Friday Frippery (on a Thursday)! Ooh, I say!!!

Gobsmacked and giggling…


Well, dear friends, I can honestly say it’s been many a long year since my gast was last so flabbered!! Imagine my surprise, on clicking through from the lovely Jo’s post to the voting page for the 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash Award, to read the following…

* * * * *

funniest bloggerFirst is Funniest Blogger. The nominees are as follows:

Barb Taub, Lucy Mitchell (Blonde Write More), Tara Sparling, Linda (nutsrok), Ned Hickson, Meghan Sara, Seumas Gallacher, Bun Karyado, Ross Murray, Beth Haslam, Al the Author, Ronnie, Marcia Meara, Donna, Christian Touchet, Tim- things as they are, Tamzen Temple, Tabby, FictionFan, Paul Lander, Melinda,

The criteria, in case you forgot is: Which blogger continually makes you laugh out loud? Has someone made you laugh so hard you cried? Maybe you snorted drink through your nose at one of their jokes. Who’s the funniest blogger of them all?

* * * * *

Yes!!! That’s me in there!!! Ooooooooh!!!! *performs double back-flip with a half-twist and phones osteopath*

I have absolutely no idea who nominated me, and in fact wasn’t aware of the Bloggers Bash before today, but whoever you are, here’s a great big hug and possibly a soppy, sloppy kiss too (depending on how closely you resemble Rafa).

rafa looking pretty

I’m genuinely thrilled to bits! Not just because I got nominated, but because I’m so glad you guys enjoy my occasional detours away from serious book talk towards the sillier end of life! Though I do sincerely apologise if I’ve ever made you snort your drink through your nose…


happy gif


I’m also thrilled to see several of my besties nominated in other categories…

best book review

In Best Book Review, take a bow Cleo at Cleopatra Loves Books, Jacqui at JacquiWine’s Journal and Jo at mychestnutreadingtree – three excellent blogs whose posts I always enjoy! I can only vote for one though apparently… would this be a good time to mention my love of chocolate?

hidden gem

In Hidden Gem, the lovely and talented MarinaSofia at Finding Time to Write, book reviewer and poet extraordinaire! Hmm… a bright and sparkling gem, for sure, but hidden? She’s part of the glue that holds the bookish blogosphere together…

best pal

The Best Pal award seems custom made for the wonderful Margot Kinberg at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist! Generous to bloggers and crime authors new and old, Margot is always there with the encouraging comment just when it’s needed – I’m sure many bloggers, including myself, only stuck it out through those early days of talking to a seeming void because Margot took the time to pop in, comment and introduce them to the wider book blogging community.

So get on over there and get voting for these amazing people or for some of the many others on the nomination lists whom I don’t yet know, but whose blogs I’m looking forward to snooping round in the near future.

But think carefully before you decide whether to vote for me… remember those sloppy wet kisses!!!


big kisses


58 thoughts on “Friday Frippery (on a Thursday)! Ooh, I say!!!

  1. First, a richly deserved congratulations on your nomination, FictionFan! I am so happy for you!!! And thank you for the kind mention, too. You know, though, blushing does *not* look good on gingers… 😉 – Seriously, though, thank you 🙂


  2. Felicitaciones bro!! Since I didn’t know any of the other bloggers (happened upon the contest via Sacha Black). The name of your blog caught my eye & I clicked in.
    Mad respect for your Book Reviews! You’re the clear choice for me so I’m voting for your blog. hope you win.


  3. Oh my indeed!! I did smile when I came across so many good blogger friends on the list and of course we do have exceedingly good chocolate here in Jersey (I know it’s the same as the rest of the UK but hey!) Congratulations and I have cast my important votes tonight!


    • Ooh, thank you! Get a towel ready – sloppy wet kiss on the way!!

      (It does look like fun – loads more great blogs to discover. And I’m already thinking about who to nominate next year in all the various categories…)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Woohoo! So richly deserved! I have laughed and learned so much from your wonderful blog, dear FF! Congrats! I must promptly leave now. That photo of Rafa has left me with the vapors!


  5. Congratulations! I think you should have been nominated for the Best Book Reviews too! But then how could I possibly choose between you and Cleo, both excellent book reviewers. I have cast my votes – good luck!


    • Aw, thank you! Haha! I’m kinda glad I didn’t get nominated for the book reviews – too many of my own favourites in there, and I’d’ve hated to have to sabotage Cleo… 😉


  6. Hmmm, I can make some educated guesses about who nominated who… but well done, well deserved – I love your rants when you don’t agree with all the hype about a book!

    The funny thing is, as I work my way from the top of my emails (in reverse chronological order), I voted already for this and never even noticed I was on the list. Thanks for making me aware of it. Clearly, I read things VERY carefully, don’t I? LOL! At least I didn’t vote for myself, right?


    • Thank you! I can’t work it out, but I am hoping that whoever it was was thinking about the intentionally funny posts and not the normal book reviews… 😉

      Haha! I must admit my first thought when I saw “Fiction Fan” was to wonder what other blogger was using “my” name! Congrats on your nomination! It’ll give you some practice for future Crime Writer of the Year awards… 😀


    • Oh, yes, you’re nominated for Book Reviews – well done!! That’s a tough category – so many great bloggers in there, Mind you, all the categories look tough! I know – it gave me a real boost yesterday when I saw it. So nice to think someone took the time to nominate us, isn’t it? Good luck! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! 🙂 I think they all look like tough categories and it’s hard to know who to vote for when you really enjoy more than one blog in every single category. I’m just thrilled to be nominated, it’s lovely to know that someone took the time to put my blog forwards. Good luck to you too. 🙂


        • I know – I found the voting quite tricky! And then there were a couple of categories where I didn’t know anyone, so I just had to skip them. But I ended up following about ten new blogs! Which, I must say, is what I like most about these things actually – meeting new people who might become bloggy friends… 🙂

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  7. Oh this is wonderful FF. I am, of course, going to cast my vote for you as the Funniest because your misunderstanding of the glorious Goldfinch made me laugh SO much that I snorted. Many of your designedly humorous posts are nearly ALMOST as funny. Jumps on a passing train and speeds away.

    Well done. I think we should put the June date in our diaries, I really hope to get an invite to your celebratory party. Especially if Rafa attends.


    • Oh, you’re very kind but no, no – my Goldfinch post was nowhere near as hysterical as yours! The deadpan way you pretended you liked all 700 pages of it was hilarious!

      Haha! Thank you! Apparently there is an actual bloggers bash somewhere around Kings Cross, but I fear it would be an awful long trip just to pretend to be happy when someone else wins the award! I shall bask in the glow of my nomination and Rafa’s pics instead…


      • No, no, you must make the journey to the bash – I will attend as your heavy – if there is the merest suspicion of another name being mentioned as the funniest, I will aim a perfectly spun hardback copy of The Goldfinch at the head of the person reading out ‘and the award goes to………..neatly knocking them out, and then quickly sprint (memo to self, wear running shoes and running gear, not 4 inch spikes and slithery narrow ball gown with fishtail train) up to the podium, snatching the card out of the hand of the comatose presenter, and bellow out……FICTION FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if anyone DARES to look like they are going to protest, another hardback copy of The Goldfinch will be waved menacingly, corners ready to be slung, spun and make contact with the head of the offending protester.


        • That sounds lovely! But I fear for you – lifting weights of that nature requires training! Start small… perhaps a novella or two, then up through the 250-page mid-20th C novel, then on to modern crime (500 pages) and move up gradually through the Russians and Dickens. Then, and only then, should you risk the bird book! And as a plus you’ll be able to get a job as Rafa’s body double!!

          Liked by 1 person

  8. Hahaha. Congrats, of course. So, I thought Rafa was a woman at first. *shakes head* Oh dear me. That is a girl’s pose, you must admit.

    Your blog definitely is one of the funniest! It makes me laugh, see. That poor dog, too, see.


  9. Richly deserved. I have dutifully voted your “slate” and I hope you all win your categories. If we’re talking funnies though, I think you should post the “Jeemy” mini-essay – I used it with adult literacy students as the perfect example of how to tell a story – a beginning, a middle, an end and a punchline.
    And you can borrow Teddy for sloppy kisses – he’s suddenly come over all affectionate. 🙂


    • Thank you! I’m just a bit worried that maybe it’s my serious reviews that make people snort… 😉

      Haha! After several computer changes, I don’t have the Jeemy story any more, but I might try to rewrite it sometime – for Tuesday Terror! Aww, aren’t boy cats nice? *looks askance at Tuppence*


  10. How did I miss this?? Oh, pooh, I know — I took you at your word and thought you were taking a break. Silly me. (Though I do the same thing too often, you know — say I’m going to pause a bit, then don’t!!)
    Anyway, congrats on your nomination. ‘Tis well deserved, I’d say! And how I love your final GIF — poor doggin looks pretty miserable, suffering sloppy kisses from kitty!!


    • Thank you! Haha! I have gone, honestly! But I just had to do a bit of boasting when this happened… 😉 And I’m way overdue with a couple of reviews so I might post them at some point. But Rafa starts on Monday…

      I know – aren’t they adorable? I’ve never had a cat that likes dogs sadly, ‘cos I wouldn’t mind getting a little, tiny puppy… but Tuppence would leave home!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Wow. I come back online after being away ages to find you nominated for an award you definitely deserve, because it’s very true. Give yourself some chocolates. 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    • Hurrah, you’re back! I was beginning to worry – hope all’s well! Haha! Thank you! I’m just hoping it’s my ‘funny’ posts that make people laugh and not my proper book reviews… 😉


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