Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson

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night blind


Today’s review is appearing on the blog Petrona Remembered.

Petrona was the blog name of Maxine Clarke, a stalwart of the crime fiction blogging community until her death in 2012. I didn’t know her personally, but I hadn’t been blogging for long before I discovered how highly regarded she was both in the blogosphere and as one of Amazon UK’s top reviewers. It’s an honour therefore to contribute a review to the blog set up and run in her memory. I hope you’ll pop over to see my review and, while you’re there, you’ll find great recommendations from many other crime fiction bloggers, each of whom have selected a book that they think Maxine would have enjoyed. Don’t forget to follow – there’s a new recommendation from a different blogger every month or so.

Maxine was a great champion of Scandi-crime back when it was a new phenomenon, so I think she’d have liked Ragnar Jónasson’s series set in the tiny town of Siglufjördur on Iceland’s northern shore…


Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson reviewed on Petrona Remembered



33 thoughts on “Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson

    • Aw, thank you, Lucy! You’re most kind! 🙂 It is an honour, indeed – from all accounts, Maxine was very supportive of new crime bloggers and lots of them talk of her often with great affection.


      • Tis my pleasure – I love your reviews! I thought it best not to leave one of my usual random comments on the other blog in case it looks like you have insane followers 🙂 What a wonderful legacy for Maxine as well – if you pop your clogs I’ll set up a similar site for you, don’t worry 😀


  1. Maxine was a contemporary of my sister’s at school and I was at school with her younger sister Delta. I remember her from when I was a child as being a very warm friendly woman. What a great thing to do in her name.


    • Goodness, the old cliche about it being a small world isn’t half true, isn’t it? Maxine certainly is remembered around the crime blogging community as someone who was very kind, to new bloggers especially. And even now her reviews on Amazon mean she’s still listed amongst the top reviewers.


  2. Thank you, FictionFan, for doing this. It means a lot. And folks, do read FictionFan’s fabulous review!!


  3. What a wonderful idea. I’m reading ‘Night Blind’ at the moment, but can’t resist a sneaky peek at your review even if there are spoilers!


    • I hope there weren’t any spoilers! I try hard but sometimes they slip in when I’m not expecting it. 😉 Just checked out ‘Trapped’ and yay! The whole series is still available on iPlayer. That will be me sorted for the next few evenings…


  4. What a great idea!! Not too fond of fiction in which I can’t pronounce the locations or names, but on the realistic side, it doesn’t hurt to stretch a bit now and then, right?!!


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