The Power of Chocolate…

aka My Year in Books…

This is a fun tag created by Adam at Roof Beam Reader. The rules? Pretty simple: answer the questions with books you read this year!

Well, that sounded so delightfully easy, but I had really planned to spend the afternoon carrying out a scientific experiment. So I decided to combine them.

The purpose of the experiment was to prove once and for all whether chocolate has mood-enhancing properties. So first I answered the questions before my medicinal chocolate afternoon snack…

…and then I answered them again afterwards. Here are the results…


Well, I think those results are pretty conclusive!

So, for the benefit of my visitors, I hereby pledge to ALWAYS stuff my face with chocolate before preparing blog posts so you only ever have to put up with the mood-enhanced version of FF (except when I’m writing 1-star reviews)…


35 thoughts on “The Power of Chocolate…

  1. Oh, this is brilliant, FictionFan! I love your answers, and your scientific approach to testing your chocolate hypothesis is admirable. I’m completely convinced by your findings. You know, just to add support to your findings, I may have to replicate your study. Just in the interest of science, mind…


  2. Hahahaha!! This is brilliant! I especially love the pre-chocolate fantasy job!! Very, very funny 😀 It was very good of you to conduct such an important and time consuming experiment, for the benefit of us all. The people of blogland are very appreciative! I have been eating quite a bit of chocolate, I’m in training for Christmas. It’s pretty much Christmas now, isn’t it? 😉


    • I’ve always felt dictatorship would suit me, and I’m pretty sure I’d be great at it! Oh, I hope it’s not Christmas yet! I still have to eat all my pre-Christmas chocolates before I start on my Christmas chocolates *sighs* My work never ends…

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      • You would make an excellent dictator, I would be happy to be part of your regime. The world would be a better place with you telling everyone what to do!
        The workload this time of year is staggering. I feel I can’t open the Christmas biscuits until the ‘normal’ biscuits are eaten, but then I know that more Christmas biscuits will be arriving soon (courtesy of my Nan) and then I will be woefully behind… what’s a girl to do?! 😀


    • Thank you – I’m glad you’re impressed! What an excellent idea! I think I shall next see if there’s a difference in effect between coffee creams and strawberry creams… *sighs* Will my work never end??

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  3. You’ve outdone yourself, FF — and in the process, you’ve got my mouth watering for some chocolate!! I love a good scientific experiment, and this is excellent!


    • Thank you – it’s a tough job but I’m glad to be able to contribute to society in my own small way! Now when you’re stuffing down the strawberry creams, you’ll know you’re actually benefitting your health… 😉

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  4. Why! Why did you do this to me, Fiction Fan? I fast every Tuesday and chose to read this delicious blog on a Tuesday. *sobs*

    I love the experiment. You seem natural at carrying such unconventional experiments. Please do more. 🐾❤


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