Friday Frippery! A hodgepodge of happenings…

… and a concatenation of circumstances!


Well, People, it’s that time of the year…


(…French Open starts on Monday…)

… and it’s also that time of the year…


Bloody Scotland logo 2

(…five books to read for the shortlisting process for Scottish Crime Book of the Year…)

… and amazingly it would appear it’s also that time of the year…



(…which doesn’t happen often here!…)

… all of which means it’s that time of the year…



… but soon it’ll be this time of the year again!



* * * * *

I shall be in and out of the blogosphere over the next few weeks, probably more out than in. Meantime…




40 thoughts on “Friday Frippery! A hodgepodge of happenings…

  1. You certainly have a lot going on, FictionFan! I hope you have a great time of it all. And I am really keen to know what you think of the Bloody Scotland books. If you can fit them in around watching – erm – the tennis matches 😉


    • Thanks, Margot! Yes, unfortunately several of the books are embargoed because they’re pre-publication – I was hoping to blog as I read, but I think it will have to wait until after the event 😦 But they look like an interesting bunch! Rafa will just have to make an effort and win his matches quickly…

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  2. Oh no! Oh well. Mr. Moore could really play the keys. Vera need some work. *nods* Where was I? Oh yes…hope that Rafa wins, of course! He’s so cool, of many courses. Enjoy your break! And don’t eat too much chocolate.


    • Love?? Indeed not! I shall give him your regards – that will be quite enough, madam!! *prepares to stomp* Aw, thanks! I need to recharge the batteries and get ready to leap back into the fray…


  3. Gosh, you really ARE dedicated if you are glued to the qualifiers as well. I guess you’ll be looking smug and ‘I spotted them when they were a complete unknown’ as someone completely unheard of creates a buzz later on around Roland Garros.

    Good luck with that application to coach the top 4 simultaneously. I suspect one of your boys will (probably) win unless you jump thigh in mid-stream to promote an easy on the racquet qually!

    Love-Love-Draw in the fifth Every body out, bowled by the maiden over..


    • Ha! Not my fault – blame the misleading open website! Well, it will give me time to get in some drooling practice…

      I’m thinking that I might leave the old four to get on with it and spend this summer looking for newbies. Rog and Raf must be nearing the end of their careers and And and Nov can’t be too far behind. Time to pick some promising youngsters and try to learn to love them before Rafa leaves me bereft… but, like policemen, young tennis players are looking awfully young these days…

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  4. Vamos Rafa indeed! C’mon Andy……and Roger…… and Jamie ……..and oh, yes, Rafa. Enjoy your break.


  5. Even your “Gone Fishin'” posts are entertaining. Love the alliteration!
    Have fun watching tennis and reading and eating chocolate and enjoying the sun! 🙂
    (I can’t believe you used ‘concatenation’ – impressive.)


  6. Well, you’ll be missed here, of course, but I for one certainly understand. There’s so much going on in everybody’s life over the summer months that I can’t fault anyone for wanting a break from staring at a computer screen! Ah, the tennis. Yes, I love it, and I’m counting on Rafa et. al. to tempt me back onto the court myself. Enjoy your break, my friend!!


    • I didn’t know you played tennis! I’m impressed! I’m afraid I’m strictly a watcher – never could manage to get that pesky ball over the net… 😉

      Have a great summer, Debbie – I’ll be popping in and out, so won’t be out of touch completely. 😀

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      • I’ve played since junior high — I practically lived on the courts when I was a kid (before computers, ha!) Happy Summer to you, my friend, and I’ll see you when I see you!

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