TBR Thursday 84… Resolutions and #AW80 Update

Episode 84…


Ooh, no movement on the TBR this week – still on 165. Not going down but, on the other hand, not going up! I declare that a major success…

New Year’s Resolutions Update


So here we are, a third of the way through the year already. Seems like a good time to see how I’m getting along with those New Year’s Resolutions I committed to…


tom cruise

Oh, for goodness sake, Tom, do stop laughing! Here goes…


1) Cut back on taking freebies for review.

Take no more than 18 books during the year, and reduce the total outstanding at year end from 25 to 12.

Current status: Hmm… I currently have 31 outstanding – oops! And I’ve already taken 23 this year…

Projection: Will need more than a miracle!


2) A minimum of 12 re-reads.

Current status: 5 read to date

Projection: Going great!


3) Reduce the TBR!

a) Reduce the overall total to 130.

Current status: 165 – up 11 since the beginning of the year.


yes minister gif

b) Read at least 35 books that have been on the TBR since 2014 or earlier.

Current status: 9 read to date

Projection: Still within the realms of possibility…

c) Read at least 45 books that went onto the TBR in 2015.

Current status: 27 read to date

Projection: Woohoo! #GoGirl


4) New-to-me authors.

a) No more than 20 books by new-to-me authors to be added to the TBR during 2016.

Current status: 21 added to date

Projection: Oh dear, oh dear!!

b) Read at least 20 catch-up books from authors I’ve previously enjoyed.

Current status: 8 read to date

Projection: Doing well! (If only I hadn’t added all those other new authors that is…)

cartoon laughing gif

5) Classics

Read at least 10 GAN Quest novels and at least 5 other classics, including Dickens.

Current status: 4 GAN Quest books read to date (or abandoned, which is much the same thing), 4 other classics read, including Dickens.

Projection: Feelin’ smug…


6) Read at least 12 sci-fi/fantasy novels, mixed between classic and new.

Current status: 3 read to date

Projection: Not too bad…

* * * * *

Pretty good so far, I reckon – only 2 outright failures and a couple that it looks like I’ll definitely achieve. Unless I get distracted by new, shiny things…

* * * * *

The Around the World in 80 Books Challenge – #AW80Books

Hosted by Sarah and Lucy at the wonderful Hard Book Habit…

I didn’t  make it to any of the places on the main route in April, but I had a few interesting detours…

I had a nice trip to the Channel Islands with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Then I got chased all over the Australian Outback by a hairy monster in Fear is the Rider. It was a relief after that to have a magical break in The High Mountains of Portugal.

So here’s the summary to date. I’ve found books for some of the places now, but recommendations for any of the places marked in red still welcome…

The Main Journey

  1. London  – Martin Chuzzlewit
  2. Orient Express
  3. FranceThe Sisters of Versailles
  4. Alps
  5. Venice
  6. Brindisi
  7. Mediterranean Sea
  8. Suez
  9. Egypt
  10. Red Sea/Arabian Sea
  11. Bombay
  12. Calcutta
  13. Kholby
  14. Elephant Travel
  15. Allahabad
  16. Indian Ocean/ South China Sea
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Shanghai
  19. Yokohama
  20. Pacific
  21. San Francisco
  22. Sioux lands
  23. Omaha
  24. New York – I Am No One
  25. Atlantic Ocean
  26. Queenstown (Cobh) Ireland
  27. London – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


The Detours

That leaves 53 spots for me to randomly tour the world, so here’s where I’ve been so far…

  1. The Hebrides – Coffin Road
  2. Florida – Their Eyes Were Watching God
  3. Iceland – Snowblind
  4. Himalayas – Black Narcissus
  5. Ireland – The Heather Blazing
  6. Channel Islands – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society
  7. Australian Outback – Fear is the Rider
  8. Portugal – The High Mountains of Portugal


12 down, 68 to go!

46 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 84… Resolutions and #AW80 Update

  1. Now I understand why you groaned when you read my latest blog post… Sorry about throwing some new authors into the mix. I’m sure they are not worth the time and effort, though!

    • Haha! Too awful! I don’t mind if they’re debut authors, but if I love a book and then discover the author has a back catalogue of forty… well, I despair! 😉

  2. Now I feel better about my own TBR, FictionFan! And yet, at the same time, I just can’t resist it when a great new book tempts me. And after all, there are much more unhealthy addictions, right? RIGHT? I do really admire the way you’re reading so many things from different places – there’s quite a great variety there!

    • I don’t know – I’m thinking of trying alcoholism for a bit just to see if it helps me forget the horror of the TBR! 😉 I do enjoy reading books set in different places, but I noticed I’ve really been sticking to British or American authors so far – must try to fit in more translated stuff…

  3. You used a hashtag! Now how cool is that? Well, I actually think you can achieve most of the goals, too. Many well dones. I don’t think anyone even knows where Allahabad is, you know, you know…

    That girl laughing with the newspaper is hilarious. But I bet she’s the villain wherever she came from.

    • I am cool, aren’t I? *preens* You do? That’s encouraging! But tennis season is underway and it usually all goes horribly wrong then… Haha! One day I must also look up Kholby on a map!

      That’s a selfie of me! That’s what I look like when you make me chuckle!

      • You’re very cool! *bows* Oh yes, I do. Um-hum. Ohhhhhhhh. Tennis. Well, that’s a good excuse, tho. Kholby! *laughs* What an hilarious name.

        *laughs* You know, that’s how I kinda picture. All in red, too. Or green.

    • Haha! When I started blogging my list was only about 70 – happy days! But I’m doing better this year than I expected to, so I’m feeling a tiny bit smug… 😉

  4. Well, you’ve still got time, you know, although summer carries challenges of its own, what with tennis tournaments, the lure of a sandy beach, sunny days, and vacations! Hang in there, FF — my money’s on you to make the most of these challenging resolutions.

    • I know! Summer’s usually the time when it all goes horribly wrong, reading wise, and this year I’m going to have to read all these crime books for Bloody Scotland too. Ah well – at least I’ve done not too badly so far, eh? 😉

  5. That laughing lady is ME! That’s what I did when I saw all these self imposed rules you have set out for yourself, FF! Everyone knows you cannot resist shiny new books!!!! But you know I’m rooting for you! #GoGirl

    • Hahaha! Look here! I’m trying really hard! Why does no-one believe I can wrestle the list into submission? Am I not a book warrior?? I’m sure it’ll all be fine by the end of the year… *self-deluded expression*

  6. I think you’re doing very well! Plus, I love when other bloggers have a hard time with their resolutions, because it always makes me feel better about my own failures. 🙂 Which, let’s face it, are not really failures as long as we are reading!! 🙂 (I agree with TJ!)

    • So do I! Well, except for the ones I’ve already failed on, that is… 😉 But I have been making an effort to read some of the older books this year – it’s too easy to get distracted by all the new, shiny things! I do agree, though – far better to have the problem of too many books than too few… 🙂

  7. I think you’re in denial. But I’ll go along with you. Yes, you’re doing well. Yes, you’re doing well. If you repeat it often enough, it works. Actually, maybe I’m talking about myself….

    • Hahaha! You so need to work on that ‘convincing’ thing, you know! I AM doing well!! Why, I’m certain my TBR will be down by the end of the year! *quickly kicks aside the two books that arrived just after posting this*

  8. What do I know. Having said firmly NO MORE BOOKS (I daren’t even count them) I managed to forget that very temporary firmness and suggest to a small group within my reading group that I should get and read a book 3 of them have read so we can have a caucus discussion group – well, one of them IS a Yank so that seemed a good idea, a caucus. And have promptly ordered it.

    But I do think you claiming that your TBR hasn’t gone up as a ‘major success’ suggests you have been listening too much to politicians soundbiting!

    Bloggers, eh. We are all ferocious little demons, waving books temptingly at each other ..go on, have another, just a wee book with another wee one as a chaser, go on, you know you want to…..

    • I had no sooner posted than Mr Postie popped another one through the door – one I hadn’t even ordered or asked for! I almost never get unsolicited books sent to me, so I was briefly thrilled till I discovered it’s a romance – I have to wonder why they thought I was the ideal candidate for that. And now, oddly, I feel obliged to read it…

      It IS a major success – you’re just jealous of my almost superhuman willpower and self-control, that’s what it is! I’m just about to start watching the election results… and trying to persuade myself I’m excited…

      I know – when I did the first TBR Thursday my TBR was at something like 74, I think…

  9. There’s an episode of The Golden Girls in which little Sophia discovers the joy of wholesalers, and later admits it’s because having a thousand toothbrushes makes her feel immortal, as surely she can’t die when there’s still so many left to use? If she’s right, this post suggests you may we be dabbling with invincibility as well.

    • Hahaha! I love The Golden Girls! I must admit I do look on my TBR as a route to immortality, plus they make excellent insulation and draught excluders…

  10. I dare not count my TBR. It’s less a list and more a room lined with shelves that I keep adding too – and it is currently mushrooming out of control. I keep a little tower of books next to my chair of the books I plan to read next, but, like you, no matter how many hours I put in, it feels like fighting a rising tide! Still there must be worse ways to go than drowning in your own TBR! 🙂

    • I ran out of space for ohysical books several years ago, so now most of my TBR is hidden on my Kindle – a great way to pratice denial! Sadly, a year or two ago I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of all the ones I hadn’t read – a shattering experience! I’ve never really recovered… but one day I will read them all! I will! I WILL!!!

  11. Like a true Book Nerd, I love reading about people’s reading/TBR goals. I don’t know how on Earth you keep track of all of your goals – but it’s entertaining reading (love the gifs!) I think you’re doing really well!

    • Haha! Thank you! Me too – especially if their TBR is even worse than mine. I have a massive complicated TBR spreadsheet which I enjoy playing with nearly as much as I enjoy reading… 😉

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