The Five Flaming Hotties Tag

Hotties? Moi?

One half of the @2ReelQuirkyCats, Thoughts All Sorts, has tagged me to list my five favourite hotties from the worlds of film/TV/sport etc. Me? Why, I simply don’t understand – as if I’d ever be so shallow as to post pictures of hunks men just because they happen to be gorgeous! No, no! It’s their talent I admire. I mean, these are the heroes who most often appear on my blog and surely nobody could think it’s simply because of their looks…

However, in the spirit of the thing, I’ve selected five extremely talented individuals who’ve never appeared on the blog before. Are they Flaming Hotties? I’ll let you decide… 😉

* * * * *

The rules are simple (to keep it clean)…

  1. Mention the name of the Blog you were tagged by. Also mention Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts. Link back to all Blogs involved.

  2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film i.e. crushes/objects of your affection. If you want to (I know some of you who do), musicians and sports stars can be included.

  3. Tell us how you were “introduced” to them and why you like them/what appeals (keep it clean).

  4. Add some pictures (once again, keep it clean. Strictly no nudity. Nice pictures.).

  5. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.

  6. Oh…and post the rules…

* * * * *

Don Johnson

Aah, Don! Oh, your wonderful acting in Miami Vice! That sockless pastel look! Philip Michael Thomas! The shades! The cars! Edward James Olmos! The music! The ultimate sexy exoticism of it all! How I loved that show, and mostly just to watch you!

I truly believed that watching you as Sonny Crockett was the ultimate pinnacle of earthly joy… until I saw you, all moody and magnificent, in The Long Hot Summer! How my little heart beat! Now I think about it, must get the DVD so it’s on hand for emergency resuscitation…

* * * * *

Johnny Depp

My sister and I argued for years over Mr Depp. She held the opinion that his fine cheekbones made him one of the most wonderful actors who ever lived, while I felt in truth that he wasn’t quite hunky enough as talented as some others.

But then he became a pirate and the scales fell from my eyes – his true talent was revealed to me in all its glory! He’s not ageing quite as well as some, (and frankly he’s a bit of a self-obsessed idiot), but we’ll always have the images to remind us of his glory days…

* * * * *

Tom Brady

Now it has to be said that I’m more of a tennis fan than an American football fan – primarily because one game is excellent and the other is kinda silly. But due to a certain blog buddy of mine, I have been turned into a New England Patriots fan, pretty much against my will, and am now totally au fait with the strange way Americans spell offense and defense, not to mention the esoteric joys of the passing game. One of the things that has reconciled me to this journey into the arcane rituals of our trans-Atlantic neighbours is Tom Brady, the Pats’ legendary quarterback. Look – isn’t he extraordinarily talented?

* * * * *

Vince Carrola

As a little interlude, here’s a treat from that very blog buddy who first introduced me to the delights of Tom Brady, the wonderful Vince Carrola aka Professor VJ Duke. I’m not including him as one of my hotties because a) he’s appeared on the blog before and b) he’d kill me and then die of embarrassment, so I shall simply say he’s an extremely talented musician, and leave you to judge for yourself…

* * * * *

Jason Momoa

I love almost everything about Stargate Atlantis. Next to Star Trek TNG and Voyager, it’s my top fave sci-fi series. And it has to be said that a major reason for that is Jason Momoa. There’s something about the way his hair whips round him as he battles bad guys often with no more than a stick. (I did hear that in fact he got whiplash from the weight of his hair during the series, so had to have it cut off and replaced with a wig, but we’ll quickly gloss over that little factlet…) He’s good with guns too, though…

It’s the humour in the show that makes it for me and Jason Momoa always has a wicked twinkle in his eye. I’ve never actually seen him in anything else, and am not sure I’d want to – to me he IS Ronon Dex and always will be.

* * * * *

Robert Downey Jr

I watched Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man just a week or two ago and it reminded me of how much I love and adore his perfect face admire his great acting talent. I actually first “met” him when he appeared as Ally McBeal’s love interest.

I adored everything about that show, though I can never bring myself to re-watch it. I imagine it’s horribly dated now – it was of its time and aimed at a certain generation – i.e., mine. And we’ve all aged since then, but Robert, like fine wine in casks of oak, has aged deliciously…

* * * * *

So what do you think of my selection? I’m supposed to tag seven other people but I’m a wild rebel, so instead I’ll just tag anyone who wants to join in. And meantime, do advise me in the comments below which hotties very talented people you think I should check out…

66 thoughts on “The Five Flaming Hotties Tag

  1. Why is one of your choices wearing Brooke Shields’ eyebrows on his cheeks

    And doesn’t Don Johnson, in your second picture, look more than a little like Kevin Costner (one of my hot heroes, as he bears a remarkable resemblance to a long ago ex, who came first, and meant that Costner, particularly Dancing with Wolves, would have a particular place next to a steaming kettle. The young and even the middle aged Jeff Bridges. I don’t think I can go further….except, the sometimes dangerously unpredictable strangeness of Tommy Lee Jones. Costner, Bridges and Jones made me realise I DID like Westerns! Something about a man being moody and magnificent and riding a horse into (or out of) the sunset…….I think I need to do my accounts, or something similarly deflating. and tedious……….


    • Ooh, yes! I’d never noticed the Costner resemblance but you’re right! I think it’s something in the moody stare perhaps. I had quite a thing for Kevin back in the Dances with Wolves days. Jeff Bridges is one whom I think has actually improved as he’s aged – he looks beautifully worn and rugged now, and he’s also one of the few men who looks better with a beard, I think. I never really got into Tommy Lee Jones, but I do see that he’s very talented! Personally, given that we all like men in that kind of dusty, dirty leather and boots look (see Ronon Dex above), I don’t know why men insist on wearing smart clothes…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. PS…Mean, hot guitar, but for full perfection a deer, a wolf, a lynx, several squirrels and a whole host of butterflies and assembled birds should have come fluttering, stepping, bounding or loping into the clearing, and settled in a charmed and attentive circle around Mr Carrola, with all their savage beast breasts soothed, and nothing attempting to eat anything else. Walt………Walt………where is that movie maker when you most need him?


    • A lovely thought and appropriate to the song, I feel. The Professor however would probably think that was too sweet and would turn it into a major action movie where he battles the wolf and the lynx in unarmed combat… (ooh, could we persuade him to wear leather and boots while he does it, do you think?)


  3. Oh, now this is interesting, FictionFan! And those are certainly some very yummy people you’ve chosen. The challenge for me, of course, will be getting on with my work day after seeing this…. *sneaks more looks at the ‘photos*


    • Hehe! It’ll make him sooooo mad! Which is always a great deal of fun… 😉 Robert Downey Jr is scrumptious – it’s his eyes, I think. Aquaman! Good grief! Jason Momoa in a superhero outift??? I may have to increase my medications… *dabs forehead with a cooling cloth*


  4. Be still my beating heart…….. One of the pleasures of aging is that you can admire beautiful young men without having to do anything about it! 🙂


        • Perhaps I should also embark on rugby training so I could fell a beauteous youth or two with a flying tackle! (I would be wearing knee pads of course, and could only do this on grass, to avoid injuries (to self) Hopefully the brough down youth would cushion my landing too


          • A wonderful image! May I suggest elbow pads too? They may be handy to fight off any ladies of a certain age who try to steal the youth once he’s been brought down… Oh, and if you could film the entire event and post it to youtube, I’d be most grateful – thanks!

            Liked by 1 person

    • There’s nothing like a few very talented people to brighten up a Monday, I feel! And the hours I expended looking for suitable images were well spent too, I feel… 😉 I loved Stargate Atlantis even more than its predecessor Stargate SG-1, but both are essential viewing – there are some very talented people in it too…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I do think I’ve rather spoiled you all by having a total of 11 extremely talented people on display in one post! I should probably have put a trigger warning at the top of the post…


  5. Oh my, oh my! That opening collage…and then the rest…wow…and yes, you’re right…the dark and handsome look it is. Johnny Depp can look reeeeaaallly good if he wants to…like in Finding Neverland and oooh, ooh, Public Enemies. Talking looks…the rest, hmmm, I tend to agree with you.
    Don’t tell anyone but I kinda like Jason Momoa in a real arb movie Wolves. There was just something about him.


  6. You’ve got some lovely and talented hotties here, FF. I’m glad to see you managed to sneak in a shot and clip of the Professor (and his spit curl!) Great job, madam. I’m sure I could think of a few to add to your pictorial, but I’ve got clients chomping at the bit for my help, so I’d better jump. Sigh.


    • They’re a very talented bunch, aren’t they, including our Professor! Haha – too bad, but I’ve probably used up my year’s quota of google images anyway with this post, so you can go to work with a clear conscience… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well, this was 20 minutes well spent. A sight for sore eyes, and a couple of good laughs over some of the comments. 🙂
    My daughter likes Johnny Depp and my son likes Tom Brady (although, perhaps, for different reasons), but my choice would have to be that Jason Momoa guy. I don’t think we have ever been introduced before… he’s a bit of a show-off in that clip, though, isn’t he?


    • Haha – glad you enjoyed it! I think it’s safe to say I had fun looking for all the images… 😉

      Truthfully Johnny doesn’t really do it for me though I like his pirate outfit immensely. And Tom appeals in pictures, but I heard him being interviewed recently and realised I probably didn’t want to spend my life with him! But Jason… ahh, Ronon! (Can’t act for toffee, but he really doens’t need to, does he?) Haha – he does like to show that the people of the Pegasus galaxy are superior to mere Earthmen… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh, Fiction Fan, Tom Brady? Say it isn’t so! You really should take another look at another NFL star, he’s *very talented* – Aaron Rogers of the Packers! 🙂 And he’s not a great big ol’ cheaterpants, ha ha!

    This was great fun – some of your choices were unexpected – I never knew you were a Don Johnson fan!


    • Oh, I say… he does look quite talented! Except for the moustache – I’m seriously hoping it might have gone by now! Hahaha – you can’t say Tom’s a cheater! I’ll get into trouble – the Prof (the blog buddy who makes me watch Pats games) will blame me! Did you ever see the video where Brady discusses the whole issue of the balls? It’s utterly hilarious – he does it with a totally straight face but he must have known it was full of doubles entendres… it makes me giggle like a 10-year-old.

      Ooh, yes – I had a major thing for Don back in the Miami vice days! So many heroes… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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