Tuesday Terror! The Secret of the Growing Gold by Bram Stoker

Wages of sin…


Having been kept awake all winter, the fretful porpentine is now off for a relaxing summer break in a spa hole-in-a-tree.

sleepy porpentine

But before he goes, one last chance for his quills to stand on end, with another Irish entry for this week’s…

Tuesday Terror

The Secret of the Growing Gold


by Bram Stoker


Bram Stoker
Bram Stoker


Two families live side by side, each once proud but now fallen, both in wealth and honour. The Brents are of high stock, while the Delandres are of yeoman class. When Margaret Delandre suddenly goes to live at Brent’s Rock, now home to Geoffrey, the last direct descendant of the family line, the scandal is great, for it is unclear if they have married. Margaret is a wild, evil woman and frankly Geoffrey is no great prize either.

He was almost a type of a worn-out race, manifesting in some ways its most brilliant qualities, and in others its utter degradation. He might be fairly compared with some of those antique Italian nobles whom the painters have preserved to us with their courage, their unscrupulousness, their refinement of lust and cruelty – the voluptuary actual with the fiend potential. He was certainly handsome, with that dark, aquiline, commanding beauty which women so generally recognise as dominant.

We do?? I mean, yes, of course, we do!


Well, such a combination is always likely to lead to the occasional tiff…

One thing would lead to another, and wine flowed freely at Brent’s Rock. Now and again the quarrels would assume a bitter aspect, and threats would be exchanged in uncompromising language that fairly awed the listening servants.

But during a trip abroad, Margaret meets with an accident when her carriage, conveniently being led by the exceedingly trustworthy Geoffrey, falls over a cliff. Her body is never recovered.

Some time later, Geoffrey meets a nice young Spanish lady and this time falls genuinely in love. They marry and he brings her to Brent’s Rock, and for a time all seems well. Until one day, Margaret’s brother Wykham Delandre…

…suddenly awoke to see standing before him some one or something like a battered, ghostly edition of his sister. For a few moments there came upon him a sort of fear. The woman before him, with distorted features and burning eyes seemed hardly human, and the only thing that seemed a reality of his sister, as she had been, was her wealth of golden hair…

begorrathon 2016

This vision tells him that she has come for revenge, not against Wykham (even though they had a severe case of sibling rivalry taken to extremes) but against ANOTHER! Later that night, Geoffrey’s bride is awakened as if by the sound of a latch opening. She does what any sensible woman would do in such circumstances – sends her husband down to investigate while she stays in bed…

…trembling, too frightened to cry, and listened to every sound. There was a long pause of silence, and then the sound of some iron implement striking muffled blows! Then there came a clang of a heavy stone falling, followed by a muffled curse.

Suffice to say, things are never quite the same again in the happy household…

* * * * *

This is a good little story, full of nasty people who deserve all they get – well, except for the new bride, who should probably have resisted feeling dominated by those dark, aquiline good looks. (Let that be a warning to us all, ladies! From now on, we should only go for blonds).

It’s in the gothic tradition of walled-up bodies and corpses that simply will not stay dead! But it has an original scare factor, which I must admit I found genuinely creepy. The moral of the story is that you should never argue with a man while he’s guiding your carriage along a cliff-path – or possibly that you should never go down to investigate strange noises in the middle of the night – or maybe that, when burying a body, you should take special care to do it thoroughly…

If you’d like to read it, here’s a link…

Fretful Porpentine rating: 😯 😯 😯 😯

Overall story rating:          😀 😀 😀 😀

* * * * *

Wondering who the gorgeous mystery man is in the top gallery? Prepare to be even more scared…

49 thoughts on “Tuesday Terror! The Secret of the Growing Gold by Bram Stoker

  1. Haha! I was somewhat distracted from the review by the appearance of our dear Vince in both his dashing and rather… eye-catching forms. Also – I hadn’t realised how much our Boris looks like the Trump. These things alone should give this a fretful porpentine rating of 10!!


    • He looks good in that exalted company, doesn’t he? Now we just need to persuade him to acquire a Darcy outfit… *swoons* I know! When I put these two pictures side by side I was stunned at how alike they are! Boris is still cuddlier though…


      • I admit to having a soft spot for Boris. Not sure I want him running the country but there is something about his buffonery that appeals to me. I also just realised I have no idea what book you reviewed, but with all these fine examples of man-dom on display, I hardly think it matters.


        • I’m exactly the same about Boris – I can’t help but like him despite his politics! Which is more than I can say for Trump…

          Haha! Yes, I got so caught up in picking pics, I kinda lost interest in the story myself halfway through…


          • And now we all know that Trump is somewhat lacking in the gentleman area that should surely finish him off! Haha!
            The pics are far more fun anyway. No offence to the book. There’s more to life than books, after all. Like… handsome chaps.


            • Ooh, I’ve missed that! Must rush off and google… does he have huge feet then?

              This is so true! There are few situations in life that can’t be improved with a timely gallery of hunks…


            • I would rather not think on any part of that man’s anatomy! There was some mention that he had small hands and therefore must be lacking in other areas. The American elections really are classy, aren’t they?
              Hunks, wine and chocolate 😀


            • Haha! Hear! Hear! Some things are just not meant to be thought about! They are – they’re about the only thing in the world that makes me feel better about Jeremy and Dave…


            • Haha! Too brutal, but I was thinking perhaps a sponsored blancmange hurling contest with them as targets? Lots of fun and for a good cause… (The PG/FF Home for Unwanted Chocolate and Wine)


  2. A marvellous, marvellous post, thank you, informative about Bram’s literary endeavour, but, oh, so much more. I especially enjoyed the devilishly dashing saturnine Professor in both incarnations and even more the musical accompaniment. Encore, Professor Alice Encore]]

    (is this part of a ruse to ensure he never disses Colin George and Rafa again, now he has become one of the darkly dishy musketeer brigade?

    And, yes, I have to say that I have long thought that the Donald and the Boris might be related.

    Ladies prefer the darkly debonair, at least when bombastic haystacks are about.


    • He fits rather well into my gallery of darkly handsome hunks, doesn’t he? If only I could talk him into a kiss-curl… but then I can’t really imagine Alice with a kiss-curl. It’s a dilemma…

      (I’m thinking of having a poll to determine who’s the most handsome… would that be mean?)

      Aren’t they incredibly alike?!? But in comparison to Trump, Boris really does seem like the cuddly one…

      The porpy thanks you… and then snores.


  3. Trust Stoker to tell a creepily good story, FictionFan. And yes, it is always nice, isn’t it, when characters get their comeuppance. Oh, and I’ve noticed how successfully you slipped in some very nice ‘photos. Now that takes talent!! 🙂


  4. Haha, hmm. Can’t tell you how weird it was to see that odd looking chap in the middle. Now, are you sure those four are better looking than Trump and his bro? I’m not sure, see. Trump and his bro have such attitude. (Do they have the same wig??)

    So, the carriage falls over the cliff. That’s a thing. Quite shocking, too, really. She should’ve hung on or something.

    Thanks, FEF! *maybe blushes a bit*


    • I think you fit perfecty into my little gallery of handsome hunks, don’t you? *chuckles wickedly* Sorry, I couldn’t resist! And look! George is the only one who doesn’t have a kiss-curl! Yes, Trump is gorgeous, isn’t he – for a subhuman alien…

      She should have shoved him over the cliff first! *growls viciously*

      Yay! That’s the first time I’ve made you blush in aaaaaages!! #FFWins *punches air and does victory dance*


      • *laughs* Wait. I don’t have a kiss curl…do I? I just saw George in Monument Men, can you believe. I thought he was pretty spicy. Haha. It’s hilarious. The pics, I mean. I like Trump’s hand motions. *practices*

        Ooo! A grappling contest. Then, they would’ve both fallen over! #cool

        I admit: You do win this one. I did enjoy making that wicked video, you must know. Wickedness abounds in my…heart. Yup.


        • Oh yes you do! Just a tiny little one, mind, but c&a nonetheless! Haven’t seen it – is it good? George is always spicy… *swoons* Yuk! I’ve just made a new law that you can’t imitate the Trump in any way! Is that clear? The punishment for transgession will be fearful… you will be forced to wear a Trump wig in your next three videos!

          #verycool … although it would have kinda destroyed the story a bit…

          Hurrah! Yes, wickedness suits you! Did you spot that I’m getting up a petition for you to wear a Darby outift in the next vid…? *swoons in anticipation*


          • *holds ears* Do not! Yeah, it’s pretty good, overall. *nods* *laughs* I might wear a Trump wig. Imagine that. I bet people would love it. It’d be HUGE.

            Made the book shorter you mean? Capital!

            A Darcy outfit? Well, I don’t have one. But it would work for some Bach…or the competition thingy.


            • Do! Do! DO!! *laughs* Well, don’t wear it in a high wind – you might be whisked into the stratosphere! Sadly, it’s not quite huge enough to cover his piggy little face though…

              *laughs lots* It’s already a short story!! Poor Prof! All these book reviews must leave you quivering…

              Who’s Darcy? Competition? What competition???


            • Hahaha. Piggy face. Ronda Rousey has a piggy face, too. Oh, you’re so wicked. Look what you make me do. *shakes head*

              Nah, warriors never quiver. They just twitch a bit, you know, you know.

              Darby! I meant Darby, of course!! Well…it’s just an idea.


            • *laughs* Ooh, that’s so mean! But a bit true! Only when she smiles though…

              If you twitch fast enough, it might look like dancing…

              No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NOOOOOO!!!! You cannot do that! Tell me immediately – and I mean IMMEDIATELY – or you will live to rue the day… *glowers menacingly* I’m warning you, sir – NOW!!!!


            • Or we she scowls, which she does lots and often. Haha.

              I could be dancing, yeah. It’s possible, but I doubt it highly.

              Haha. No, it’s really not that cool or important. Just a video idea is all. See? Not cool at all.


            • You’re in big trouble if she reads this…

              Yes, now I think about it, so do I!

              I see. Well, I don’t, really but I’m sure I’ll find out in time.


  5. Well, who is that good looking chap between Rafi and Darcy?! He’s a fine addition to the FF hall of hunks! I have, unfortunately, lost my humor and appetite for that buffoon next to Boris. The fretful factor is off the charts now. I’ll have heartburn until November.


    • He fits very well there, doesn’t he? I think we should petition him to get a Darcy outfit… *swoons*

      I know – I’m feeling positively sick and I’m not even American! There’s a kind of stunned amazement thing going on over here, But I’ve decided the only thing to do is to mock him at every opportunity…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I suppose. It’s quite embarrassing, you know. Shameful, too. Lots of protesting his candidacy here, but not enough…

        I think you should have photoshopped the professor into a Darcy outfit! Although, I think that would make him rather angry. That video proves it! (It also proves his awesomeness, but we don’t want him to get a big head.)


        • Well, I once voted for Tony Blair… *puts bag over head to hide blushing* I’ve been glad to see the protesting, though. I fear the major problem with democracy is that people are allowed to vote…

          Haha! Ooh, I wish I was skilled enough to do that! Wouldn’t he be just furious?? *chuckles*

          Liked by 1 person

  6. I haven’t read this one, but MY quills stood on end at the sight of Johnson and Trump in the same post. Who needs imaginary horrors when creeps like these are loose in the world?


  7. The darling porpy is at it again! I haven’t read this one, but it sounds perfect for a stormy night. ‘Tis frightful how easy it seems to unload unwanted spouses, huh??

    You know, your hunk gallery is a welcome addition, and it’s not even the weekend! But the Professor really should have been advised to include a spot of white collar so he’d fit in with the others. Poor thing, must have felt like everybody received notification of the day’s dress except him!

    As for that frightful video, well, yes, the Professor is definitely talented. But scary makeup and costuming, while enjoyable once in a while, are better left in the closet and cabinet in my humble opinion. You don’t see Rafa hiding behind makeup, do you??


    • Indeed, but people should really take more care how they go about burying the bodies! Or move house afterwards… 😉

      Haha! I think he looks stunning in black! Like a spy or something! I bet Darcy and Rafa are wishing they’d dressed like him now. *chuckles*

      Very talented indeed! Don’t put him off the costume idea! I’m starting a campaign to get him to dress like Darcy in the next video – those trousers and perhaps a little kiss-curl… *swoons and hastily takes some medicinal chocolate*

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Brilliant, well it was after I managed to scroll down after the first set of pictures, my screen getting somewhat stuck for quite some time while I pondered whether I really did know about those dark aquiline looks – the screen freed up very quickly when we got to the blondes though!

    Liked by 1 person

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