To my dearest love(s) on Valentine’s Day…

…aka FictionFan’s Fictional Fickleness…


Well, with such a choice on offer, why on earth would a girl stick to just one? Here are some of the many, many men to whom I’ve given my heart over the years…

* * * * *

Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables, LM Montgomery


My earliest true love was the utterly perfect Gilbert Blythe, a “tall boy with curly brown hair, roguish hazel eyes and a mouth twisted into a teasing smile.” (*swoons*) How Anne withstood him for so long, I’ll never understand…

gilbert blythe

“I have a dream,” he said slowly. “I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true. I dream of a home with a hearth-fire in it, a cat and dog, the footsteps of friends – and you!”

* * * * *

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen


If anyone is surprised to find Darcy on my list, welcome to the blog, newcomer!


“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

OK, go ahead, Darcy, dearest! I’m all ears…

* * * * *

Bertie Wooster, The Inimitable Jeeves, PG Wodehouse


Bertie, I feel, would bring much jollity to a girl’s life, though it might be tricky to get him to the altar…


“Bertie, it is imperative that you marry.”
“But, dash it all…”
“Yes! You should be breeding children to…”
“No, really, I say, please!” I said, blushing richly. Aunt Agatha belongs to two or three of these women’s clubs, and she keeps forgetting she isn’t in the smoking-room.”

* * * * *

Charles Dickens, David Copperfield


I’ve never fallen in love with any of Dickens’ heroes – they’re all too nauseatingly good! Dickens himself, on the other hand, is strangely attractive, despite building a wall in the middle of his bedroom as a hint to his wife that the marriage was in trouble… and yet no-one could dispute the man was a romantic…

charles dickens

If I may so express it, I was steeped in Dora. I was not merely over head and ears in love with her, but I was saturated through and through. Enough love might have been wrung out of me, metaphorically speaking, to drown anybody in; and yet there would have remained enough within me, and all over me, to pervade my entire existence.

* * * * *

Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien


It’s a close tie between Aragorn and Faramir but if you think I’m going to pass up a chance to have Viggo Mortensen on the blog, you are mistaken.

Aragorn might marry Arwen Evenstar in the end, but everyone knows the true love story is Aragorn and Eowyn…

Viggo Mortensen in a scene from THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, 2001.

Very fair was her face, and her long hair was like a river of gold. Slender and tall she was in her white robe girt with silver; but strong she seemed and stern as steel, a daughter of kings. Thus Aragorn for the first time in the full light of day beheld Eowyn, Lady of Rohan, and thought her fair; fair and cold, like a morning of pale spring that is not yet come to womanhood. And she now was suddenly aware of him: tall heir of kings, wise with many winters, grey cloaked, hiding a power that yet she felt. For a moment still as stone she stood, then turning swiftly she was gone.

* * * * *

Mark Watney, The Martian, Andy Weir


Ah, Mark! Heroic, gorgeous, funny, heroic, intelligent, resourceful, heroic… and let’s face it, there wouldn’t be much competition…

the martian cover

If I could have anything, it would be a radio to ask NASA the safe path down the Ramp. Well, if I could have anything, it would be for the green-skinned yet beautiful Queen of Mars to rescue me so she can learn more about this Earth thing called “lovemaking”.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a woman. Just sayin’.

* * * * *

Dr Watson, The Sign of the Four, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Holmes might have the superior intellect but he’ll never be a match for Watson in the romance stakes…

dr watson

Miss Morstan and I stood together, and her hand was in mine. A wondrous subtle thing is love, for here were we two who had never seen each other before that day, between whom no word or even look of affection had ever passed, and yet now in an hour of trouble our hands instinctively sought for each other. I have marvelled at it since, but at the time it seemed the most natural thing that I should go out to her so, and, as she has often told me, there was in her also the instinct to turn to me for comfort and protection. So we stood hand in hand, like two children, and there was peace in our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us.

* * * * *

Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald


All these men may have lived for love, but Gatsby is so romantic he died for it. Ah, Gatsby, I will love you forever…pretend I’m Daisy!


But I didn’t call to him for he gave a sudden intimation that he was content to be alone – he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and far as I was from him I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward – and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away, that might have been the end of a dock. When I looked once more for Gatsby he had vanished, and I was alone again in the unquiet darkness.

* * * * *

So there you have it, a few of the men I truly love. Do tell who you would have included! And meantime…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

76 thoughts on “To my dearest love(s) on Valentine’s Day…

  1. I love this post, FictionFan! What a marvellous take on this holiday! I like your choices too. And actually, I’d’ve been absolutely shocked not to find Mr. Darcy on your list 🙂


  2. Mmm, may have to fight you for a few of these, FictionFan! But, as I get older, I find myself more and more attracted to those steady men who are sturdy, reliable, can cook and generally show a girl a good time, like Bruno chief of police, or Armand Gamache or Maigret.


  3. I’m with Marina – it’s Jay Gatsby. A self-made man, with a mysterious past, and slightly dodgy connections – perfect! (Plus in the movies he’s either Redford or DiCaprio…what’s not to like?) I am a Viggo fan, but not from Lord of the Rings – more as he was in The Indian Runner (there’s a video of the Bruce Springsteen song Highway Patrolman on YouTube, which is a wonderful “story” song, and features bits from that film, with a young Viggo in it. He’s perfect in it!) No way at all of shoe-horning Nadal into this feature, no??!


  4. Aragorn is my favorite. Well, and Darcy too, although I actually liked Colin Firth as Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones fame. And if I’m confessing here, my favorite policeman (other than Gamache, who is practically perfect) is DS Hathaway or rather I guess he is now DI Hathaway. Well and Robbie Lewis too. Sigh. I could keep going. (And I know that Hathaway is not in the books.) 🙂


    • Oh, now, yes! I’ve had a major soft spot for Lewis for years – and I agree, Hathaway is a fine addition to the series! But the detective I love most is Andy Dalziel – a strange choice, I admit, but there’s something rather endearing about his overbearing rudeness! And he’d be useful any time there was a queue at the bar…


  5. *laughs and laughs* You know, FEF, I should show Amelia this: she might have a few favs here as well.

    But you do have some great candidates.

    The third one, with the funny face, and the horrible flower: he’s an interest. That faces speaks of mischief, and that alone makes him okay.

    Dickens has no fashion sense!

    Of course both Mark and Aragorn are cool. You’ve kinda made me want to watch the battle of Helm’s Deep over again. (Gatsby=Yucketh!!!)

    Such an interest that you should say that about Aragorn’s tootsies, too. You know, I’ve always thought that he lead Eowyn on. Definitely a better choice, too, considering the other’s father.


    • Whaaaaaat!!! You can’t mention Amelia on Valentine’s Day!! And don’t bring that creature here, sir!!!

      Oddly, that quote from the funny-faced man sounded rather Professorial to me… Bertie is a lot of fun!

      But he’s wearing an Edelman!

      I love that bit of the film – in fact I love nearly every bit of all three films! Must re-watch! Have you seen The Hobbit(s)?

      *laughs so much* You see, to me, tootsies means feet! So I was seriously gardoobled for a moment there! Yes, Eowyn would have been a much better match, and I always felt a bit sorry for Faramir too, knowing that Eowyn would never feel the same way for him, however much she loved him… And Eowyn’s Dad in the film was lovely… and didn’t sing once!


      • (I hear she’s a Darby fan.)

        He is…but he should get a new name. Bertie is just saw…blaw.

        *laughs* He is not! He doesn’t look the least bit spicy. Imagine having a crush on him!!!

        You do?! I didn’t know you liked LOTR! I’ve seen the first Hobbit movie…I liked that pale orc guy a lot. And I’m not kidding. Have you seen any of them?

        *laughs too* It’s what a gangster from the 30’s might say. I’ve adopted it. Well, he wasn’t lovely when he was possessed!


        • (Well… I never denied the creature was a woman… but you know, I don’t really see her as serious competition *tosses hair contemptuously*)

          Oh, it’s kinda sweet – and it suits him! He just doesn’t look like a Gronk, now, does he?

          Ah, but it’s the words! A man could look like Godzilla and still win my girlish heart if only he was master of words…

          Love it – both book and films! I probably watch the films at least once a year. Haven’t seen The Hobbit yet – I wanted to wait till they were all out so I could do a marathon. The third one’s still not been released on Blu-ray over here yet.

          Ooh, now I can think of you as being Jimmy Cagney! Possessed?! I must have missed that bit…


          • (Hahaha…so bitter about it, you know, you know! Still, Darby wouldn’t dance with her, that’s true.)

            Certainly not! Maybe a Pecan.

            Well, I suppose Godzilla is a bit attractive. But you do know–I hope you do–that Godzilla was, in fact, a she.

            Me too! Epic. It’s just epic. That’s a great idea! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the pale orc. I really hope he doesn’t die.

            I also smash grapefruits into people’s faces at times. Wait…I think I’m wrong. See, I was assuming that Eowyn’s dad is Theo, and he’s not, is he?


            • Never! He would look down on her because she’s a toad! But I’d be more concerned that the Professor might dance with her while I was dancing with Darby… *narrows eyes*

              Yes, that’s so much less silly than Bertie…

              Haha! Really? See, I should have taken your advice re coolness to heart. Originally I was going to say King Kong (he is male, isn’t he? Or else the name is very misleading…) but then I thought Godzilla might be cooler…

              I can’t think wh the pale orc was in the book. I can’t really remember much about the stroy actually. But I hope they hurry up and release the film…

              Ah, only Cagney (and the Professor) could get away with such a thing! She was his niece, I think – and, oh yes, you mean when he was under Wormtongue’s control? Indeed! But he rose to become a great hero again and died nobly… *sniffles* That whole battle was so great in the film!


        • *mouth drops* You’d dance with Darby? I don’t think so, madam. I wouldn’t be waiting around the whole evening.

          I think so, Ms. Pecan.

          *laughs* He is male! And he kills dinosaurs. And he is WAY cooler than Godzilla! They fought once, you know. I think the film was made in 1909. It must’ve been. Was so terrible.

          He wasn’t in the book. But he’s got this hook like thingy on his hand. I think he hates…I forget the name of the main dwarf guy. But he hates him. I wonder if it’s on blu-ray here…

          *smiles proudly* It’s so funny you liked the battle, but I couldn’t be happier. I love that fight. And the elephants, and that diseased orc. But you must admit, Theo could have moved out of the way. He could have.


          • Ooooh, you’re jealous!!! *does a happy dance* Of course I’d dump Darby for the Professor! Especially if he’s wearing his sweet little kiss-curl!

            Hmm… are you calling me a nut, my dear praying-mantis?

            Who won?? I wonder if BUS was in the crowd scenes. But if Godzilla’s a girl then it was kinda mean of King Kong to fight her. He should have bought her chocolates…

            I used to know the name of all the dwarves, but it’s gone – Balin and Dwalin, I think, and Fili and Kili? Bet BUS knows. Did you know that when she was young she had posters of all the LOTR characters on her bedroom wall?

            Ooh, yes, the elephants were cool! But the bit I love best is when the riders of Rohan all line up before the battle and Theo does his ‘Arise!’ speech…and then they swoop down onto the battlefield… *sobs* Theo had to die though, so that Merry could be a hero – or was it Pippin?


            • I don’t have a kiss-curl neither! Okay, so I admit I’m a bit jealous…just because…

              I love that name! *laughs* I am, madam.

              *laughs* I think King Kong was the good guy. He won. Poor BUS! You…be respectful of your elders, madam! Believe me, Godzilla is the kind of girl you don’t feed.

              I did not! But…but…that must mean BUS was a girl in 2001, when the first movie was released. Or around that time. I mean, how could you have posters of the characters without the movie?

              That’s my favorite part, too!!! I’m always sure I’m riding in there somewhere! It was Merry, dadblameit!


            • Just because is a great reason! *preens like a peahen who’s borrowed a peacock’s tail* (Yes, you do!)

              Very brave, my dear tarantula! *loads peashooter*

              *laughs lots* Poor Godzilla! Have we finally stumbled across a girl the Professor doesn’t want to flirt with?!?

              *laughs more* You see, way, way back in the Middle Ages, when BUS was a girlie, they used to have these things they called drawing and painting. And poor souls – they used to have to use a thing that was known as ‘imagination’. Nowadays it would be called iMagination, and come pre-loaded with graphics…

              *chuckles* Don’t shout at me, sir!! I can’t help it if my memory circuits are overloaded – it’s all these dadblamed books you make me read!! Me too! I’m always Eowyn at that part – she’s one of the truly great heroines!


            • *laughs* A peahen! I figure it’s only fair… (Do not neither either! So…we’re shooting a video tomorrow. I’m a bit later than I had hoped. *guilty* Sorry! But wait till you see this horrid location.)

              Haha! Even better. A peahen with a peashooter! A wonder!!!

              I don’t flirt with girls…but it is fun to see them turn red when I have speaks with them. I swear it’s not my fault.

              BUS is an artist, then!!! I wish I could buy iMagination. I’ve always been a worthless drawler. And my granddad was a professional artist–go figure!

              Pippin’s the Scottish one…you should know that, double-dadblameit! Well, I’ve got another YA book for you. But you’ll never read it. *laughing* I admit, that was mean. She was heroic. And feisty.


            • I do too! (Woohoo! Not outdoors though, surely? They were showing the snow and ice in your part of the world on the TV yesterday – your fingers will freeze! Can’t wait!!! Make sure Nick gets that editing done quick!)

              *laughs lots* I might wear a peagreen dress too, my dear stag-beetle!

              I thought we had agreed you would stay away from girls altogether, sir… *gets ready to growl* It’s not fair on them, you know, you know – the combination of Professorial gorgeousness and beautiful pants is too much to resist!

              Haha! I fear I misled you, No, artists did all that and then BUS bought the resulting posters! Was he? Maybe that’s where you get your creative gene even if it came out in a different way.

              Well, see, that’s confusing – ‘cos is Hobbiton in Scotland, or is Scotland in Hobbiton? Huh? *takes a deep breath and prepares to resist* Oh? What book? *nods* Better than the men…


            • (We were outside! It was actually -17 in the morning. *shivers*)

              Now, a stag-beetle reminds me of the Mummy movie. Lots of cool scenes with beetles eating people–from the inside!

              I think they actually think I’m weird. This professor is always saying I’m old, in person, and it’s so fun to see everyone’s reaction! I just did that to an older lady a few weeks back. Her reaction was priceless.

              He was, actually, yes. Rats. I had such high hopes for BUS.

              That’s a good question. Merry’s American. Or English. I can’t really tell the difference all the time. Better than the men?! She disobeyed Theo and got him killed! Didn’t you always wonder why he just stands there in the middle of the field right before he’s run over? It’s ’cause he was looking for her! If I tell you the book, I’ll feel so bad…for days.


            • (*shivers sympathetically* Did it go well? How could you possibly play in those temperatures?)


              Wicked Professor! You should be kindly to older ladies – they don’t have much energy for flouncing!

              Nah, I’m afraid the entire FanClan is about as creative as FF.

              English, I believe. You can always tell Americans ‘cos they speak too fast. She did not!! She was the one who tried to save him, while all the men were just busy saving themselves! I suspect I probably will too…


            • Yay! The video’s up! Brilliant, C-W-W! The music’s great, and so’s the vid! So rugged! You can build your own fire!! *mega-impressed face* But oh! You must have been freezing – I can’t believe you could actually play guitar in those temperatures. Fabulous stuff – cheered me up no end! Thank you!

              *flounces slowly*

              Oh, it’s just what LF and I took to calling my family at one point – sorry! I sometimes forget you haven’t always been around…


            • Aw, thanks, FEF! Well… *laughs and looks embarrassed* A lot can be done in a video. I didn’t build the fire… *laughing lots and lots* I was freezing–eventually. Up in the woods we were blocked from the wind, so…

              FEF is definitely not saying she’s old, is she?

              I’ve always been around! I’m still trying to work out you and LF…


            • Aw, see, if I’d known you were going to blog it, I’d have saved my gush till today! Well, even if you cheated with the blowtorch (*wide-eyed in horror-stricken amazement*), the fire still looked great. Though I think you’ll have to master the art properly before we go yeti-hunting… once you’ve thawed, that is.

              I was feeling kind of aged earlier in the week, but I’m reverting back to my usual eternally youthful self now! *bounces youthfully*

              (Feels as if you have been. *smiles bigly*) Trying to work us out? Explain, sir!


            • *Laughs* I’ve been so off schedule as of late. It must be because I’m still frozen. (I don’t think my heart will ever thaw–if it’s there.)

              That’s good! Time to…run a marathon, or play tennis, or throw knives.

              Aw! Well, see, I can’t decide how well you know each other. I mean, I know you’re buds, but…how close and all that? It’s something of a mystery. I get the feeling you’re not only online buds…


            • *laughs* You did look a bit cold I admit – but your suffering gave your fans pleasure, so it was worth it!

              Can I throw the knives at Amelia? *wistful face*

              Actually we’ve never met. We just started chatting on a forum about four years or so ago, and discovered that we got along. But we’ve talked so much by e-mail that we maybe know more about each other than many ‘in-person’ friends do. Maybe not so much about the facts or personal history (what schools we went to etc etc) but about what we each think and feel and believe. She is an exceptionally kind and supportive and generous soul – I feel if she were cloned the world would gain considerably by having thousands of her. I consider her to be one of the people most dear to me in the world, and yet we wouldn’t recognise each other if we met. Odd, huh? But rather nice…


            • You’re right: that is way worth it! *breaks a finger off*

              Absolutely! Go for the throat. Quicker death, see.

              *smiles lots* Well, that’s really nice. It really is. But it is funny you’ve never met! *laughing* And I could have sworn…oh well. You know, I’m sure you two could probably make a good guess, though.


            • Noooooo! You can’t do that!! *glues it back on* OK, in future you don’t have to play in temperatures below -10. How’s that?

              Ooh, now that sounds too brutal, even for Amelia *spits*. I shall revert to throwing slimy foodstuffs at her, I think… *prepares porridge*

              Could have sworn… WHAT??? *thinks about rampaging just for a change* I reckon we’d recognise each other as soon as we spoke – we’re both a tad verbose, though I’m sure you’ve never noticed…


            • Well…actually that was probably the funnest shoot I’ve ever been on! The cold really wasn’t that bad. It’d have to be much colder to bother me, I’m thinking.

              That you both met! I haven’t noticed! But now that you mention it…


            • Really?! You’re weird, sometimes, you know, you know! But so rugged! My little nose would have turned scarlet and fallen off! But you could specialise in extreme locations – next vid filmed on the rim of an erupting volcano, or as you run in front of a tornado… *eager face*

              Now, be very careful, or we shall both start firing ten thousand words comments at you – no man can withstand it! It’s our secret Valkyrie weapon…


          • Oh, the cold isn’t that bad! We were having too much fun, I think. *laughing* A volcano? I would so do that…if it was save, that is. But a tornado? Never!

            But the professor isn’t a man. I’m a professor, see.


            • It’s poor Nick I feel sorry for though…having to balance right on the edge to get the actions shots, and he’d have to be between you and the tornado. Maybe you should get him roller skates…

              So very true! More like a superbeing in so many ways. Especially in your flirting abilities…


  6. That is awesome, FF. I can’t say that I ever thought of Mr. Dickens as a romantic, but upon reflection I see it. It’s a shame that Hercule Poirot didn’t make the cut. 😉 Happy Valentines Day, FF.


    • Thanks, Susan! Haha! Poirot made the shortlist, but I couldn’t find a single romantic quote associated with him, so I had to dump him! Andy Dalziel (from Dalziel and Pascoe) hit the same problem…

      You too, Susan! 😀


  7. Brilliant post, FF. And I totally understand how you could not pass up the opportunity to include Viggo Mortensen on the blog – though personally, I would’ve gone for Alan Ladd’s Gatsby over Redford’s


    • Thanks, Angela! I have to find an excuse for a Darcy pic every few weeks or I go into a decline! 😉 To be honest, the reason I love that version of Gatsby is not really for Redford – it’s Mia Farrow as Daisy that I love. It’s her I see when I read the book now. Haven’t seen the Alan Ladd version – must watch out for it…

      Liked by 1 person

    • To be honest, he’s the one I’d probably actually want to spend time with, or maybe Gilbert. These romantic heroes are all very well, but all that simmering passion could get very tiring after a while… 😉


  8. Oh, what a post! Heathcliff!! Where is that tortured romantic? Hmmmm?

    When I was 17, I thought Howard Roark of “The Fountainhead” was pretty hot. Ah, youth!

    Rafa’s going to be crushed to hear he’s not on your list, despite knowing you’ve selected only literary heart throbs. Not a single gratuitous photo of his chiseled jaw. Crushed, I say!


    • Oh, dear! I was expecting to be taken to task by the Fancifull one over Heathcliff but… et tu, Jilanne? I may have to do a ‘bad boys’ post one of these days… hmm!

      I don’t know that book at all, but played by Gary Cooper in the film, eh? He would indeed have enhanced the blog!

      😆 Well, it’s his own fault for not having written any books. Perhaps I should write some for Mills and Boon with him as the star *goes off into a little daydream*

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Well Jillanne you read my mind…….I too was running around all over the moors (well, okay, the urban park) looking under every bush for Heathcliffe, wondering why he wasn’t on her list. It definitely shows my lack of sense and my propensity to swoon for the wrong type entirely, but, Heathcliffe.

    I’m absolutely convinced, had i been alive at the time and moving in those circles, I would have been very very silly indeed over George Gordon, Lord Byron. Whereas Keats was really the only one of them worth losing a head over.

    But i must say, FF, having known you in the virtual world for SUCH a long time you could have knocked me down with a dark chocolate champagne truffle to spot Colin Firth as Darcy on this post. Not like you at all. I had absolutely no idea that one was going to be one of your loves. It all goes to show how people can endlessly surprise you, even when you think you know them quite well


    • Ha! I knew you’d be searching for him, and I’m surprised you haven’t growled at me for omitting Mr Rochester too. On reflection I find it rather sad that there really aren’t any bad boys in my list – it would be tragic to discover that I actually prefer good boys after all!! But, as I said to Jilanne, perhaps a bad boys post will appear one day… just for you two!

      HahahaHA! Yes, I bet that was a huge surprise! My secret love’s no secret any more! I’ve actually run out of new images of Darcy and am having to recycle them now…


    • I’m afraid I’ve never read Kidnapped, to my shame – it’s one of these ones that sits on the TBR list on a permanent basis. The Scarlet Pimpernel didn’t have that effect on me, I fear. But you’re so right about Ewan Cameron – how could I have forgotten him?!? Gorgeous, honourable and so, sooo romantic! Somehow I’ll have to find a way to rectify this glaring omission…


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