TBR Thursday 60 – The People’s Choice…

The People’s Choice 8…


The TBR has reached a frightening 151! If that topples over, Tuppence may get brutally squished! So no room to add more… but still you all tempt me, day in, day out. Cruelty, I tell you!

So…time for another look at some of the great reviews around the blogosphere, and for you to help me choose which one of these books deserves to be added to my TBR. (You may look on this as a way to add one more book to my list, but I see it more as a way to keep another four off it!) An extremely difficult choice, I think…

So which one will you vote for? Which of these tantalising books deserves a place? The winner will be announced next Thursday…

With my usual grateful thanks to all the reviewers who’ve intrigued and inspired me over the last few weeks, here are:

The Contenders…


a tangled webbThe BlurbTwo feuding families will go to surprising lengths to secure a prized heirloom…

It all begins with Great Aunt Becky and her infamous prized possession: a legendary heirloom jug. After her death, everyone wants it. But the name of the new owner won’t be revealed for one year. In the next twelve months, scandals, quarrels and love affairs abound–with the jug at the center of it all. Then comes the night when Aunt Becky’s wishes will be revealed…and the family is in for the biggest surprise of all.

Rose says: “A Tangled Web is a much more grown up story than the Anne books. Aunty Becky dies and the story unfolds with a great many twists and turns. Creating this must have been like a spider weaving a web, with interlinked pieces all over the place until the very end, when all of the stories are satisfactorily resolved. A Tangled Web is one of my favourite books by LM Montgomery. It is sarcastic and witty and brilliant and it is extremely satisfying to get to the bottom of the mysteries, especially finding out why Joscelyn and Hugh’s marriage foundered. If you enjoyed the Anne books you should read this book.

See the full review at Rose Reads Novels


snow blindThe Blurb – Siglufjörður: an idyllically quiet fishing village in Northern Iceland, where no one locks their doors – accessible only via a small mountain tunnel. Ari Thór Arason: a rookie policeman on his first posting, far from his girlfriend in Reykjavik – with a past that he’s unable to leave behind. When a young woman is found lying half-naked in the snow, bleeding and unconscious, and a highly esteemed, elderly writer falls to his death in the local theatre, Ari is dragged straight into the heart of a community where he can trust no one, and secrets and lies are a way of life.

Raven says: The book takes on the real feel of a locked room mystery, with a finite group of possible perpetrators of the violent crimes, in this case a severe physical assault and a suspicious death, and giving the reader a puzzling conundrum as we attempt to identify the guilty party or parties ourselves. Speaking as a crime reader, this is always one of the essential thrills of this nature of crime book, playing detective and navigating the red herrings along the way.”

See the full review at Raven Crime Reads


london belongs to meThe Blurb – It is 1938 and the prospect of war hangs over every London inhabitant. But the city doesn’t stop. Everywhere people continue to work, drink, fall in love, fight and struggle to get on in life. At the lodging-house at No.10 Dulcimer Street, Kennington, the buttoned-up clerk Mr Josser returns home with the clock he has received as a retirement gift. The other residents include faded actress Connie; tinned food-loving Mr Puddy; widowed landlady Mrs Vizzard (whose head is turned by her new lodger, a self-styled ‘Professor of Spiritualism’); and flashy young mechanic Percy Boon, whose foray into stolen cars descends into something much, much worse …

Lady Fancifull says: “it fairly whirls absorbingly along, with a terrific mix of memorable, believable ‘characters’ – all pretty well ordinary working class Londoners. There is crime, – a central crime, and we know who did it, – there are romances, some of which are doomed to fail, others of which are more hopeful – there is seediness, there is deception, class-consciousness, socialism and fascism on the streets, penury, near-penury, greed, spiritualism, fake and possibly not quite  – and oodles of affection for London itself, for ordinary people living ordinary lives, and displaying all the wonderful combination of nobility, generosity and mean-mindedness which we all do, all-mashed up together.

See the full review at Lady Fancifull


the blessingThe Blurb – With razor-sharp wit, Mitford blends a comedy of manners with culture shock as Grace Allingham, a naive English rose, marries Charles-Edouard de Valhubert, a French aristo who doesn’t believe in fidelity. Both are duped, meantime, by their son Sigismund — the Blessing of the title — a juvenile Machiavelli who mixes Gallic cunning with Saxon thoroughness to become one of Mitford’s most memorable characters.

Disha says: While Grace loses her patience with her skirt-chasing husband and separates from him, moving back to England – their son Sigi soon realises that he benefits more from having his parents apart and does everything in his power to keep it so. Full of wit and colourful characters, it is impossible not to be amazed by the clandestine goings-on of post-war European glitterati. In the end, in the war of elegance between the French and English, the English always win. But then of course, this is a book written in English by an English woman. But I’m sure she knew what she was talking about.

See the full review at Franklenstein


this godforsaken placeThe BlurbThe year is 1885 and Abigail Peacock is resisting what seems to be an inevitable future—a sensible career as a teacher and marriage to the earnestly attentive local storeowner. But then she buys a rifle, and everything changes.

This Godforsaken Place is the absorbing tale of one tenacious woman’s journey set against the dramatic backdrop of the Canadian Wilderness and American Wild West. Told by four narrators—including Annie Oakley and Gabriel Dumont—Abigail’s story brings the high stakes of the New World into startling focus.

TJ @ MyBookStrings says: Armed with a gun, a charming horse, and a vague sense of newfound freedom, Abigail sets out to travel to the United States to find Buffalo Bill Cody and become friends with Annie Oakley. She accomplishes both and gets hired to be a helper in Bill’s Wild West Show, moving to New York City and even to England with the show. However, things become complicated when Shea Wyatt is accused of murder, and Abigail has to decide exactly how far she is willing to go to get justice.”

See the full review at My Book Strings


NB All blurbs and covers are taken from Goodreads.

As usual I love the sound of all of these so…over to you! Choose just one or as many as you like – the book with most votes will be this week’s winner and added to my TBR…


Hope you pick a good one! 😉

76 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 60 – The People’s Choice…

    • Haha! That’s OK – some of my blog buddies (no names, no pack drill!) are routinely suspected of deliberate cheating to try to ensure their favourites win… 😉

  1. I clicked a thing and it looks like most other people did too! The problem is, they all look so good and I do rather enjoy your reviews of bad books. Pah. I hope Tuppence doesn’t get squished… Terry says she can come and stay with him if the situation gets desperate (don’t worry, his gentleman area has been decommissioned.)

    • I know – it’s racing into an early lead! Haha! That’s so mean – you can’t make me spend my life reading bad books – so unfair! 😉 Tuppence is thrilled at the invite… and Tommy is even more thrilled at the idea of getting rid of his temperamental sister for a while… she’s packing!

      • It is a little mean of me, I must admit. There should be a rule that bad books can only be 100 pages, or something. With really big print 🙂 Marvellous! Terry is most excited. He has promised to save all the best mice for her 😀

          • That would be brilliant! I’ll start writing them myself, under various amusing pen names.
            They are Terry’s favourite too, would you believe! They smell really funny, don’t they?

            • Well, just say they are bad!! I will fill them with alcoholic detectives who always end up falling for ununsuitable women who then turn out to be the killer. Also they have a psycic assistant who gets given all the clues in a dream so I don’t have to bother with clever set-ups.
              Somehow worse before! *chokes*

            • *laughs lots* I can pretty much guarantee rabid rips then! But don’t forget to make sure the detectives brutally assault a few innocent victims…

              Terry’s digestive system must work better than Tuppence’s… *gags*

            • Yes! And always gets away with it… actually, this sounds rather fun to write.
              it seems to be fish that sets him off. It is like a little nuclear wind, then.

            • Haha! Unfortunately I fear several authors already have… 😉

              They can generate an incredible amount of ‘energy’ for such small beasts, can’t they?

            • Pah!
              It really is quite astonishing. Terry had an eruption in the spare bedroom once and it reached me in the kitchen. I was actually a bit jealous.

  2. I read The Blessing, lo! – these many years ago, so I have voted for This God-forsaken Place – why waste a review by you on something I have already read?

  3. I had to choose two because they sounded so good. I’ve begun to think of my own TBR list as something I’ll never finish, but at least I’ll never run out of books from which to choose!

    • Two’s good! Lady Fancifull has been known to choose all five on occasion! 😉 I agree – I complain about my TBR, especially since there’s now over a year’s worth of reading on it, but I’d much rather have one than not…

    • It sounds great, I must say – but then they all do! Lady Fancifull, whose review drew it to my attention, really loved it too…

      Thanks for popping by and commenting! 😀

  4. Well I HAD to vote for my own because it’s such a good one and, also i’m pretty sure you will like it too – but, having thoroughly enjoyed my own Mitford re-read The Blessing got my vote as well. It looks like it has romped to an early lead but it’s also kind of working it’s sneaky way towards my own pile of TBR. Very clever, that. But, as we ALL know your TBR pile is mostly virtual, Tuppence is in no danger of being squished, so I do think you might as well add all 5 to the Kindle rather than forcing poor Tuppence forward as your feeble excuse against total surrender to the onslaughts of fabulous fictions.

    • It has (The Blessing), but London looks as if it’s catching up! I really only do these because I know half of them will end up on your TBR – spread the agony, that’s my motto!

      Tuppence would like to point out that she doesn’t fancy having a Kindle dropped on her head either, thank you very much! And may I remind you that one of our geeky Vine pals – was it Mike? – told us that adding books to the Kindle has actually been proved to make them heavier too…

  5. London Belongs to Me sounds excellent, right up my street. If it’s anything like the novels of Patrick Hamilton and Julian Maclaren-Ross then you’re in for a treat.

  6. I hope The Blessing wins, not because I reviewed it but because the book is lovely. I hope you don’t entirely see through the preceding statement.

    • Haha! Bias is the name of the of the game as far as these votes go! The Blessing has raced into an early lead, but London Belongs to Me is catching up! The suspense is killing me…

      Thanks for popping in and commenting! 😀

  7. London Belongs to Me gets my vote – I suspect that you could be adding al of these to your TBRs, unless you are very string willed.

    I stopped counting my TBRs when I started adding books to my Kindle – it was about 300 up to then! Will I ever read them all?

    • If I was strong willed I wouldn’t have got myself into this TBR pickle! 😉 300?!! Haha! Mind you, I have two supplementary lists as well as the main list – I daren’t count them all up. I’d faint!

      Yes, London does sounds good – but so do all the rest…

  8. I voted for…two! Yes, I did. Snow Blind looks awesome. The perfect place to have an adventure is with frigid temps and hot fires. Even if the city is unsayable. Also, This Godforsaken Place. What’s she going to do with a rifle? That’s so fun! I’d read to find out.

    For the first book…who would want a jug anyway? Dadblamery, I tell you.

    Mr. Puddy! David Puddy. “Yeah, that’s right.”

    • Woo! Since you said that Snow Blind has shot up into equal first place – see the power you have?! *laughs* I knew you’d vote for The Godforsaken Place as soon as I saw the word ‘rifle’ in the blurb! It sounds good though…

      *gasps* Don’t you dare be rude about Mrs Anne-of-Green-Gables, sir! Or I shall break the jug over the Professorial head! (I have a sneaking suspicion that one will end up on my TBR whichever wins – even if just for the fun of watching you trying to say something nice about the review… *wicked twinkle*)

      *laughs in a bewildered fashion* I beg your pardon?

      • Well, that and maybe I cheat just a little! *votes a few more times* Of course it does! *hands FEF a rifle*

        Is Anne the one that had red hair and tried to dye it? (Oh you do that, do you? *growls*)

        You mean you don’t know who David Puddy is?!

        • *gasps* Why, you…!! And you look so innocent too! *laughs* It’s winning now… I’d have made a great cowgirl, don’t you think? And I’d have loved one of those little suede skirts – and the boots!

          Yes, but hairdye has improved since then *checks mirror nervously* (*chuckles* Only sometimes…)

          No! Who is he?

          • Me? I’m never innocent! It’s just impossible, I’m thinking. *laughs* Did they even wear suede skirts or boots?

            So! You dye your hair and you told me you didn’t! *laughing lots* Sorry. (*evil eye*)

            He’s that chap from that comedy series. He’s also Krunk!

            • Well, innocent is boring anyway *wicked face*. They did in the Hollywood musicals!

              I’m far too young to wear a crown of splendour, Cheeky Chicky!

              What comedy series?! Krunk is a lovely word…

            • I’ve never seen a cowboy hollywood musical! But Gene Autry pops to mind, the sudden.

              *laughs* You remember that? Well…I think you’d probably look just fine no matter what you do.

              Umm…it was very popular in the 90’s…uhh… *laughs* Isn’t it? Just grand.

            • What? Not Annie Get Your Guns? I’ve never seen Gene Autry though, I think.

              Aww! *smiles bigly* Even if I dye it tartan?

              Ah, that explains it – I’m too young! Nearly as good as Gronk – perhaps they’re brothers.

            • Never seen it, I fear. Isn’t it awful? I’ve never seen Gene either. I just know he sings Rudolph, can you believe.

              No matter what you dye it! And this is something you should believe, I’m thinking.

              Definitely too young! Seinfeld, that’s it. Gronk! Now that you bring him up…the Pats are practicing! But they might penalize Tom Brady, can you believe. *very angry* I’ve been catching lots of flak for being a Pats fan.

            • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? *laughs* How…odd!

              Awww! See? You are sweet, whatever you say!

              I did watch quite a lot of Seinfeld, but I don’t remember him. I was never sure whether I really liked it – the woman annoyed me. I heard something about him being disqualified or something but never found out why. You should offer to stand in for him! People are just jealous because Pats fans are the best…

            • Yes, that’s it! Why odd?

              No! I was just…being honest.

              *laughing so much* Yes! You just summed up my whole Seinfeld experience. I agree completely with you. There. What a wonder.

              Yes, that’s it exactly! I was just debating with a chap about it. Jealous of the Pats they are.

            • I just can’t imagine cowboys singing Rudolph somehow! They should be singing stuff like ‘My Four-Legged Friend’… which *mumbles in embarrassment* is the song I sing to Tommy…

              *preens happily*

              We have such great taste!

              So why has he been suspended or disqualified or whatever it is?

            • *laughs* You know, I don’t even know that song! But I’m sure Tommy enjoys it greatly. You’ll have to sing it to me, some day.

              We do!

              Well, it’s said that during the AFC Championship game (Pats blew the colts out 45-7, I think) the Patriots deflated their balls. Just slightly. So, a more deflated ball would technically be easier to catch, to hold onto, and all that. Now, there’s no proof. And studies show that a few PSI doesn’t make a difference. Brady now was said to know about the whole thing. That’s what it’s about.

            • *laughs* Oh, I’m not that cruel!

              *gasps* I don’t believe my Tom would behave with such skulduggery! Anyway don’t both teams play with the same ball then? Did I hear Brady’s taking it to the supreme court or something?

            • Now, now, young lady! No ripping yourself!

              I suppose not. I’d thought they each played with the same ball, but apparently each team brings its own balls. Yes! I think he’s taking it as far as he can. Not sure if it’s the SC, though.

            • Just being truthful. My singing is… unique! But the cats like it. (Or else they just say that so I don’t stop feeding them… *thoughtful expression*)

              That sounds totally like a recipe for cheating! I’m sure in real football the officials provide the ball. But I still don’t believe Tom did it – why would he? He’s good enough without cheating.

            • *laughing* I’m sure they like it! Remember, unique things are goodly good.

              That’s the spirit! Since I live in Steel City, I meet haters everyday. Still, you’re right. Pats didn’t do it! I believe a poll just showed that the majority of players believe the Pats didn’t cheat.

            • *nods* Like Steve Tyler’s face… or Kenny’s hairdo!

              *laughs* I saw some of the hate spilling out on your blog yesterday – you should set the Gronk on them! It all sounds very odd – I wonder how the court case will go…

  9. Icelandic crime. Even though I’ve had my fill of all crime novels from “over there” generally and specifically! 🙂

  10. 151 is still okay. 156 is just nice. *laughs* But I think the crime novel would be a faster read than the others though.

    • Haha! That’s wicked! I refuse to add them all! Yes, I must admit I was afraid everyone would vote for the 700=page chunkster… 😉

      Thanks for popping in and commenting! 😀

    • Thanks for the tweet! Snowblind seems to be racing into the lead after a slow start… it’s so exciting! And Tuppence reckons it won’t hurt as much as London Belongs to Me when it lands on her…

  11. Oh dear, they always all look good!! I voted for the one I’ve already read, I fear – ‘A Tangled Web’ really is a good story, and although it isn’t my favorite of Montgomery’s, it has a tang to it that makes it excellent reading. You should sneak it onto the TBR even if it doesn’t win… it’s a quick read. 😉

    • I know – that’s the problem! I suspect ‘A Tangled Web’ is going to slide onto the TBR anyway – I haven’t read any of her stuff other than the Anne books. In fact, I wasn’t really aware she’d written anything else till the blogosphere alerted me…

      • Oh wow, yes I really love the Anne books a lot, but A Tangled Web, The Blue Castle, and Jane of Lantern Hill are also major faves. I wasn’t as fond of some of her other books – the Emily books, for instance, were a bit darker. However, I haven’t read them since my teens, so I am hoping to revisit them soon. It’s possible that I may get something different from them now that I am (somewhat) grown up….

        • Yes, that can be a problem when authors write for both children and adults – the children might be tempted to read the adult books too early. I’ll be interested to see if you change your opinion now…

  12. I figured I would be outvoted. While Snow Blind looks great, I chose This Godforsaken Place because of the rifle and the charming horse. But I the Icelandic mysteries are really intriguing.

    • Sadly I really want to read them all! But it looks as if Snowblind and The Blessing have edged ahead of the pack and are neck and neck as they race towards the finish line… 😉

  13. I’m so excited to see A Tangled Web made the list **jumping up and down like an eight year old**. Now I’m feeling uneasy though, it doesn’t look like winning, but what if you read it and hate it? The sense of responsibility is crushing!

    • Haha! The downside of reviewing! But I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy it, loving the Anne books as I do. I love her writing style and the way she creates such believable, likeable people. I suspect it’s going to slip onto the TBR even if it doesn’t win the vote…

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