TBR Thursday 97… and Quarterly Round-Up

TBR Quarterly Report

At the New Year I added up the full extent of the horror of the TBR, including the bits I usually hide. So time for another count to see how I’m doing…


It’s the review copies that are the killer! If I could just stay away from NetGalley… and publishers… and authors! Every time I mention that I got a book for review in future, I want you all to shout BOOOOO!! very loudly. And the further from Scotland you are, the louder you must shout. Ready to give it a try? All together now…


Hey! Pretty good for a first attempt. Keep practising!

* * * * * * *

The Around the World in 80 Books Challenge

Last check-in was in July, and I’ve been concentrating since then on the 20 Books of Summer challenge, so this one has been on the back-burner a little. But in the last couple of weeks I’ve travelled to a few places, so let’s see where I’ve been…


I had a rather harrowing trip to Kabul in the company of Khaled Hosseini in The Kite Runner. I thought my visit to the Vatican City might be more relaxing, but Robert Harris kept my pulse rate up in Conclave. Then off to post-WW1 Calcutta just in time for a nice murder in Abir Mukherjee’s A Rising Man. I also paid a return visit to New York, this time in the 1950s courtesy of Suzanne Rindell’s Three-Martini Lunch, and I’ve decided to swap it into my New York slot in place of Patrick Flanery’s I Am No One – though both are set in New York, Rindell’s book gives a better flavour of that vibrant city.

To see the full challenge, click here.

19 down, 61 to go!

* * * * * * *

The Classics Club

classics club logo 2

So far, I’ve only read one from my Classics Club list, but it was a goodie. Now that you’re all going to help with my review copy addiction (BOOOOO!!) I shall have more time to concentrate on this challenge in the months ahead.


1 down, 89 to go!

* * * * * * *

Completed Challenges and Events

The Agatha Christie Blogathon

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this event run jointly by Little Bits of Classics and Christina Wehner. 4.50 from Paddington doubled for this event, along with the Film of the Book, Murder, She Said.


* * * * * * *

20 Books of Summer

I finally finished reading and reviewing my 20 books, albeit nearly three weeks late in the end. But who wouldn’t want a longer summer anyway? Clicking the logo will take you to the final list…

20 books 2016

* * * * * * *

Coming up…

So all in all it’s been a busy few months bookwise. I’ll be spending the next three months trying to clear some of these review copies (BOOOO!!), reading some GAN books, and generally clearing the decks a bit. But I will be participating in one event, again hosted by Christina Wehner, this time in partnership with Into the Writerlea

The Characters in Costume Blogfest


To find out more about it or to sign up, click the logo!

* * * * * *

Here’s to a great autumn of reading! 😀

35 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 97… and Quarterly Round-Up

  1. After all, FictionFan, the TBR list is just a number. That’s all. Now, personally, I think you ought to check Tommy and Tuppence’s search histories to see how many books they’ve slipped into your TBR – just saying… 😉 I do think you’ve gotten plenty of reading done, especially with the tennis interruption and all! Here’s to a great autumn to you, too!

  2. FictionFan, I haven’t yet tried Netgalley and I think I’m still going to hold off, precisely for that reason. I’ve already got 500+ books on the TBR, I don’t think I need any more help on that front! Best of luck. I do enjoy reading your TBR and challenge update posts!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I love NetGalley passionately – I’ve had so many great books from them! But I keep trying to restrict myself to books that I would buy anyway… and then temptation strikes and before I know it another half dozen have appeared on my Kindle. It does get in the way of me reading anything other than new releases though, and I do really prefer a better balance…

  3. Rather you than me – if I counted, I’d fall into a decline. Since I don’t, I always have the comfort of knowing that I have plenty (but not a number!) of unread books!
    BOOOOOOOOO – there, was that loud enough?

    • Secretly, I enjoy the lists nearly as much as the books, but don’t tell anyone! I do get so bogged down in all these new releases that it makes it hard to read anything else, though – must get a better balance…

      Woo! I think I actually heard that! 😉

  4. I come back to find your TBR is even longer than it was before?? What’s happened here, FF? Really, you must join in the BOOOOOOing, or you’ll never conquer that list! I guess one advantage of Autumn approaching is that major tennis meets are on the wan, right?? And really, reading goes so much better when the weather outside is cold … and a cup of hot cocoa is nearby!!

    • I know!! I don’t understand it!! It’s a conspiracy… 😉 Yes, less tennis should help the situation for a bit and the nights are already getting longer here. But I bet those review books still manage to creep onto the list somehow… BOOOOO!!!

      Welcome back! Hope you had a good break 🙂

  5. I can so sympathise, Netgalley can be lethal for the TBR pile. I have recently banned myself from just browsing on there – instead I have recently only been requesting books by authors I already know.

    Happy Autumn reading to you too 😀

    • I’ve tried banning myself, but I have no willpower! I’m doing better at the moment – haven’t added much in September, but I know it won’t last. Ah well, it’s a nice problem to have, I guess! 😀

  6. Let me yell WOOHOO instead of BOOO. After all, you only have 382 books on your TBR list. 🙂 I am determined not to make reading plans for fall, but there are lots of books I’d like to read for German Lit Month in November. Happy Reading!

    • Haha! I like your attitude!! Yeah, I should zip through those 382 in no time… must start adding to the list so I don’t run out… woohoo!! 😉 That’s why I’d like to get on top of the review copies, so I’d have more freedom to decide what to read and maybe join in with more challenges – I always seem to be committed too far ahead. Enjoy German Lit Month!

  7. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. (I had to. I’m all the way in AZ!) However, it doesn’t feel right booing you since I can be listed as an author who benefited from your willingness to make room! And — dare I say — was the sweetest review, too! Though I’ll keep it hush hush. We can’t spoil your reputation as a fearless word warrior! *shakes in boots*


    • Well, I’ll boo for you if you boo for me! Haha – I know! I’ve only managed one Classics Club read in three months, and that was a short one – at that rate it’ll take me 50 years, not 5! Ah well, I suppose it’s a kinda nice problem to have… 😀

  9. I’m really lucky in that not much on NetGalley piques my fancy and I’m quite under the radar in terms of publishers / only get pitched by authors with genres I don’t read, so the review copies thing is limited to the odd lovely publisher I will work with and a couple of books every two or so months for Shiny New Books. It must be horribly tempting if you’re offered new stuff all the time! Do you have charity shops nearby? I live in a very middle class reader area, and I know that anything in the news now will filter into the charity shops in about a year – as I have a year’s worth of reading on my TBR and Kindle, this is fine. Worth a thought, maybe?

    • Unfortunately NG does loads of stuff I love – lots of new crime and contemporary fiction, not to mention the factual books. I could take twice as much as I do quite easily. I don’t get much from publishers either unless I beg for a specific book, which I do but not too often. And most of what I get offered by authors isn’t my kind of thing, so at least I can usually refuse that. No it’s NG that’s the problem! I do – our high street is awash with charity shops, but I can’t resist the lure of being one of the first to read and review a book…

  10. As you may have heard I’ve been a bit poorly so can only whisper! and it’s quite a way from Jersey to Scotland 😏 NG is just too tempting and like you, I’ve decided a balanced approach is required, I’m just not sure how to achieve it!

    • I hope you’re beginning to pick up – fluey/chesty/virusy things are horrible! It’s odd – you might be whispering but I still feel I can hear you laughing!! I did pretty well in Spetember only requesting absolute must-reads – we’ll see how long that lasts…

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