TBR Thursday 72…

Episode 72


The New Year’s resolutions are beginning to crack already – despite reading three books this week, the TBR has gone up 1 to 160, suggesting someone must have added four books to the list. If I ever catch the culprit, there will be Big Trouble…

Here’s the next batch that should be rising to the top soon. Still no factual since I’m going to be reading Henry IV for the rest of my natural life, and possibly beyond…



jekyll and hydeA nice little re-read to provide a welcome break from some of the weightier stuff on my list…

The Blurb says An intriguing combination of fantasy thriller and moral allegory, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde depicts the gripping struggle of two opposing personalities – one essentially good, the other evil – for the soul of one man. Its tingling suspense and intelligent and sensitive portrayal of man’s dual nature reveals Stevenson as a writer of great skill and originality, whose power to terrify and move us remains, over a century later, undiminished.

 * * * * *


a guide to berlinCourtesy of Random House Vintage via NetGalley. Hmm… I requested this before I read Lolita and decided I hate Mr Nabokov. Somehow this one doesn’t appeal quite as much anymore, but we’ll see…

The Blurb says A Guide to Berlin is the name of a short story written by Vladimir Nabokov in 1925, when he was a young man of 26, living in Berlin.

A group of six international travellers, two Italians, two Japanese, an American and an Australian, meet in empty apartments in Berlin to share stories and memories. Each is enthralled in some way to the work of Vladimir Nabokov, and each is finding their way in deep winter in a haunted city.

A moment of devastating violence shatters the group, and changes the direction of everyone’s story. Brave and brilliant, A Guide to Berlin traces the strength and fragility of our connections through biographies and secrets.

* * * * *



caves of steelAnother re-read, this time of a sci-fi classic. There was a time when R. Daneel Olivaw was my ultimate hero. Sadly, I later dumped him in favour of Commander Data from Star Trek TNG. There’s something so appealing about the idea of men with off-switches…

The Blurb says “A millennium into the future two advancements have altered the course of human history:  the colonization of the galaxy and the creation of the positronic brain.  Isaac Asimov’s Robot novels chronicle the unlikely partnership between a New York City detective and a humanoid robot who must learn to work together.  Like most people left behind on an over-populated Earth, New York City police detective Elijah Baley had little love for either the arrogant Spacers or their robotic companions.  But when a prominent Spacer is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Baley is ordered to the Outer Worlds to help track down the killer.  The relationship between Elijah and his Spacer superiors, who distrusted all Earthmen, was strained from the start.  Then he learned that they had assigned him a partner:  R. Daneel Olivaw.  Worst of all was that the “R” stood for robot–and his positronic partner was made in the image and likeness of the murder victim!”

* * * * *



a dark redemptionI enjoyed Stav Sherez’ Eleven Days, with some reservations, and several people suggested I should read his earlier book – this one. It’s been on the TBR since January 2014, so it’s probably about time to read it!

The Blurb saysIn the first of a new series, DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller investigate the brutal rape and murder of a young Ugandan student. Plunged into an underworld of illegal immigrant communities, they discover that the murdered girl’s studies at a London College may have threatened to reveal things that some people will go to any lengths to keep secret.

A Dark Redemption explores a sinister case that will force DI Carrigan to face up to his past and DS Miller to confront what path she wants her future to follow.” 

* * * * *

NB All blurbs taken from Goodreads or Amazon UK.

So…what do you think? Do any of these tempt you?


* * * * *

(Stop Press: The TBR seems to have gone up to 161 while I was writing this. What’s going on???)

47 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 72…

  1. Aha! Great to see that I am not the only one with a weird crush on Data. Did you see the one where he attempted to embark upon a romance? He did fairly well, I thought – and that off switch is a very attractive feature… Anyway, the books! Yes, they look rather good. Dr J & Mr H is always a joy and I like the sound of the Berlin one. I hope you get your hands on the wicked sort that added four books to the TBR…

    • Great episode – he’s better at it than most real men! Did you see the episode where he tries to train his cat Spot? Haha! Wonderful stuff… ooh! And the episode where Beverley teaches him to dance…

      Yes, it’s ages since I read J&H, so that should be fun. The Berlin one – hmm! Depends how much Nabokov-worship there is… *spits*. I may have to set traps…

  2. I also rather liked Data… and Spock. That explains a lot about the type of men I go for…
    Anyway, I am a Dr. J and Mr. H fan (although the recent TV reboot, which I was planning to watch with my sons, turned out to be a bit too creepy and different for my taste and for their age). I like Stav Sherez and A Dark Redemption is my favourite of his books to date.

    • Haha! Yes – it’s worrying that so many of us like robots! But it’s because we secretly know that they’re really more human than… well, men! 😉

      Yes, I think you were one of the ones who recommended A Dark Redemption to me way back when. I just realised when I was doing this that it’s been two years since his last book came out – must be due a new one soon. Oh, I didn’t see that version – I’m hopeless with TV. But I don’t like when they change things too much – like the dreaded Sherlock, which I can’t watch at all…

  3. Personally, I think there’s a real TBR-culprit about. Someone added to my list, too, and I am none too pleased! Back to yours, though…I like the fact that you’re including re-reads in your list. Sometimes I think we all too easily forget to do that, or we have so many things to read that we don’t make time. And The Caves of Steel is a solid crime novel as well as sci-fi, in my opinion.

    • I reckon our list of suspects would be pretty similar too! If I ever get my hands on them… 😉 Yes, I’m trying to do a lot more re-reading. It used to be something I did all the time – if I liked a book I hardly ever only read it once. But with the avalanche of freebies I’ve got out of the habit, and I miss it. Yes, I agree – they make a great detective duo. And it’s so long since I read it, I’ve forgotten most of the plot, so that’ll be fun! 🙂

  4. Oh, I guess I’ll reread Jekyll and Hyde if I have to choose. In the
    meantime, I like the looks of Rumer Godden–and may select
    In This House of Brede for a housebound friend of mine. Thanks
    for the reminder of this good and gentle author!

    • I’m enjoying the Rumer Godden, though because the tennis is on at the moment I’m too tired to read much (the tennis is in Australia and they make me stay up all night to watch). I’m looking forward to re-reading J&H – it’s been ages since I read it.

    • Oh, yes! It does sound similar, though the show sounds much darker. Almost every robot thing relates back to Asimov’s robots in one way or another. He even ‘invented’ the positronic brain that Commander Data has. But Asimov’s robots would never have put their own safety before a human’s – it would be against the Three Laws of Robotics… *geeky face*

      Yeah, I wish I hadn’t read Lolita so recently, because it’s kinda put me off this book, which is a bit unfair. Oh, well!

      • Well, it makes sense that you’d read it if you were thinking about reading this book.
        Gotta love Data. I still like to watch the old Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.
        Did you see I, Robot–the Will Smith movie?

        • Yes, I fear I re-watch both Next Generation and Voyager way too much! They were great shows.

          No, I’ve been meaning to watch it for ever – I just never seem to get around to films somehow. But I must!

  5. Big Trouble. That sounds semi scary. What’s involved with it, I’m curious?

    You know, I’ve never read Dr. J. I had a kid book of it once. I think I maybe have read that. Have you seen the musical one?

    I’m glad I don’t have an off switch!

    • I could tell you… but I won’t! *victory dance*

      It’s a novella!! We could add it to your list!! In fact… *adds it to Prof’s list* There! Let me know when you’ve read it. No, didn’t even know there was a musical version. Have you seen it?

      *laughs lots* Too, toooo tempting…!!!

    • Yep, it’s re-read week this week. Though what with being nocturnal for the tennis, I’m too tired even to re-read. When I rule the world, off-switches will be compulsory…

  6. You know, I got noise cancellation headphones for Christmas. I gotta say, it’s better than an off switch. (Okay, not really but short of any family member becoming a robot, it’s pretty good.)

    I can’t add to my TBR list! It’s like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors!! I’m getting scared!

    • Hahaha! Now that sounds like a good compromise! You need a blindfold too so you can’t see them gesturing helplessly…

      Tell me about it! Mine’s got up again since I posted! I swear it’s a conspiracy!

  7. Off topic again (sorry!) — Can you believe they’re making a movie of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Blasphemy, I say! I thought zombies were passe… I wonder what happens to your poor Darcy in this version?

    • Yes, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to reading A Dark Redemption – too many books! I remember enjoying it a lot when I last read it, a long time ago, so I’m looking forward to the re-read. Ha, because the books I have are usually Kindle versions, I just pick whichever book cover looks most appealing – I liked that one too!

  8. I’m glad you’ve confirmed that there is someone that goes around adding to the TBRs because it keeps happening to me too! Is it wrong for me to hope you hate the Vladimir Nabokov? I think I may already have that Stav Sherez on my TBR too 😉

    • Yes, the thing is though – you’re one of my chief suspects! Haha! That’s so mean! But I fear you might get your wish… 😉 I don’t think either of us had any willpower back then – thank goodness we’re so much better now…

  9. So sorry to hear that you’re suffering from TBR goblins too…they seem to add some interesting books to our lists, though! 😉

    I think I have a copy of the Asimov lying around here somewhere. Will have to locate!

  10. Oh the re-read of Jekyll and Hyde, definitely……..actually, my TBRR pile is much wobblier than the TBR – with re-reads you KNOW you are on to an enjoyable experience if you want to RR. I’m surprise (given the fact that so many of us seem to be such helpless victims of whoever-it-is who keeps attacking our TBR and TBRR piles, that the estimable Conan Doyle didn’t write a Sherlock Holmes story about the Case of the Mysterious Wobbling Book Pile – go on FF, I dare you

    • I don’t really have a TBRR pile which is why I so rearely get around to re-reading. So I’ve incorporated some re-reads into the main TBR in the hopes that’ll encourage me. Haha! I admire your confidence! Hmm… *dons thinking cap*

    • Yeah, I think I need it! The whole grow an extra head thing seems to be taking too long…

      Yes, I think that’s the one I’m most looking forward to too. Though I won’t wear a tutu while reading. Definitely several inches higher than where it seems to be now…

  11. Ah, those pesky TBR gremlins. I’m a great fan of Data also, although I suspect it might have been Spot’s distracting you while the gremlin was at work. Jekyll and Hyde is one of the books where I actually prefer the old movies.

    • They get everywhere, don’t they? I think I might invent a TBR-gremlin-trap – I’d make a fortune! Haha – Spot could distract me any time she wanted – she’s gorgeous, even if Data did think she was a boy… Well, my plan is to follow up the re-read with a re-watch of the Spencer Tracy version. Again, years since I watched it, but I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it…

  12. I must read Stav Sherez sometime – a lot of people have raved about him to me. I’m just not thinking about TBR numbers – I’ve probably enough books to do me til I die and in the afterlife too. Still, there are worse things to be addicted to, and there are no calories in a book!

    • I think you’d enjoy Eleven Days – it’s pretty dark, but I think you quite like that? This one sounds dark too…

      Oh, I know! It gets out of hand, but I’d really like to do more re-reading as well as reading all the new stuff… and all the old stuff I haven’t got to yet! 😉

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