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lord of the rings

Well, folks, I’ve got nothing today – run out of reviews! So since I spent last week re-watching the wonderful Lord of the Rings movies, I thought I’d share the joy by reminding you of the cast in pictorial form. Now I know that some suspicious people think I only post pictures of handsome men on this blog, but that would be so shallow of me! As you will see from this post, I recognise that Eowyn, Arwen and Galadriel are just as important to the story as any orc, and the three women who play them are fine actors/actresses* as well as being exceptionally beautiful women. I hope this post will finally quash the vicious rumour that I rig my posts to favour hunks men…

*delete whichever one you find offensive

* * * * * * * * *

The Fellowship of the Ring


Gandalf Ian McKellen - a fine actor
Ian McKellen – a fine actor


Boromir Sean Bean - a very fine actor indeed!
Sean Bean – a very fine actor indeed!


The Hobbits Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin Fine actors all!
The Hobbits
Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin
Fine actors all!


Legolas Orlando Bloom - another very fine actor!
Orlando Bloom – another very fine actor!


Gimli John Rhys-Davies - a fine actor!
John Rhys-Davies – a fine actor!


Faramir David Wenham - he;s not in the Fellowship but he's a very fine actor!
David Wenham – he’s not in the Fellowship but he’s a very fine actor!


Aragorn Viggo Mortensen - a very, very, very fine actor indeed! Oh yes!
Viggo Mortensen – a very, very, very fine actor indeed! Oh yes! Very fine!! Indeed!!



The Women



There! That should prove once and for all that I’m completely unbiased!

Have a great Wednesday!

54 thoughts on “Wednesday Witterings…

  1. But FEF! There’s no orcs!! What about gollum? Or the blackrider fellows? Goodness. You put up all the ugly ones.

    I’m trying to decide who from this list I’m most like. Probably Gimli. But I’d want to be Faramir.

    Okay now…sorta funny that you called the ladies beautiful… *laughing lots*

    • I tried to find a way to get Darby in, but it just couldn’t be done! I’m sorry – I know you’ll have missed him! *gasps* Don’t you call my Aragorn ugly, you dadblamed orc, you!

      Either Faramir, Boromir or Aragorn – or maybe a delicious mix of all three… *drifts off into a happy little reverie* But clean-shaven…

      *laughs* Wasn’t it kind of me not to mention poor Arwen’s similarity to her dad? One day I shall do a post of beautiful women just for you! Who would you want on it?

      • Your Aragorn? But he’s involved with that Elf thingy. You know, Steve’s daughter. I wonder if I could beat him in a sword fight… I’m surprised you don’t like Legolas better.

        Maybe Sauron! Or…gollum. I could be gollum.

        It was very kind! Beautiful women…that’s a hard one. I can’t think of any actresses at the minute. I know you’d want to put on that one with those eyes…but I’m not sure! Maybe Gene Arthur? But I can’t remember what she looks like, the sudden. I might let you do Rafa.

        • Well, the plan is that Eowyn shall challenge Arwen to a duel over him – when she wins, Aragorn will throw her in a deep, dark dungeon. That gets rid of both of them, and just at that moment I’ll appear in my tartan ballgown… *sighs happily* You could, I’m sure… but then you’d have to face my wrath and peashooter! Legolas is such a show-off, don’t you think? Running up the elephant’s trunk… pah!

          *nods enthusiastically* Yes! Gollum never has stubble!

          *gasps* How dare you!! I might put Kenny in though – though would there be room for his hair…?

          • Now, is this a plan you and Aragorn made together? He might not toss her in a dungeon, see. And you’ll want to dance the cotillion with me, I suppose? When you appear in your ballgown, that is. I love that sceneeeeeeeeee! I wish I could do that. Imagine! That was really cool.

            In fact, I think he’s quite bald and gray. He’s got gray skin!

            Poor Kenny. Maybe…Sandra Bullock, I like her. Though, she’s a bit weird looking.

            • No, that’s the joy of it! He’d actually be helping get rid of one of my rivals without even knowing! *laughs fiendishly* Well, I’m not sure if I will… you always seem so reluctant that I may have to find another dancing partner, I fear. But you can bring Freya and we’ll make up a foursome. I bet you could do that, but when do you get the chance? It’s so unfair – your town should get some elephants just for you!

              He’d probably find the guitar playing tricky (or tricksy, maybe) with those fingers too.

              *laughs lots* You’ve been slacking off on your paying-girls-compliments practice again, haven’t you?

            • I just googled Aragorn. He looks cooler than he did in the movie! Note to self: Must get red tie. Oh, Freya hates dancing, though. She’d much rather…play ball! How about ball instead? I could steal some elephants from the zoo!

              Haha, he sure would. I would teach him, though, just to be nice.

              I must be honest: haven’t practiced it much at all! Well, actresses don’t have to be gorgeous! You must admit, she’s a bit strange looking.

            • Ooh, no, I think his Aragorn look is much better than his Viggo look to be honest! Red ties are great – that’s what socialists wear in Britain! You should definitely get one! *laughs* Look, just because it’s called a ballgown doesn’t make me a nose tackle!! How would you sneak them out though? You’d have to disguise them. You could stick six false legs on them and pretend they’re calots.

              I suppose he’d be better at it than Nine-Fingered Frodo.

              *laughs* I could tell! I know what you mean, but actually I think she’s stonkingly gorgeous – I prefer that kind of individual beauty to all the pretty, pretty people who all look the same.

            • You do? He looks like a mess as Aragorn and he’s got long hair! Do they? *laughs* I’ll…wear a white one instead! Yes, but they’d probably want to keep a calot! No, we must think up a new plan, I fear.


              Stonkingly! That word is so funny. Unless you meant strikingly? The other ones all look like barbie dolls, it’s true.

            • I know – doesn’t he? *drifts gently off into a happy daydream* Then you’ll look like a gangster! *laughs* You have a point! Well, we could disguise them as giant worms – zoos wouldn’t want them. Or… wait… I know exactly what we need…

              I suppose it does mean strikingly, but stonkingly is so much more descriptive. Indeed they do! And if they don’t when they start out, they do by the time they’ve had the cosmetic surgery…

            • *laughs* You and your daydreams! I am a gangster!! *laughing lots* One must wonder how you knew that even existed…

              I’ll keep that in mind. Capital word. Is that what they do? They shouldn’t!

            • You as a gangster could easily feature in one of my daydreams, you know, you know… *has a little trial daydream and nods* It’s perfectly simple – the neighbours complain about the herd of elephants in my garden so I had to do something! It’s great now – they’re totally invisible, though you can still see their footprints in the neighbours’ flowerbeds…

              No they shouldn’t! *shudders*

  2. 😆 Yes, very fine cast indeed!!! ‘Scuse me a moment while I return to the Viggo Mortensen shot. Wouldn’t want to forget how…talented he is….. *wipes drool off chin.*
    In all seriousness, this trilogy of films is extremely well done, I think. And I thought it was brilliant to film them all close together, rather than wait perhaps years to do them.

    • Very fine, Margot, very fine indeed! Some people might concentrate on their looks rather than their fine acting ability, but you know me – I’d never be so shallow! What a pity Darcy wasn’t in LotR…

      I think it’s brilliant – every time I re-watch it I’m stunned all over again by how great it is. Especially the battle scenes – they’re so well done. I used to be able to watch it as a nine-hour marathon, but I find I need to do it in installments over a few nights now.

  3. The fine picture of the very fine actor Sean Bean has brightened my day considerably. I think it is an absolute crime that he was killed off so early. I know it’s in the book, but once they had Sean on board someone should have suggested making a tweak to the story so he could be in it a bit longer. And also written a scene where his shirt accidentally falls off during the course of battle, like almost every episode of Sharpe. Okay, getting carried away now, I shall retreat to a darkened room…

    • He is a very fine actor, and I know how much you admire his acting skills, so I thought it was time he appeared here! Yes, it’s a shame really that were no lake-swimming scenes in general and that they didn’t write Darcy into the script. Or Rafa. Strange editorial decisions given what fine actors they are…

    • Yes, he’s a very fine actor indeed! Oh, does he have a strong jaw, intense eyes and a dreamy demeanor – I’ve never noticed! I’ve never noticed his dimpled chin either… or his sweet little smile…

  4. Well, I must say, FF, this is a delight! What lovely photos you’ve gathered, and I for one am mightily glad I don’t have to look at that skinny, nasty Gollum! You know, the U.S. Open is right around the corner — perhaps we can have some tennis hunk photos?? You know, just sayin’.

  5. You are hilarious! And I totally and absolutely love the LOTRs movies. In fact, it is probably time for another viewing of them. All those lovely men – with wigs. (You did know that they wore wigs, right?). And I loved the women as well. And Aragorn – well… know what I mean. LOL

    • Haha! Thank you! I think they’re brilliant… even the women! Wigs?!? No way! Though I admit I was always about suspicious about Legolas… and I fervently hoped Gimli’s beard wasn’t real… 😉 And Aragorn… well, there’s no doubt that Viggo is a very fine actor indeed, is there…? It’s just a shame Darcy wasn’t in the films…

  6. I think the men that appear to have crept into this post dedicated to women have put the wrong clothes on – Shouldn’t they be wearing their itsy bitsy shorts? Having said that I’m impressed that you have taken such important steps to redress the apparent bias although I think my laptop has gone wrong as the women seemed incredibly small??

    • (Aragorn playing tennis! *faints*) Yes, I think it’s only fair the women should get equal attention and I’m proud to have done my bit! What a shame about your laptop – you must get that fixed… 😉

  7. Viggo Mortenson…………….I’m sorry, I’m really really cold and shivering. I looked at Viggo, and because I wanted to avoid dribbling and ending up with drool on my chin like Margot did (she might be able to wear that look well, but I can’t )………, anyway I just empted the fridge of ice cubes and dumped them and me in a cold bath. It kind of worked, but now I’ve come back and looked at Viggo again……………

    Now you musn’t be greedy FF – you can have all the hobbits, Ian McKellan, and even Sean, and leave Viggo for the rest of us to fight over. I wonder if he likes cold baths?

    • Tut! You’re so shallow! It’s people like you that start these rumours about my blog being biased towards the more yummy end of the spectrum! Not one word about those prominently placed pictures of gorgeous talented women – I’m ashamed of you!! And get your grubby paws off Viggo – he’s mine!!!

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