TBR Thursday 25…

Episode 25 – Villains!


After all this iron self-control stuff, imagine my dismay to discover that the TBR has gone up this week – to 98! How can this be, I ask myself? Is it an alien mind-control thing? Or have Amazon found a way to add books to my list without me knowing? No, no, dear reader! The answer is much simpler than that. It’s YOU!!

Somehow you’ve got past all my safeguards – the electric fences, the security lights, the bucket of water perched just above the door…even my killer guard-cat Tuppence

310110 004 - Copy

– and snuck your recommendations straight onto my TBR! It is cruel of you to take advantage of this poor weak-willed woman…so to protect other innocents from your nefarious plans, I hereby name and shame you!

Here are the villains responsible…and no surprise to see some hardened repeat offenders amongst them!

* * * * *

Villain 1 – Cleopatra Loves Books!


keep your friends closeWhat would you do if your best friend stole your life? A psychological thriller…

Cleo saysSorry to scatter this review with clichés but this book is a real page-turner and an absolute compulsive read so that each time I came to the end of a relatively short chapter, I had to read ‘just one more!’ I wanted to know how both Natty and Eve would play their respective hands and Natty’s realistic reaction to being told that her best friend and her husband were an item made me root for her throughout the book despite the fact that she clearly wasn’t some perfect woman who’d never done anything wrong. Paula Daly has created a book made up of flawed characters including some wonderful secondary ones…

See the full review at Cleopatra Loves Books


Villain 2 – Raven Crime Reads!


oxcrimesA truly delectable selection of crime novelists contribute to this anthology in aid of Oxfam…

Raven says “OxCrimes is introduced by Britain’s greatest crime writer, Ian Rankin, and features pieces by Mark Billingham, Alexander McCall Smith, Anthony Horowitz, Ian Rankin, Val McDermid, George Pelecanos, Peter James, Adrian McKinty, Denise Mina, Louise Welsh, Ann Cleeves, John Connolly, Stella Duffy, Christopher Fowler, Fred Vargas, Neil Gaiman, John Harvey, Maxim Jakubowski, Simon Lewis, Walter Mosley, Stuart Neville, Phil Rickman, Peter Robinson, James Sallis, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Martyn Waites and Anne Zouroudi with an afterword by Mark Goldring, Oxfam CEO.Blimey!

See the full post at Raven Crime Reads


Villain 3 – Professor VJ Duke!


a princess of marsAfter thoroughly ripping this classic sci-fi novel in his own inimitable style, the Prof later admitted to loving it. He does make it sound quite irresistible, doesn’t he…?

The Prof saysIt should be pointed out here that all of the characters in the story (including John Carter) go about completely naked. Now that’s interesting, seeing that the average temperature on Mars is roughly -81.5 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 degrees Celsius). I would think that clothes would be most needed, wouldn’t you? Burroughs tries to explain this away by stating that the Martians have a machine which regulates the atmosphere’s oxygen. I suppose he could have thought that it regulated the temperature as well, but I doubt it. He was probably having one of his childish and outlandish moments.

See the full ripio at The Punchy Lands!


Villain 4 – Lady Fancifull!


a spy among friendsA factual book about one of the most famous of spies, Kim Philby…

LF saysThe other fact which struck me is how young, how very young, some of these major players were at the time when they were rising to extraordinary positions of power and responsibility – men in their mid-twenties. I was also quite fascinated to discover how much the class war was played out in this country between MI6 (that public school educated, upper class often aristocratic privileged elite) and the middle or working class background of MI5. And of the rivalry and distrust between them. This was mirrored in the setting up of similar agencies in the States, between the CIA and the FBI.

See the full review at Lady Fancifull



Well, people, you have been warned!

Take special care when visiting any of these blogs as they can be seriously injurious to your TBR…


31 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 25…

  1. Did I never tell you that my not very alter-ego is Cruella de Vil, an early role-model?

    I’m twirling my cane, moustache and cape with delight. You WAIT till you see tomorrow’s post – I’m seriously hopeful to get you to 99 with that.

    C’mon fellow villains (am delighted to be amongst such illustrious company) do your dastardly-est and provoke one more Kindle download to get her to 3 figures – from which there is no way back.

    Signing off now, Lady Cruella de Sir Jasper Fancifull.

    Cue dastardly music, played very loudly.

    Tuppence is looking quizzically interested – were you waving a juicy fish tail?


    • Oooh, you wicked, wicked woman! I refuse to be pushed back to three figures – not even if you were to offer free choccies with every review (Though I’d eat the choccies, obviously…)

      Tuppence was memorising your picture – you won’t get past her so easily next time…not even with a catnip decoy…


  2. FictionFan – You know, people often blame others for their own addictions. Understanding that you are responsible for your own book purchases is the first step towards recovery… 😉


  3. *laughing lots* No wonder you can’t resist! That cover’s way better than mine. It’s got a white ape! (What a part to quote. *hides head in shame* )

    I must say, all the books look rather swell. I’m glad I’ll be reading your reviews. *smiles bigly*

    Bucket of water over the door?! We must needs work on your security system. Now, Tuppence does look like she’d fetch any intruder…


    • ‘Twas tricky, since so many of the covers seem to have gone with the naked woman motif! (I love that bit…it makes me chuckle hugely – it’s so Professorish!)

      They do look fun this week, don’t they? I’m glad you will too. *smiles biggerly*

      Oh yes, it definitely needs boosting – it’s just not working at all. Not even Tuppence’s bionic laser-beam eyes…


      • I know, right? It’s the authors fault. I got a cover of John Carter fighting a green alien.

        *laughing* Perfect word! Just think, if you’d give just a little more detail in each review (like the endings and such) I wouldn’t need to read anything!

        Haha. I thought of that. Those eyes are terrifying. Time to get a katana, FEF.


        • Gosh – white apes and green aliens! This really does sound just like my kind of book, doesn’t it? *phones therapist*

          This sounds like a great scheme and I’d love to! But it would be so unfair, ‘cos I know how much the Professor just loves to read…and at the rate you’re getting through Bleak House, you should be ready for another novel round about 2018!! How exciting trying to work out which one you’ll pick… *gnomish face*

          She’s terrifying isn’t she? Imagine what it feels like waking up in the middle of the night to find those eyes only about 4 inches from your own…


          • *laughing* Yes, I bet you’ll hate it. Just remember John Carter was trying to be like the professor. But he didn’t get there, as you’ll see.

            Wow… 2018 sounds so space-like. Oh yes, Bleak House is going well–thanks for asking! (professorish glare) But I’m a really really fast reader when I need to be, you see.

            *gulp* I’d probably have killed her.


            • Haha! I fear I may…oh well!

              *laughing lots* I’m sorry! I can’t help it! And I’m sure you are…I vividly remember you reading P&P in a fortnight and still having time to tweet your despair…

              Or vice-versa…


            • *laughing* And I can’t even add either of them to your TBR…

              *faints but also chuckles* Ah yes, I even remember you remarking on her wit at one point.

              No option! It’s either be brave or leave home.


            • One way or the other… *winks Professorishly…but only once*

              Aw, thank you! You’ll see, one day you’ll be a true Austen fan…

              But then she’d lie in wait and I’d never be able to leave home again… *cowardly face*


  4. I love this. Imagine putting a self imposed book buying ban on yourself and then reading book blogs every day. Now who would be mad enough to do that……oh, wait……!
    Enjoy your reads!


    • Haha! I guess we wouldn’t have got into this mess if we had any willpower…or sense! 😉

      Thanks! Sadly, I’m sure I will…which will only encourage me…!


  5. Ha, ha, glad to see that I’m not the only one who tries and fails… and even gladder that on this occasion I was not one of the villains. Must go to polish my halo and practise my smug face in the mirror…


  6. Oh dear, the “Keep Your Friends Close” novel does sound irresistible……have checked out the full review. Forget physical torture when the psychological kind is so much more effective.


  7. Ooh I love being a villain I am swishing my cutlass as I type 😉 Tuppence does look quite scary in that photo so I will continue my torture from afar. Since you are now frightfully close to the three digit number again (says the one who didn’t buy a stack of books last week!) I’m sure we can band together to tip you over the edge 😆


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