50 thoughts on “Transwarp Tuesday! The Cosmic Expense Account by CM Kornbluth

  1. Wow! It got a high rating from you, FEF! And this is a great review, for sure. I mean, I’m somewhat interested. I was caught at the spider part. I don’t think I would have jumped back, though. Does that make me a zombie?

    And isn’t Mr. CM a wonder and a few? I think he’s smoking a sweet cigarette.

    Poor King. At least, we’ll get another picture.


    • I believe, Professor, in those days they were all “…. smoking a sweet cigarette.” as you put it. That’s one of the reasons their writings were so ingenious.


    • Well, you know I like things that make me chuckle! Yes, I fear you would have been zombified, but they were quite nice really, as zombies go.

      I think he’s lovely – he looks like he’d have been great fun! And the cigarette adds a Bogart-like coolness…

      Haha! Wouldn’t you prefer a picture of Darby?


        • Oooh, so the Professor is a dark, humorous thing then, is he? Coolio! (Makes me think of Mr Rickman for some reason.)

          Don’t all Americans have guns? And apple pies, of course – though I’ve always thought they’d be a bit messy as weapons go…

          *laughing* I love when you get jealous! Just for that I’m going to find some reason to post some Darby pics very soon…


          • I meant that you like dark, humorous things. But I might too, actually. And of course I’m dark, wicked, nasty, and mean. Sorta like a ninja in black. (Which is cool.)

            I bet you’re right, and it’s a good thing–though I bet you don’t think so! *laughs* Apple Pies…is that really American? How interesting.

            Oh you won’t, or I’ll tell BUS!


            • Very cool – I think we should get Alan Rickman to play you in the film of your life. *swoons – twice*

              You’re right – I don’t! How well you know me! But I’m all for Apple Pie Flinging contests…

              Huh! I’ll bribe her by posting some pics of Harrison Ford…


            • I want to play the part! Please!!!

              Hmm! We will have speaks about this, madam. Over tea. When we talk about HP. Do you like Apple Pie?

              Ohhhhh…I forgot she liked him. Tell her Vin Diesel is better.


            • Oh, alright then! But then I might swoon completely away… *sighs wistfully*

              Water-pistols are fun though! I love Apple Pie – we should have that and coffee while we discuss HP – but promise you won’t shoot him! (Still most intrigued re HP, you know…)

              D’you know, I think BUS once told me she likes Vin Diesel films! I’ve asked her to confirm…


            • Oh you would not! Banish the though. I’m an orc, remember.

              They are. I haven’t played with one in years and years and years. I’m old, you know. Okay, it’s a deal. I won’t shoot him, but I might cut him up with my katana. Which I bet you do approve of, interestingly enough. (That’s good! It will be a great discussion. Aren’t you excited?)

              No! That’s awesome. I hope she does. Tell me her favorite!


            • But an orc with a pretty nose…

              Nor have I, even though I’m very, very young. I’m not telling you all of the things I disapprove of – the list is way, way too long! (I am! Very! It keeps me awake at nights not knowing why you disapprove of HP, you know…)

              She hasn’t answered me yet – ashamed, I expect…


            • Huttlebum! That doesn’t exist.

              *laughing* That’s hilarious. I bet you don’t even have squirt guns over there. Oh yes, you will! But I’ll be lenient. And sweet. (Should I believe that?)

              Ashamed of what? He’s just a bald muscle.


            • We don’t need them – we have bagpipes. One quick skirl of the massed pipe bands and enemies flee. And if that doesn’t work we recite Burns’ poetry at them… (Yes, you should!)

              Somehow that description makes me shudder. *shudders* See? Well, apparently she does like some of his films – she got a bit detailed so I stopped paying attention after a bit, but she mentioned Riddick? And Triple X? Weird, huh?


            • I love Bag Pipes! It’s a good thing Burns is no longer with us, I think. (Oh, how dreadful. Staying up at night is horrid.)

              I love Riddick! “What you kill you keep.” Probably got that wrong somehow. I’d like to be Riddick, actually.


            • So do I! You’re glad our National Poet died?? *shocked and aghast face* (Yes – and it tends to make us gnomes very CRANKY!!!)

              Hmm…never seen him. Probably never will. You and BUS can have a special cinema night while we’re at the castle – I’ll bring a book and some chocolate…


            • Yes, I am! (Don’t you think the conversation would be better face to face? Or do you really want me to tell you?)

              Oh no. We’ll have that night, and we’ll make you watch! I’m surprised, really. I know you love Sci-Fi.


            • Well, I’m gardoobled! I think as punishment I may quote Burns all over your blog, you wee sleekit cow’rin tim’rous beastie, you! (I don’t know, do I? ‘Cos I don’t know why it is, so how can I judge? Heh?)

              Sci-Fi? I thought he was like Bruce Willis, only without the looks, humour or charm?


            • *laughs* Sleekit…that’s me! That’s me!!! (That’s the beauty of it. We’ll do it over some tea and mars bars.)

              Bruce is ugly! And it is Sci-Fi. Strange Sci-Fi.


            • Just looked it up…and it says something about glossy skin! What a wonder. ( *laughing lots and lots* I’m not sure if Locomotor or Wibbly is better. I love them both to death!)

              Watch it with BUS.


            • Like a beautiful well-groomed rat! (*cackles wickedly* Did you really like them? it’s the Jelly-Legs curse…from HP. (Which you would love!))

              Nah, I’d rather watch it with both of you…


            • Rat?! Now be semi-nice at least, FEF. (*hangs head* I thought it was Burns. You got me! I just can’t read it!)

              Oh! That would be the best version, I’d say. We’ll do it.


            • h, but it would be a beautiful sleekit samurai rat in your case! (I’ve decided to brainwash youinot reading it one day…)

              *orders in the popcorn*


            • Yeah, I think most things are BUS’s fault when you really look into them. (‘Twill! Did you know that HP once fought a dragon?)

              *laughing* Er…OK. If you’re sure…


            • He did! Well, because I read them long before I started reviewing. But I was thinking maybe I should re-read and review it, and see if I can’t tempt you… *winks wickedly*

              *laughing* Perhaps we should ask Ruber to do the catering…


            • Well…not all at the same time! There’s only 7 – the last one was split into two when they made the films. Theer – bet you feel better about it now!

              Haha! Beef from an egg that you eat at the movies? I knew Americans were weird but…


            • Seven! And like the fourth is the size of a mammoth! I might agree, but there’d have to be a deal. And you’d never agree to it.

              Well, it does work out, I promise. I think I’m the only one that does it. And I’ve never tried at the movies.


            • But they’re so much fun you hardly feel like you’re reading at all! Oh! That’s the first sign that you might relent – which means the deal must be terrifying… Go on, what is it?

              I’m 100% baffled now! Do you get chocolate covered ones?


            • It is terrifying! It’s…I just can’t tell you! *laughing nervously* You won’t do it!

              No! You see, by “egg” I mean a type of grill. So it’s just cold beef is all. *laughs*


            • You must! Fear not – I’ve cast an HP bravery spell on myself and am ready for the worst you can throw at me! I…might!

              *chuckles* I see! I think I’ll stick to popcorn, though…


            • *staggers* Oh! *FF tries to work out whether this is because the Professor really wants her to read the Bible, or just really doesn’t want to read HP* Would that be Old or New Testament?

              *chuckling* Force-feeding? Movie night will be such fun!


            • Haha! *triumphant laugh* Got ya! Well, I think it’s a mixture of both. Both the Old and New Testament! Look at you trying to get out of it. I mean, I’ve got to read 400 million words! (That 4th book is so dadblame thick…)

              *laughs* I wouldn’t do that! I’d let BUS do it.


            • Hmm…OK, you’re off the hook! I’ll stop trying to get you to read HP. But I suspect my reasons for not doing the deal are a bit different to what you think they are.


            • No, I don’t think so, C-W-W – not on the blog. If you really want to discuss religion, you have my e-mail address. Or if you were just being flippant in an attempt to stop me going on about HP, then you’ve succeeded – congratulations!


  2. I’m getting to the point where I actually look forward to your Transwarp Tuesdays! “… chairlady of the Library Fund Drive.” How precisely on-point. Science Fiction written during the 1950s is really the only Science Fiction there is – in my mind’s eye at any rate. You shook me awake with Kornbluth. Now I must get my hunting boots on …….


    • Yes, he had lots of really funny observational humour in this. I agree – the 50s and early 60s were the golden age for sci-fi, though I’m hoping I might find some modern authors with the same originality.


  3. FictionFan – Oh, I love that exchange! How funny! And the story does sound satisfying. When the words quirky and satirical are both used to describe the same story, I’m interested…


  4. II don’t think I’ve ever read any Kornbluth, although the name is familiar – hm. Maybe I’ll have to read these anthologies – your review made this one sound like a goodie.


    • I suspect there’s maybe not a lot of his stuff because he died so young, poor man. But if this one is anything to go by, his other stuff would be worth seeking out. The rest of this particular anthology isn’t going quite as well as I’d hoped at the moment, but only about halfway through so it might pick up again…


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