TBR Thursday 27…

Episode 27


Oh, dear! Teetering on the edge with a horrifying 99 on the TBR, so I absolutely refuse to be tempted by anyone for at least the next month. (No, I don’t believe me either.) Here’s a few that are already on the list…

* * * * *



the killThe next instalment of one of my favourite series, the Maeve Kerrigan novels…courtesy of Amazon Vine UK.

The Blurb saysWhen a police officer is found shot dead in his car, DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent take on the investigation. But nothing about the case prepares them for what happens next: a second policeman dies . . . and then another . . .

The Metropolitan Police struggle to carry out their usual duties, but no one knows where or how this cop killer will strike again. While London disintegrates into lawlessness Maeve’s world starts to fall apart too. For if the police can’t keep themselves safe, how can they protect anyone else?

* * * * *



ten citiesThe Empire seems to be fascinating me at the moment – maybe it’s because of the Scottish Independence debate – so thanks to NetGalley for this one…

The Blurb says “Ten Cities that Made an Empire presents a new approach to Britain’s imperial past through the cities that epitomised it. The final embers of the British Empire are dying, but its legacy remains in the lives and structures of the cities which it shaped. Here Tristram Hunt examines the stories and defining ideas of ten of the most important: Boston, Bridgetown, Dublin, Cape Town, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Bombay, Melbourne, New Delhi, and twentieth-century Liverpool.Rejecting binary views of the British Empire as ‘very good’ or ‘very bad’, Hunt uses an exceptional array of primary accounts and personal reflection to chart the processes of exchange and adaptation that collectively shaped the colonial experience – and, in turn, transformed the culture, economy and identity of the British Isles.

* * * * *



Summer HouseOh dear! I really intended to read Koch’s big hit, The Dinner, before this one, but the best laid plans…thanks again to NetGalley for this one.

The Blurb saysIt all started the previous summer. Marc, his wife, and their two beautiful teenage daughters agreed to spend a week at the Meier’s extravagant summer home on the Mediterranean. Joined by Ralph and his striking wife Judith, her mother, and film director Stanley Forbes and his much younger girlfriend, the large group settles in for days of sunshine, wine tasting, and trips to the beach. But when a violent incident disrupts the idyll, darker motivations are revealed, and suddenly no one can be trusted. As the ultimate holiday soon turns into a nightmare, the circumstances surrounding Ralph’s later death begin to reveal the disturbing reality behind that summer’s tragedy.

Featuring the razor-sharp humor and acute psychological insight that made The Dinner an international phenomenon, Summer House with Swimming Pool is a controversial, thought-provoking novel that showcases Herman Koch at his finest.

* * * * *



the very best of fantasy and science fictionCourtesy of NetGalley again – the Very Best, huh? Sounds just the thing for Transwarp Tuesday!

The Blurb saysThe magazine Fantasy & Science Fiction continues to showcase some of the most famous authors writing in any genre. Now drawing upon F&SF’s impressive history of classic and contemporary tales, this extraordinary companion anthology revisits and expands upon sixty-five years’ worth of top-notch fiction. These broad-ranging, award-winning tales appeal to readers of genre fiction and beyond, exploring alternate history, time travel, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, modern myth, horror, interstellar travel, epic fantasy, mystery, space opera, and much more.

* * * * *

NB All blurbs taken from Goodreads or NetGalley.

* * * * *

And here’s one I resisted…


clooney book

*FF sobs bitterly*

* * * * *

So…what do you think? Do any of these tempt you?


53 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 27…

  1. OK, who are you and what have you done with FF?! FF would never have resisted that George Clooney book. 😉
    Well, whoever you are, I want to read that next Herman Koch, too. There’s a snippet of it that follows my edition of The Dinner – as a tempting afters, I suppose ;-). At any rate, it looks interesting. And the new Maeve Kerrigan? Sign me up! And no I won’t tell you what that does to my TBR. So there. 😉

    • Haha! I can’t forgive him for getting engaged to someone else!! Must find a new heartthrob… 😉

      It’s a good haul this week – a new Jane Casey is always one of the year’s highlights for me. And both the Koch books sounds intriguing – and seem to be dividing opinion which is always fun too. But I’ve just got so far behind at the moment! I think I’ll need to start listening to audiobook versions while I’m asleep…

  2. I’m negotiating to get to review the Jane Casey one at the moment (never read anything by her before, but have heard a lot of good things). And our virtual Crime Book Club just discussed Koch’s The Dinner last night. Apparently, completely unlikable characters, but very well written.

    • Oh, I hope you get it – I think they’re great and getting progressively better as the series goes on. But you really have to read all the other ones first. Don’t worry, there’s only four of them…plus a novella… 😉

      Ah, I’d forgotten that was this month’s pick for the club – I’d really meant to read it before then. I may have to hold off on watching the club meeting till I get the book read. I really need an extra pair of eyes…

    • Good choices…I think! Could you please read and review them for me? I’m never going to get up-to-date ever, ever, ever again…

      Thank you! *sobs again* Since Clooney’s betrayal means I need a new heart-throb for the blog, you could send me some pics of the Professor!! Don’t forget to include a lake scene one…and, just for FF, could you please remove your baseball cap? Thanks!! *smiles with excited anticipation*

        • Yes, it would be good for him. Anyway you don’t have to read my whole TBR – maybe just half…

          Perhaps you’re even more gorgeous than I imagine… or perhaps I don’t imagine you to be gorgeous at all. Which do you prefer? *winks cheekily*

            • OK, then – how about…THE MARTIAN!!!

              I don’t believe you’re like an orc – an elf perhaps – Legolas… *swoons a little* Or maybe Boromir… *swoons a little bit more* Though what with the facial hair and wobbly knees, perhaps more like Gandalf… *doesn’t swoon, but looks terribly impressed and respectful*

            • I know! Now, is it like the White Ape?

              *laughing lots* If I had to pick, I’d prefer Boromir, though he’s a little stupid. Maybe Sauron is the better choice.

            • Better! Much, much better!! And the only way you’ll be able to argue about that is if you read it… *wicked face*

              No, no, you have to be one of the good guys! How about Pippin? He would fit in rather well to the Professor’s cute’n’adorableness…

            • Eventually you’ll give up and read it just to shut me up…

              Ooh, how lovely – Pippin’s awfully sweet! But…without the curls, eh? You promised me you didn’t have a Kenny G hairdo…

            • It’s Plan A. But if it doesn’t work soon, I’ll have to move onto Plan B… *scary face*

              Agreed! The curls look very sweet on Pippin, but I feel it’s really a Middle-Earth thing. Hmm…maybe Kenny G is an orc…

            • I put it on my list. There. I said it.

              *laughing* Oh, that’s funny! Yes, he’s not ugly enough to be an orc. I work so hard to be one, and I don’t get the badge. No fair!

            • Hurrah!! *smiles like a great big smiley* Now for step 2 – from the list to the bookshelf…

              But if orcs were like the Professor, then they’d be on our side…which would have made the book much shorter. (Hmm…is this your nefarious plan, I wonder?)

            • Well, I was really thinking of Johnny Weissmuller, but yes, your man is cooler…

              Oh, I’m sorry! But if you’re disliking it, you really should give up on it – what’s the point of struggling through it?

            • FEF said cool! (I can’t really take the old ones. I’ve never seen the new one either.)

              Well…it’s not all that bad. And Nick says it’s harder in the beginning then gets really good. So…I’m waiting to get impressed.

            • The Professor has added it to my vocabulary! (I don’t think I’ve watched either of them, but I did see Greystoke many moons ago – I remember absolutely nothing about it at all. Not a good sign really, is it?)

              *laughing lots* Oh dear, dear C-W-W – if you’ve been reading it for six months and are still only at the beginning, it’s really not the book for you! Abandon it! Take the katana to it! Burn it!!

            • *smiles proudly* (It’s not a bad sign! I just means it didn’t make an impression.)

              *laughing and laughing* I’ve been reading it that wrong? Well…that’s quite normal for me, actually. The size is intimidating.

            • You could read it the way it was originally published – in monthly installments. Apparently it was issued over 20 months – roughly 4 chapters per month. That might make it less intimidating. Or else you could just throw it on the fire and read The Martian instead!

  3. As you know we read and reviewed The Dinner last night and Koch’s writing is superb. And we’re actually reading Jane Casey’s YA novel for June’s meeting! Enjoy your choices 🙂

    • Yes, I’m avoiding the book-club vid till I read the book – whenever that might be – but good to know you all thought highly of it even if you weren’t so keen on the characters. At least I’ve already read your next month’s pick – I think you’ll enjoy it. I liked the second in that series even more – Jess Tennant develops well.

  4. The Clooney one sounds like fantasy. “Ten Cities” sounds very interesting, depending on the dryness factor. I’m not sure any of the others strike my fancy. I’m trying to develop my willpower.

    • The question is – did he write that book in the couple of weeks since the engagement became public? Or did he write it twenty years ago and has been patiently waiting ever since?

      Don’t know what ‘Ten Cities’ will be like but I think Tristram Hunt is supposed to write quite well. We shall see… Good luck with that willpower thing – let me know how that works out! 😉

  5. F & SF sounds like one for me. I still have the first Jane Casey on my TBR list – I’m falling further and further behind.

    • Well, the good news is the F & SF book doesn’t come out till July so you’ve got time to catch up! 😉

      I’m so far behind it’s getting ridiculous – I need to get on top of the ones I’ve taken for review even if the rest fall further behind. It’s partly because of the Jenkins biography – it’s good but soooo long. Maybe a bit less detail would have been better…

  6. I have the Jane Casey on my library list but I’m hoping it doesn’t turn up too soon because I already have five really good crime novels sitting on my shelf waiting for me to find the time for them.

    • Yes, it’s really becoming impossible to fit them all in – I blame NetGalley! I really intended to read the Casey last weekend but I just can’t seem to catch up with myself at the moment…

    • Hope you got it! I got the new Rennie Airth which I had on pre-order – so money saved and it was already on the TBR! Woohoo! Between it and The Kill this has been my best Vine booky month for absolutely ages.

      I know! I need to read both the Koch books – especially after your review of Summer House…

  7. I was pretty impressed with The Dinner but found it unreviewable (I thought I’d give away what I liked about it if I even started to talk about it), and I couldn’t stand Summer House with Swimming Pool. There’s unlikeable, and then there’s UNLIKEABLE. I think I posted a rant on Librarything about it but politely kept it off my blog. Hope you enjoy The Dinner!

    • Now that’s even more intriguing! Both these books seem to be dividing opinion, but they’re definitely provoking strong reactions. I think I’m going to end up reading Summer House first just because I’ve got a review copy, but if I hate it, I’ll bear your comments in mind and give The Dinner a chance…

    • Oh dear! Well, I’m going to have to race through a few over this weekend to get reviews out on time, so if it’s really, really tempting I might be able to find a small space for it! I hope it’s a short one though?! 😉

      I’ll look out for your review…

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