TBR Thursday 26…

Episode 26


OK, with the TBR sitting at 98 and in severe danger of hitting the dreaded 100, drastic action must be taken! So this week I’m avoiding all the brick-size stuff in favour of some shortish, quick reads. Hopefully these will also provide some light-hearted fun after all the heavy stuff of the last few weeks…

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Courtesy of NetGalley


traitor's stormI enjoyed the earlier book in the series, Crimson Rose, so I have high hopes of this one…

The Blurb saysMay, 1588. With Elizabeth I’s court rocked by stories of an imminent invasion and one of his key undercover agents missing, Sir Francis Walsingham despatches Kit Marlowe to the Isle of Wight off the south coast: the first line of defence against the approaching Spanish Armada. Lodging at Carisbrooke Castle with the Isle of Wight’s Governor, Sir George Carey, Marlowe finds the Islanders a strange and suspicious lot, with their own peculiar customs and dialect. But is there reason to doubt their loyalty to the Crown? And is the Island really haunted, as some believe? Of one thing Marlowe is certain: it’s no ghost behind the series of violent and inexplicable deaths which plague the region. But will he have time to uncover the truth and expose the killer before the might of the Armada descends?



the grand cru heistRecommended by Margot at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist (see her post here), a little vicarious holiday in the Loire Valley seems just the ticket…

The Blurb saysIn another Epicurean journey in France, renowned wine critic Benjamin Cooker’s world gets turned upside down one night in Paris. He retreats to the region around Tours to recover. There a flamboyant British dandy, a spectacular blue-eyed blond, a zealous concierge and touchy local police disturb his well-deserved rest. From the Loire Valley to Bordeaux, in between a glass of Vouvray and a bottle of Saint-Émilion, the Winemaker Detective and his assistant Virgile turn PI to solve two murders and very particular heist. Who stole those bottles of grand cru classé?


From the Kindle (i.e. the 80 or so books that sit there pretending not to be part of the TBR)…


death at wentwater courtSarah at The Aroma of Books has been working her way through the Daisy Dalrymple series, and her review reminded me that this one has been sitting on my Kindle for too long…

The Blurb saysHonorable Daisy Dalrymple takes an unusual step to assert her independence in 1922 – a job. Writing about the Wentwater family, her Christmas visit is disrupted by unwelcome guest and “utter cad” Lord Stephen Astwick. When his body is found frozen under the estate lake, attractive Scotland Yard DCI Alec Fletcher enlists Daisy, whose photos suggest murder.


Ooh! So tempted…but I will resist…


Just to prove that I’m not as weak as you think, look at one I didn’t acquire this week, despite almost overwhelming temptation. I’m so hoping one of you gets this and then provides photos of the completed projects…

knit your own moustacheThe Blurb saysIf you have ever wanted to transform yourself into a different character, this is the book for you. Become a Victorian gent, a pirate or even a rabbit by simply donning one of our fantastic knitted disguises!

The hilarious projects – beards, moustaches, wigs, glasses and even a knitted bald head – will allow you to change your appearance in a flash. There are different hair styles as well as accessories like a bandit mask, a monocle and pipe and even a paper bag for complete anonymity.

So choose your favourite pattern and get knitting, whether you want to adopt a secret identity, win a fancy dress competition, fool your friends or simply make them smile. And don’t forget, nothing will keep your face warmer than a cosy knitted beard!


NB All blurbs taken from Goodreads or NetGalley.

So…what do you think? Do any of these tempt you?


58 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 26…

  1. FictionFan – Thank you so much for the kind mention. Chuffed to know that a book I mentioned actually made it onto your TBR. I hope you’ll like it. I think these authors do a very effective job of conveying setting and lifestyle, and keeping the tone reasonably light without making the story ‘frothy.’ There’s enough to the books, I think, to keep the reader involved. But -erm – I don’t think a moustache disguise would work on me…. 😉

    • My pleasure, Margot! I’m about half-way through it and enjoying it very much, and also enjoyed Witness the Night, though in a different way obviously – review soon. So it’s been a bit of a ‘Margot recommends’ week around here! 🙂

      Personally I think I’d suit a woolly beard…

  2. I’ve read something by each of these authors, though not the books you highlight, so I can assure you that any of them will be a fun and quick read. I love your mention of the books sitting on your Kindle, pretending they are not in your TBR pile… Ahem, I think I may know someone in a similar position….

    • I’ve only read MJ Trow before and enjoyed the Kit Marlowe character a lot – but I’m about half way through Grand Cru Heist now and having great fun…a nice light read was just what was needed.

      Haha! I think we seriously need to set up some kind of support group…

  3. I KNEW the Professor would fall for the last one. Professor, you just need to get a a knitting book for beginners and then the world will be your knitted oyster.

    PS FF, why are you so afraid of the third number – you KNOW you want to.

    I’m avoiding all your selections this week, even knitted moustaches, with my own large TBR AND several house-bricks amongst them, I don’t have TIME to knit

    • I think the Professor would look totes amazeballs in a woolly beard and moustache…

      No way!!! I’m on a run of nice wee short books at the moment – there will be a HUGE reduction in the TBR next week…you just wait and see…

      It’s so, so, so tempting though…maybe knitting and audiobooks?

        • I suspect that if there was a contest for Uncoolest Blogger you and I would come equal top! Which, let’s face it, would be totes amazeballs AND awesome!

          • Though of course you DO know that according to MY definition of real cooldom we are tied for the gold medal. I MAY just have inched fractionally ahead with my paean to that FINCH of gold.

            That’s an dudesome provocoballs comment like innit like, like. (You don’t suppose – shudders a little – that its the influence of all the facetwitting and everywhere ‘likes’ that have led to the influx of like as verbal diarrhoea ubiquitousness like do you? I realise like more and more like its purely a comma in speech like and dread the day when it replaces the comma in writing, – for a flavour of which like you have my post like suitably amended like commas replaced by likes!

            Isn’t that utterly horrible.

            • I’m sorry, but liking a Pulizer-winner is the very definition of Uncool – whereas I liked the Booker winner so that moves me up a bit.

              Utterly!! Uttterly-utterly!! Unliked!!

  4. I thought the moustache book was a joke! I hope someone buys and reviews it. All the others look good, so….maybe….. 🙂

    • Nope! Real! You could get it and get the after-school club to act as models…!

      Yep, a few light mysteries are required as an antidote to the last few weeks.

  5. Well done, FF. I really want to see the Professor knitting. He’s so good at tying things up in knots in the PL. I have a tall virtual TBR on my Kindle. Trouble is, I prefer to hold the pages in my hands. Much more satisfying. I can read non-fiction on the Kindle with no trouble, but fiction…

      • My Kindle and I have a very tentative relationship. Just about the time she has me feeling secure, then suddenly I’m back at the table of contents. *sigh* I am reading a book by a woman whose husband has Asperger’s Syndrome. I learned recently that my husband also has AS. Her book is encouraging. A lot of the things I’ve read have been very discouraging as far as dealing with the behaviors and not losing your mind.

        • Ah, your Kindle is a girl – interesting! I’ve never really given mine a gender but I suspect it’s probably male (and looks a bit like Darcy 😉 ). Sorry to hear that – I used to work with boys with behavioural problems and often that was related to Asperger’s or low-level autism so I understand a bit of what you’re facing. All I can say is that a diagnosis often helps because it allows for ‘coping mechanisms’ to be developed. Best wishes to you both.

  6. Oh what a good laugh out of Knit Your own Mustache….yikes! I like the idea of the first one the best, and will recommend it to a friend of mine who loves this type of story! 🙂

    I did get a chuckle out of the Kindle 80 or so, pretending not to be a part of TBR! 🙂

    • Haha! It’s a great book isn’t it? I’m still seriously tempted…

      I’ve read one of the Kit Marlowe books before and really enjoyed it, so I hope your friend will too. A good solid plot but lots of humour and history too.

      I know – I’m a lost cause! 😀

  7. What a hard choice FF! Death at Wentwater Court gets my vote – sounds like a fun read.Then again….a book about kitting facial hair? What’s not to love! 😉

  8. Me too, I’ve had to grab the shorter book to get my pile down – I’m never going to get to The Goldfinch. I must get into those crime novels.

  9. I’m going with the moustache book, brilliant and I can’t believe you resisted. I’m not entirely sure I agree with the reading of shorter books to reduce the TBR but as you also have lots on your kindle pretending they’re not there….

    • I really think this calls for a special insider book reviewers coterie in WordPress with an annual gathering where everyone is disguised with their own knitted facial hair accoutrements plus knitted bald pates. The gathering would have to take place in the far north in winter as it would be fearsomely hot underneath the knitted disguises

      • What an excellent idea – I think you’re right, we should gather in Scotland all having listened to some audio books to knit the appropriate facial hair whilst not risking missing story time 😉

        • We’d need to find an appropriate book to listen to…hmm! Poirot for the moustache obviously – and maybe Bluebeard?

          Or we could just have some background music instead – Hairy Monsters and Super Creeps?

    • Haha! Well you must post pictures of the finished results – and could you please knit me a red beard and matching bald head?

      Yes…I probably shouldn’t have admitted to the Kindle stash, on second thoughts… 😉

        • Haha! Thanks for rubbing it in! No, there is some crossover, so probably about 40 on the Kindle in reality that aren’t on the TBR…and probably about another 70 out of the 100 or so on my Az wishlist…

          Just off to take some tranquillisers now…

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