What becomes of the broken-hearted…?





Rafa Wins...
Rafa Wins…



Andy Loses...
Andy Loses…




Andy Wins...
Andy Wins…



Rafa Loses
Rafa Loses






* * * * * * *




rafa andy

44 thoughts on “What becomes of the broken-hearted…?

  1. Oh POOR Fiction Fan and……….BIG CONGRATULATIONS Fiction Fan

    I think its probably just as well I’ve been on an out of town meeting all day, and missed the whole thing. It would have been far to nail baiting and confused loyalties

    The score (as I’ve just seen) looks remarkably one sided. What happened, did Rafa get touched by the tennis gods, or did Andy fall apart. I hope it was the former, and that Rafa had an unbeatable day, otherwise its too painful to contemplate, and i hope Andy gets himself THE RIGHT COACH PDQ

    • It was painfully one -sided – and for both reasons. Andy wasn’t at his best though he gave it everything he had, so not really falling apart exactly. But Rafa was on top form and, boy, when he’s like that it’s just impossible to imagine anyone beating him. A joy to watch, so long as you’re not at the other end of the court…

      Oh well, there’s always Wimbledon – and meantime a Rafa/Nole final…

  2. Talk about your torn loyalties, FictionFan! Hmm… I noticed a few – er – appropriate ‘photos here, too 😉 – Oh, and thanks for adding in that lovely song. I like Motown.

  3. Since there are no good Aussie tennis players anymore. i was cheering for my Blighty mate Andy. So sad face here as well. At least i hear Nadal is a nice guy.

  4. It was a tough French Open for Andy and at times he did seem to struggle. His match against Monfils should have been wrapped up in three sets but Andy appears to be struggling to initiate a killer instinct. Here is hoping all goes better at Wimbledon and with grass being his preferred surface to play on. He is also taking a long time to decide on getting a new coach.

    • I’ve just heard he’s appointed Amelie Mauresmo! Good heavens! I knew it had been rumoured, but no-one seemed to be taking it terribly seriously. It’ll be fascinating to see how that works out…

      I think in general he’s just decided he can’t play on clay and so he expects to lose. It’s like some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. The Monfils match was…ridiculous. Hope he’s back on top form for Wimbledon though.

      • Oh, that’s an interesting choice. I wonder if he was influenced by Martina Navratilova’s advice to try a female coach. I hope it all works for him and well done Andy for being gender blind in your choice for a coach. It would be great if he does well at Queens this week.

        • Well, she did well when she coached Bartoli last year, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. It worries me a bit though that she was noted for losing confidence in herself at the crucial moments – hope she doesn’t do that as a coach!

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