that sky!
    3.For some reason “On Chesil Beach” popped into my head (I’ve seen it around a lot lately, maybe because of the movie?) – that ending!
    4. This is too hard! And I have a bad cold, so I can’t be bothered to think. (Which also accounts for my answer to #1.)
    5. Factlet: I am addicted to playing on-line Jeopardy. In my defense, this has never happened to me before, and it’s my daughter’s fault! (And just so you know… I’m not addicted as in spending all my money… there is no “real” money involved in my addiction!)


    • Right! Let’s see how you’ve done then…
      1. Well, I’m not sure it’s fair if you and Margot are going to gang up on me, but it does look good, and may have accidentally slipped onto my wishlist…
      2. Definitely today’s popular winner! I love it too, and it suits the contents of the book too, which isn’t always the case…
      3. Hahaha – I haven’t seen or read it, but if it makes you feel like that poor panda, I think I’ll avoid it… 😉
      4. Aw, I’ll pick three words for you then – honey, tea and chocolate… feel better soon!
      5. Hahaha – I refuse to admit to how much time I waste playing silly games on the computer. I haven’t tried Jeopardy though… yet! 😉

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀

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  11. I have NO CLUE what to do here — your readers are so wise and interesting that I won’t even try to keep up (besides, I’m operating on too little sleep and my brain’s a fog — blame it on another BAT in the house, yikes!)


    • Hahaha! They’ve done well, haven’t they? I might just ask different questions every day from now on – so much more fun than writing book reviews! Aarghhhhh! A bat! I’d have to move home if that happened… poor you! 😱


  12. Entertaining, indeed! Good job.

    1. Stone Quarry by S. J. Rozan. It’s New York noir crime fiction set in modern times. Number 6 in a series of 11 books.

    2. Elizabeth – I like the intricate cover design.

    3. Jiǔ- Jiǔ had had a bad, bad night. He couldn’t quite remember all of it, but he knew it was not good. His head told him that, over and over and over. Back when he was with a band, he used to drink all night after they played their sets. Of course, he was 56 now and hadn’t really done much serious drinking since then. Still. Shouldn’t their be some sort of… muscle memory? Maybe if he could just unscrew his head and let it rest in a dark place, the world would be OK again.
    [p.s. Jiǔ = alcohol in Chinese]

    4. witty, literary, complex, by either Jeffrey Eugenides or Ian McEwan

    5. As a new blogger, I haven’t revealed too much yet. How about this: my first job was doing research on bacterial food poisoning. It made for awkward moments on a first date. HIM: “What do you do for a living?” ME: “Um, let’s talk about that later. How is your dinner?”

    Happy Holiday Reading Weekend!


    • Thank you! 😀 Now let’s see how you’ve done…
      1. Ooh, now I read one of these ages ago – Blood Rites, I think it was called, when they went to China on a case – and always meant to read more, so thanks for the reminder!
      2. I love that one too – it’s so appropriate for the book too, which covers sometimes aren’t!
      3. Hahaha – superb! 😀 Poor Jiǔ-Jiǔ – I think the idea of being able to remove one’s head on bad days is splendid! Someone should invent a gadget for that… 😂
      4. Ooh, great words! I haven’t read any Jeffrey Eugenides (yet) but agree re Ian McEwan in his earlier days, though I’ve been kinda disappointed in some of his more recent stuff. I’d use the same words and pick Ken Kalfus…
      5. Hahahaha! Yes, I can see how that could be a bit off-putting as dinner table conversation! But useful should the restaurant prove to have been less than hygienic… 😉

      Thanks for the entertainment! 😀


  13. HAHA I love your limerick FF and I voted for the lovely Elizabeth cover. As for the other questions I don’t think I can be half as interesting or entertaining as the answers you’ve already had! 😀


    • Haha – glad you enjoyed it! I feel so sorry for that poor panda now – we’ve put him/her through some pretty rough experiences one way and another! I love the Elizabeth cover too and always like to see a cover that actually goes so well with the contents of the book – not always the case! 😀

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  14. I now realise I should have read this post before consuming my Bank Holiday gin but here goes…

    1. I recommend A Knocking at My Door by David Jackson because I know you’ll enjoy it.
    2. I was one of two people who chose The King in Yellow
    3. A panda sat on a chair, he’d done it for a dare, now everyone’s looking, and pointing and jeering, so he’s hiding so they can’t stare! (panda’s are like small children, if they can’t see you, you can’t see them)
    4. oh this is tough… so I’m cheating Roy Grace in Jersey (Peter James has moved here and is meeting the States of Jersey Police for research purposes – this will involve tracing lost cats and the like so I’m not sure how much use it will be but I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed)
    5. Well being a woman of mystery there’s loads of these, scratches head, scratches head some more… Ok here goes.. I drive like Miss Daisy and can only go on journeys I’ve previously driven (i.e. not much use at all!)


    • Haha – a little tipsiness often helps… 😉
      1. – Intriguing! I remember being tempted by this one when it came out, but I was just so off contemporary crime at that point. I shall investigate…
      2. I love that cover! Yellow on black looks so dramatic!
      3. Hahahaha! Brilliant! 😂 I feel so sorry for that poor panda now – he’s been through a lot! At least you didn’t make him an alcoholic… 😀
      4. Has he really?? How exciting! You’re almost bound to meet him at some point then with the island being so small! If he writes one based in Jersey, I’ll even read it!
      5. Hahaha – I’m getting a bit like that myself these days. I used to be willing to drive in places I didn’t know, but years of getting hopelessly lost, or stuck in places I couldn’t reverse out of, have put me off… 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  15. 4. I have my daughter tracking him down she’s found the right parish and reckons I need to befriend his wife when she’s walking their dogs 😂 the scary thing is she thinks this is all perfectly reasonable!


  16. Cover tag idea but I’m far too lazy to answer all these questions 😎 so I’m going with just a few

    1. Snap by Belinda Bauer. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve written by this author. Her new one, Snap is meant to be her best yet and has been highly praised by people like Val McDermaid.

    3, this reminds me of the book I am trying to read called G by John Berger. I know how this panda feels – I feel exactly the same after reading just a few pages of this book

    5. Iv eaten snake and sea slug. Both during work trips to China.


    • Laziness is a wonderful attribute! 😎

      1. Oh, dear – I’ve just written my review of Snap. I usually love her too… 😉
      3. Hahaha – yes, I’ve read books that make me feel like that too! Poor panda…
      5. Urghhhhh!!! I could just about imagine eating snake but no way could I eat slug! Just the very thought makes me need some palate-cleansing chocolate! Did you like it?


  17. I have to hand this to you-very creative indeed. here are my answers:

    1. Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan-I just finished this and loved it! Very smart historical fiction.
    2. Elizabeth-it reminds me of a card, from a deck of cards (for some reason)
    3. The entire Shades of Grey series-this is self explanatory
    4. mysterious, fun and surprising-I’d like Alexander McCall Smith to write it
    5. Ok this will be surprising, but I used to have dreadlocks!


    • Haha – glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed everybody joining in! Now let’s see how you’ve done…
      1. Oh, interesting choice! I remember being intrigued by this one when it came out and then it fell off my radar – I shall re-investigate!
      2. Yes, I see what you mean. I love it. I think it looks very Elizabethan!
      3. Hahahahaha!! Yes!! Poor panda!!
      4. I never knew you were an Alexander McCall Smith fan – it’s been a while since I read any of his books. Must catch up! He’s Scottish, of course… 😀
      5. 😲I’m doing my best to visualise this but I think we need a photograph!! 😀

      Thanks for entertaining me! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Oh, this tag sounds fun! Okay, okay,
    1. Read “The Help” (if you haven’t already) because I’ve never yet met somebody who read it and did not love it.
    2. “The King in Yellow”, because it’s the most intriguing and creative.
    3. I opt for Flash Fiction. Here goes:
    “Panda settled into the garden chair with a satisfied grunt. He’d had breakfast, done the dishes, finished the chores for the day and, he thought with a smile as he shifted around slightly to get more comfortable, even cleaned up the mess in the kitchen his pet – Oh dang! He sat up straight, then groaned loudly; he’d forgotten to feed his pet human again this morning!”
    4. “An eye-opening book regarding the history of mayonnaise and what lead to its demise as an edible sauce”, by Mario Puzo.
    5. This is horrible, but I’ll tell it anyway. As a fifth-grader, at one point I took to tearing the corners of pages in the books I read and – eating them. Just.Don’t.Ask. And yes, I know what a horrible habit it was.
    Okay, there you go. Oh boy this was so much fun! I can’t wait to set my readers with their five tasks!


    • Haha – glad you enjoyed it! Now let’s see how you’ve done…
      1. Oh, good suggestion! One I’ve been meaning to read for ages but somehow it never happens. Thanks for the reminder!
      2. I like that cover too and I think it goes well with the book.
      3. Hahaha! Brilliant! Ooh, I wish I was owned by a giant panda! Imagine the cuddles… 😀
      4. Hahaha! I now have this vision of someone decapitating a jar of mayonnaise and leaving it on a pillow…
      5. 😲I’m shocked!! Though I must admit to having been a paper-eater too – though it was my school exercise books I used to eat, I think. (I’m worried now, since my older sister reads the blog, and I’m so hoping I never nibbled any of her books… 😉 )

      Thanks for popping in and thanks for the entertainment! Looking forward to seeing what tasks you set! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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