Friday Frippery! Book spine poetry…

Poetry by any other name…


I have shamelessly stolen this idea from Naomi at the wonderful Consumed by Ink , who was in turn inspired by Valerie at Books Can Save A Life. My book spines are virtual since so many of my books are.

Their poems turned out beautiful. Mine, on the other hand, turned out a bit… well… bitter and twisted! I’m really hoping that says more about the books I read than my personality… 😉

* * * * * * *



After the fire

Smoke and mirrors


The girl who wasn’t there.

Little black lies

And lamentation.

The way things were.


Photo by Hana al Sayed
Photo by Hana al Sayed

* * * * * * *


Testament of a witch


The tender herb

Bitter fruits

Original skin

Want you dead

The burning




* * * * * * *


I am no one

The undesired



Stay up with me.

Their eyes were watching God

Waiting for sunrise.



* * * * * * *

Goodness! I think I need extra chocolate to cheer myself up now!



48 thoughts on “Friday Frippery! Book spine poetry…

  1. That picture is so cool! But I wonder why she’s smashed up against the glass like that. She looks dead, too. I think the Wendigo got her.

    The poems are awesome! A bit sad, tho, it is true. Oh I know! I bet you took the sunrise pic with your new camera? Haha.


    • That’s interesting that you knew it was glass! I think it looks like she’s under water. It’s a brilliant photo though. Ooh, I hope not, ‘cos does that not mean she’ll turn into a Wendigo too??

      Haha! Thank you! Yes, I don’t seem to have an awful lot of books with cheery titles, I discovered! Why, you… *stamps on the Prof’s toes*


      • Either glass or stuck under ice! Imagine that. She still seems a bit unhappy. I suppose she doesn’t look cold, tho, so it has to be glass and a steam room. *nods* #Sorted Probably. But Wendigos are cool!

        See? You must put me in charge of your TBR. smh See, if you got a guitar…goodness. I bet you’d abandon the thing.


        • I’m guessing she’d look even less happy if the photographer had buried her under ice, though we all must suffer for our art, I suppose! But are they as cool as Yetis?

          *laughs* I probably would abandon it – like my poor recorder! I wonder whatever happened to it…


            • Maybe they are! Though I don’t think of yetis as stinky – more kinda cuddly, don’t you think? I’ve never felt a desire to cuddle a wendigo though… *makes face*

              *laughs* This could explain why my cooking is as unique as my musicianship!


            • *shakes head* See, you’ve got the wrong impression of Yetis, see. They’ll tear your lungs out, Larry, and they won’t think twice about it. Plus, they have no showers, remember.

              Haha. I’ll have to ask BUS about that.


            • Oh no, Van, I’m sure they only do that to certain people – they’d never do it to me! Not while I was tickling their tummies anyway! And as for the whole shower thing – well, cleanliness can be over-rated, you know, you know. I mean, Tuppence never showers… *wrinkles nose*

              Oooh, noooo!!!! *runs away*


    • Haha! Thank you! They’re great fun to do, aren’t they? Well, fortunately I have all my e-books listed on a spreadsheet, so that made it pretty easy. It’d have been much harder if I’d been having to flick through them on the Kindle, I think…

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  2. Oh, FictionFan, your poems are really evocative! They are dark, as you say, but they pack a punch and they tell stories. I’m impressed!


    • Haha! Thanks, Margot! They’re great fun to do, but I really think I need to read some more light-hearted books! I couldn’t really see how to work The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society into a poem smoothly, though… 😉

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  3. Deary, Deary me – I think you need a LOT of chocolate after that. Your poems were a lot better than a great deal of the modern “poetry” that I’ve read recently. Were you allowed to shift the titles around, or did they come out in that order?


    • Haha! I know – I tried to go for a light-hearted approach, but I just don’t seem to read that kind of book! Oh no, you can shift them about and pick whichever ones you like – no restrictions. So since I have about 500 books on the blog I had a pretty big choice to pick from…


  4. What a fun idea! I suppose rearranging the spines so the poems are more uplifting doesn’t count, right?? Anyway, poetry is hard, and you’ve done these most impressively — now yes, you’ve definitely earned some chocolate and a nice weekend!!


    • Haha! This is them AFTER I’d rearranged them! I’m afraid I just don’t seem to read books with very uplifting titles! It’s great fun to do though – and miserable tragedies, murders and burnings are always more fun to read about anyway, aren’t they? 😉 Have a nice weekend too, Debbie!

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  5. These are awesome! I’m glad you decided to try it. I think I like the third one best, but I love the lines “Want you dead/ The burning”. Although, it kind of reminds me of what you said in a comment about children yesterday, which is a little disturbing… 😉


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