Friday Frippery! The Liebster Award…

…aka The Truth, The Whole Truth, etc…

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Brontë at Brontë’s Page Turners! Thanks, Brontë!


The rules:

  1. Acknowledge the person who nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.
  3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs who you think deserve it.
  5. Let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
  6. Give your eleven questions to the nominees.

* * * * *

The questions:

  1. What made you start blogging?

    I was looking for a new hobby and someone suggested jogging. Fortunately I misheard…

  1. I have to purchase every book I read. Do you?

    No, not at all. Unlike the rest of my family who are notorious book hoarders, I really try to keep the number of books in the house down to a reasonable level. It doesn’t always work – I end up with piles of books all over the place, until I take a mad fit and cull them drastically. The only books I want to keep are books I firmly expect to re-read, and that’s a tiny sub-set of the overall number of books I read. I do keep some books for sentimental reasons, though – if they were given as a special gift, for example.

  1. I have a spreadsheet of all of my books to guard against theft (aka borrowers not returning items) and other calamities. Do you?

    Oddly, no, that’s never occurred to me, despite my profound love for spreadsheets. I don’t often lend or borrow books – I’m a hopeless returner myself, so I expect other people to be too. I do keep a spreadsheet of the TBR, but most of that is on Kindle.

  2. I run yearly maintenance on my books, giving them a good airing and checking for damp. What lengths do you go to to care for your books?

    Umm… I toss them in the bookshelves if there’s space (organised purely by heavy ones at the bottom, light at the top, for health and safety reasons) or build a pile on an available surface. And then I forget about them till I want to find one, or until I decide it’s time for a cull. (You all hate me now, don’t you?)

  3. To paraphrase the poet Barry Manilow…Questions 2-4 show How Deep Is My Love for books. Can you tell me something that demonstrates How Deep Is Your Love for books?

    Erm… *wriggles uncomfortably*… I read them? Nope, don’t sniff them, stroke them, sing to them or water them daily. They don’t have pet names or go to luxury bookeries when I go on holiday. If the cats chew the corners while I’m reading, that’s OK, because I love the cats more than the books.

    Ooh…ooh…wait! I don’t write in them and think people who do should be put in the stocks and pelted with rotten tomatoes! Phew! That sounds a bit better! Can I still be a member of the bookosphere now?

  4. Do you have a favourite song based on a book?

    Oh dear! I’m sorry! I can’t think of a single song based on a book! Are there any? *rubs forehead frantically* Oooh, no… I mean, yes!! I do! How could I have forgotten?? Loads of them in fact. The entire The War of the Worlds concept album!!

* * * * *

Give eleven random facts about yourself

(Goodness! I’ve totally failed to do the Versatile Blogger Award because it demands seven interesting things about myself, so what are the chance of me thinking up eleven! Hmm… *scratches head*)

  1. I’m rotten at thinking up interesting facts about myself.

  2. My first pet was a hamster called Jerry. I used to take him for walks.

  3. I used to love John McEnroe because he was so rude, and now I disapprove of Nick Kyrgios because he’s so rude. Who says we don’t change as we age?

  4. During a heated argument over the ridiculous claim that parallel lines meet in infinity, my irate maths teacher told me I’d either just have to accept it or create an entirely new system of maths. I’m still considering the latter option.

  5. I love the marzipan you get on Christmas cakes and hate the marzipan you get in chocolates. Why is that?

  6. Sometimes I baffle myself.

  7. I can read upside down. The book upside down, that is, not me.

  8. I can only tell left from right by checking which arm my vaccination mark is on.

  9. I have no sense of direction (see random fact 8) so when I used to take my mother out for a run in the car, I would tell her it was a mystery tour, and then wherever we ended up I pretended that’s where I had been heading.

  10. I used to be able to touch the tip of my nose with the tip of my tongue, but I can’t anymore. The question is – which got shorter? And how? (See random fact 6.)

  11. I once put my real name into an anagram generator and it came up with two options – firstly, with my middle name: Banal Hive Earthling; and then without my middle name: Arabel La Thigh. I prefer the latter.

That was awful! That was great fun – thanks so much for nominating me, Brontë! 😀

* * * * *

The nominations:

As always, I am nominating anyone who wishes to participate because you all deserve an award!

Here are your questions should you choose to accept… (or answer in the comments)

  1. What is an anagram of your name?

  2. If you were only allowed one chocolate in the box, which would you take? (DON’T take the coffee cream!)

  3. Cats are better than dogs. Discuss.

  4. Complete this sentence – “I love…”

  5. Do you think of dawn as late or early?

  6. If you were a book, what book would you be?

  7. Complete this sentence – “I hate…”

  8. When you look out of your bedroom window, what do you see?

  9. Which bookish/filmish/TV-ish character would you desert your spouse/partner/singleton-ness for without a moment’s hesitation?

    Hands off! He's taken!
    Hands off! He’s taken!
  10. What would you most like someone to invent?

  11. Complete this sentence – “I’m so glad she didn’t ask about…”


43 thoughts on “Friday Frippery! The Liebster Award…

      • Here are my answers…that was fun:

        What is an anagram of your name? Ethnic Ear…oh my word!!!

        If you were only allowed one chocolate in the box, which would you take? (DON’T take the coffee cream!) The Orange Cream of course(why don’t they make those anymore????)

        Cats are better than dogs. Discuss. Uhm, uhm, uhm…my darling boys, go bark outside for a while….uhm………

        Complete this sentence – “I love…” hmmm…will get back to you…so many answers.

        Do you think of dawn as late or early? That all depends. Dawn is all relative…depending on what’s happened…I mean, Dawn can be so darn late, (if not “never arriving”) if you’ve had the worst night out, yet it may be way to early…especially if you’ve just got to finish that book you can’t put down.

        If you were a book, what book would you be? Only one????? Ok, fine…I’d be Lonesome Dove just because then I wouldn’t only see the dust and grime and sweat but I’d be part of it all.

        Complete this sentence – “I hate…” at the risk of being cliche… I hate unreliable people…

        When you look out of your bedroom window, what do you see? My garden and possibly my Scottie Angus making his rounds…just in case something has changed since he did his patrol half an hour ago. You never know.

        Which bookish/filmish/TV-ish character would you desert your spouse/partner/singleton-ness for without a moment’s hesitation? I’d fall in with Nathaniel of The Last of the Mohicans. He is so romantic in a non-romantic way and doesn’t once see Cora Munro as lesser or helpless. Although, he does come running to her rescue amidst the battleground…who wouldn’t trade their spouse/partner/singleton-ness for that????

        What would you most like someone to invent? A book that is so amazing that you never get tired of it…but wait…this book never ends…you can just live it (for others, read it) for as long as you want. Am I pushing it if I ask the inventor to make it possible to physically be transported into the book?

        Complete this sentence – “I’m so glad she didn’t ask about…” what I’m currently reading…


        • Haha! Great answers, Ethnic Ear! I don’t know if I can let you have the Orange Cream, but you can have the marzipan! OK, OK, the cats say they’ll make an exception for your boys, especially since one of them’s a Scottie! Yes, dawn is tricky! I prefer to see it as late – who wants to get up that early in the morning?? Ooh, I have both Lonesome Dove and The Last of the Mohicans on my TBR – but will Nathaniel rival Darcy? Impossible! Oh, yes! I like that invention! And if it never finished, I’d never have to review it!

          So… tell me about what you’re currently reading… 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          • Don’t read the Last of the Mohicans…I really struggled with it – watch the movie instead. That’s the Nathaniel you can fall in love with.
            Tell your cats that my Mini-Schnauzer thinks he’s a cat – he purrs, cleans himself like a cat and finds the sun to sleep, sleep, sleep and…if I have to 😉 : I’m currently reading (well, sort of reading)…Comanche Moon (McMurtry) and Sons of Thunder (Raven book 2 by Giles Kristian) but am on the first two or three pages of both…just too tired at the moment so technically not reading anything (aaaaghhh…no….that can’t be!) and I’m tempted by North & South purely because I just watched the BBC mini-series.


            • I fear I must – it’s on my Classics Club list. And it can’t possibly be worse than Moby-Dick! Haha! I’m coming back as a cat in my next life. Yeah, I think there’s a pretty general reading slump at the moment – too much happening in the real world to concentrate. Which is why I’m doing all these silly posts – no reviews!

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  1. I know I can always count on you, FF, to brighten my day (or at least make me think!!) Unlike you, I’m blessed with a great sense of direction (why, I don’t know). And also unlike you, I happen to prefer dogs to cats. That’s not saying kitties aren’t cute, just as long as they keep their sharp claws to themselves! And if I could only take ONE chocolate from the box, I’d grab the caramel-covered one … or the solid chocolate one … or the mint. Oh, fiddlesticks, I’d just grab the box and parcel out the ones I don’t like — coconuts, peanuts, and such, ha!


    • Haha! Thank you – glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Oh, I envy you – I spend half my time lost when I’m driving, though it does mean I get to see all sorts of unexpected places. 😉 Secretly, I sorta prefer dogs too, but whatever you do, DON’T tell T&T!! Oh, but I like all of those! I should have thought through this chocolate question more thoroughly – I’m not liking the way they’re all disappearing… 😉

      PS For some reason your comment went to spam – just spotted it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really thought about leaving a second comment when I didn’t see this one show up, but I didn’t want to make you do WORK on the weekend, ha! I’d never tell T&T — they probably exhibit lots of doggie traits anyway (sometimes Dallas reminds me of a kitty, the way he rubs against my legs!)


  2. Congratulations, FictionFan, on the well-deserved award! Truly well-deserved! I love your answers to the questions, too. And I’m with you about changing as I’ve gotten older. I’ve had to work to get my mind round that whole parallel lines thing, too, by the way…

    I love the questions you’ve posted – I’ll only answer one, so as not to take up too much space. Don’t anyone go near that chocolate-covered almond or macadamia nut. Mine!! All Mine!!! 😉


    • Haha! Thank you, Margot! 😀 Yeah, that parallel line thing is just so wrong! I also once had a maths PHD friend who proved conclusively that 1=0 – admittedly we were in a real ale pub at the time, so my powers of argument were a little subdued… 😉

      Hmm… well, OK, you can have that one! But just one, mind…!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! I’m glad – I thought we all needed a bit of fun! I know!! Parents really have a responsibity to check these things! Although I rather like Arabel La Thigh… 😉


  3. I was going to write the same thing as your big sister! Needed a good belly laugh. Thanks for that. You have a great sense of humor! Sometimes I baffle myself, too! Reading upside down is a great talent. My fun fact: I’m ambidextrous in everything I do, but writing. Strictly lefty there.


  4. That is the best answer to “what made you start blogging” that I’ve heard yet!
    I also have a terrible sense of direction and get my right and left mixed up – I really have to think about it.
    2. Cherry chocolate.
    9. Gilbert Blythe. 🙂


    • Haha! The true answer is so dull… 😉

      My mother used to ‘navigate’ for me when we went away, and she’d be calling out ‘left, no, right, no, left’ and I’d be frantically trying to work our a) what she meant and b) which way was left anyway… ah, happy days!

      Ooh, good choice! But I’m sorry, it seems to have gone… *licks lips*

      Oh, yes, Gilbert! Aaah! If it wasn’t for my Darcy, I’d almost be jealous…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on your Liebster! Your answers are hilarious! Since Darcy is taken, I guess I’ll have to settle for Touchstone in Sabriel or Aragorn in LOTR. But no one should pity me for settling. 😉
    An anagram of my name would be Adnil, which has been used as a name for several company as well as a drug name.
    I would take the chocolates with caramel filling or peanut butter.


    • Haha! Thank you – glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Oh… Aragorn! See, I’ve discovered I’m not very good at this sharing business… 😉

      Haha! That must be why you always make me feel better! You can definitely have the peanut better – oddly despite loving both peanuts and butter, I’m not keen on peanut butter at all. But you only get one, so I’m keeping the caramel ones… 😉


  6. This is brilliant, I was chuckling away as I read it yesterday –

    My best anagram is No Pale Scatterbrain so I’m now contemplating a new blog name 🙂
    I hate coffee creams and always spit them out – I love coffee and chocolate but that combination is just wrong and so I pick the green triangle every time
    I’m waiting for a West Highland Terrier puppy to be born close enough to the south of the UK so I can have one which is my no. 1 goal for 2017 – that kind of shuts that conversation down
    I love books, if I were a book I’d be one with a fancy cover and a terrific story
    It depends on the time of year – at the moment its late
    I hate stupid people who don’t realise that they are (that’s probably not PC but I do)
    I see our front lawn and all the soggy leaves that have fallen off the tree
    I’m not answering on the basis you’ve made the question too selective
    I’d like someone to invent a time machine that slows time down only when I’m not working,
    I’m glad she didn’t ask about my dream – I’ve had to listen to way too many stories about someone else’s dreams I can’t be bothered to recount the tripe my brain comes up with during the night.


    • Haha! I love No Pale Scatterbrain – that’s gotta be the best! I was also thinking of changing my blog name, but I’m not sure what kind of people Arabel La Thigh might attract… 😉

      You spit them out!!!! Huh! For that, you don’t get ANY chocolates!! Awwwww! Westies are lovely! I hope you get a puppy soon. When my sister got her Sheltie a few years back, we had to drive all the way down to Morecambe – and then back with an over-excited puppy in the back. It was a loooong drive!

      Haha! It’s OK, stupid people never know they’re stupid so they’ll all think you’re talking about somebody else! Yeah, my own view is looking distinctly soggy too at at the moment. Haha! I might let you borrow him for special occasions! Oh yes, I could do with a time machine like that too – just think how short our TBRs would be then… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  7. 1. Great Rabbit Lord (nearly!)
    2. The biggest one
    3. They’re both cuddlier than stick insects
    4. I love Donald Trump (only joking!)
    5. Depends what time she turns up at
    6. The Big Sleep
    7. I hate Donald Trump
    8. A bright new future for planet Earth
    9. Emma Peel (she could protect me from bullies and Donald Trump)
    10. A four-wheel drive bed
    11. … my opinion on US politics

    And in answer to Q6 of the eleven to which you had to respond, I would say (in a futile attempt to sound well-read and well-listened) ‘Killing an Arab’ by the Cure which references Camus’ ‘The Outsider’ without actually mentioning it.


    • Haha! Great answers! The anagram is so good, I’ll forgive the dodgy letter! There’s a whole fantasy novel in that one! 2. Oops, sorry! Ate it! 3. Haha! Both true and diplomatic! Aaaarghhhh – don’t even joke about Trumpety-Trump! The wounds are too raw…

      Love Emma Peel – ooh, yes, we should definitely send her to Washington! The Big Sleep is so you! I reckon I’d be Sense and Sensibility, or maybe Pride and Prejudice. But I’d cheerfully buy your invention. Haha! Yes, I’m glad I didn’t ask your opinion on US politics either – too difficult to discuss without swearing…

      You do sound both well-read and well-listened… but I bet there are no Martians in yours! *smug smile*


  8. I totally don’t hate you, as I just pile, stack and squeeze books in wherever I can and I don’t think about them again till I fancy re-reading them. Plus I hate coffee creams so we should get on like a house on fire 😀


    • Hurrah! I feel better knowing I’m not alone! 😀 Oh, yes! See, it’s been a lifelong struggle in our family, fighting over the coffee creams – but you can have your pick of the rest! Have two! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hello Fiction Fan. I’m rising to your challenge. You probably don’t recognise me. I used to be Charlie Britten but I’ve dumped my pen-name and am now going by my real name – Rosemary. I’ve also divided up my blog into two, one of which – Dear Reader at – will be just book reviews

    1. What is an anagram of your name? Rearm Soy

    2. If you were only allowed one chocolate in the box, which would you take? (DON’T take the coffee cream.) Chocolate Caramel, definitely.

    3. Cats are better than dogs. Discuss. Dogs are so predictable and need walking. Cats are contrary and sit on the sofa all day, occasionally getting up to walk all over your computer.

    4. Complete this sentence – “I love…” I love Polish wodka.

    5. Do you think of dawn as late or early? Early.

    6. If you were a book, what book would you be? ‘Frost in May’ by Antonia White

    7. Complete this sentence – “I hate…” I hate meat and fish, even the smell of it.”

    8. When you look out of your bedroom window, what do you see? The first-floor height bush which my husband ought to have cut down years ago.

    9. Which bookish/filmish/TV-ish character would you desert your spouse/partner/singleton-ness for without a moment’s hesitation? Adam Dalglish.

    10. What would you most like someone to invent? A device that took the clothes out of the washing basket – even off the line – ironed them and put them away in the right drawers.

    11. Complete this sentence – “I’m so glad she didn’t ask…” What astrological sign I am.


    • I recognised the pic though not the name! Thanks for letting me know about the blog changes… 🙂

      Haha! Rearm Soy sounds like a nefarious plot twist in Vegetarian’s Revenge! Ooh, I’m not sure about the chocolate caramel – it’s possible I may have eaten it already… 😉 Phew! Tommy & Tuppence will be so relieved that a cat person has popped in – there’s been an overwhelming preference for dogs so far! Haha! The thought of all that wodka without some good hearty meat stew to sop it up is a bit scary…

      Well, if he can’t be bothered to cut down a bush he deserves to be deserted… though I’m not sure Adam would be a great gardener either. But at least he’d read poetry to you…

      What a brilliant invention! I would be in the queue for one of those – let me know when you’ve invented it!

      Haha! I’m Leo, by the way!

      Liked by 1 person

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