TBR Thursday 22…

Episode 22


The TBR is sitting stubbornly at 96 and since I reckon it might take me till 2020 to finish The Luminaries I’m refusing to add to it this week despite the growing list of books you’ve tempted me with. So here are a few that are already on the list awaiting attention…

Courtesy of NetGalley…


before you dieThe Blurb – It has taken nearly two years for the Warwickshire village of Radcote to put a spate of teenage suicides behind it. Then a young man is killed in a freak motorbike accident, and a suicide note is found among his belongings. A second homeless boy takes his own life, this time on the railway tracks. Is history about to repeat itself?

DI Lorraine Fisher has just arrived for a relaxing summer break with her sister. Soon she finds herself caught up in the resulting police enquiry. And when her nephew disappears she knows she must act quickly.

Are the recent deaths suicide – or murder? And is the nightmare beginning again?


the new moonThe BlurbExplore the Moon in this fascinating book and discover what we should expect from this seemingly familiar but strange new frontier. What startling discoveries are being uncovered on the Moon? What will these tell us about our place in the Universe? How can exploring the Moon benefit development on Earth?

The New Moon is the first complete story of the human lunar experience. Noted astronomer Arlin Crotts reveals the role of the Moon in Earth’s past and present, the stunning scientific discoveries made there from the Apollo era to today, and the possibility of making the lunar environment habitable for humans. Once a notion only in science fiction, the dream of colonizing the Moon is now approaching reality.


under a silent moonThe Blurb – Elizabeth Haynes, the author of Into the Darkest Corner, is back with the first in a thrilling new psychological crime series.

In the crisp early morning hours, the police are called to a suspected murder at a farm outside a small English village. A beautiful young woman has been found dead, blood all over the cottage she lived in. At the same time, police respond to a reported female suicide, where a car has fallen into a local quarry.  As DCI Louisa Smith and her team gather the evidence, they discover a link between these two women, a link which has sealed their dreadful fate one cold night, under a silent moon.

Told in a unique way, using source documents that allow readers to interpret the evidence alongside DCI Louisa Smith and her team, Under a Silent Moon is an unsettling and compulsively readable novel that will keep you gripped until the very last page.


And a Re-Read…


the seeds of time

The BlurbIf the Earth were not ensnared by the restrictions of time…
If a mind could be transferred into the body of another…
If forms of life could travel across the galaxies…
If human beings were not foolish enough to believe in only what they see…
If time were much more flexible and time travel a real possiblity…

In these brilliant and mesmerizing short stories John Wyndham makes all things seem possible, from changing the course of history to an encounter with an alternative ‘self’. The glimpses of future worlds are breathtaking in their clarity and confirm John Wyndham’s status as one of the most innovative writers of his time.



NB All blurbs are taken from NetGalley, Goodreads or Amazon.

So what do you think? Do any of these tickle your fancy?


55 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 22…

  1. FictionFan – I must say, you have some interesting possibilities there. The Haynes interests me, and so does The New Moon. I’ll be interested to see what you think of them.


  2. I really like Under a Silent Moon. But why do you suppose the dead ones are always beautiful young women?

    And the one you might re-read. That’s an interest. And just the place for the professor, don’t you think?


  3. Ah the Wyndham, the Wyndham, I like, I like – and i repeat, (it must have been the cabbage)

    I’m on my own little happy re-read fest, well lodged in Greene-land. Even on a book not his best he is a giant. Problem is, the pile mounts, not diminishes, and i really think you should get yourself back over 100. It’s Vine tonight, and i hope your list is FILLED with must read books – oh, all right, must have shinies as well, as a loyalty test to see whether you are jackdaw or great mind.


    • Yes, I’d cheerfully join in on the Greene re-read if it weren’t for the fact that you’ll have time to read them all before I finish The Luminaries! Which one are you re-reading?

      Ha, neither jackdaw nor great mind…more an empty desert. Join in with my monthly chant…Thank goodness for NetGalley!


      • Just finished the ministry of fear. Having recently reccommended a Greene and then read a spankingly good review of it on Cleopatra loves books, I then saw an Amazon review by someone I check out for books from time to time. She had been reading MOF for a book club and reminded me of how very enjoyable the earlier books are, even when getting into his stride he’s already a clear master.

        Progress report on Luminaries?


        • Not sure I’ve read that one – most of my Greene reading was done when I was very young – teens and early twenties, and I’ve only really re-read the biggies in later years.

          Hmm…heading for a 4-star I think. It has a lot of good points, but I don’t think I’ll be raving about it. However still a third to go, so who knows? She might still pull something amazing out of the hat – it is, after all, a very large hat!


  4. I will be reading the Samantha Hayes book soon and would love to read Under Silent Moon – Into the Darkest Corner remains one of my favourite psychological thrillers…I hope i get the chance to read her new one soon. I look forward to hearing your views on these two. Happy Easter 🙂


    • Is Under a Silent Moon not available for Australia on NG? It’s odd how they issue different books for different places – i see the new Michael Robotham is available for Aus but not the UK…

      Happy Easter to you too! (Though your life is just one long holiday already… 😉 )


      • Isnt that how it should be…one big holiday?? So far we have been away about 8 weeks…and still plenty to see and do.

        Yes pity that the books aren’t all released at similar times…I am hoping to access the Robotham.


        • Agreed! Spring is finally springing over here, so who knows, we might even get some sunshine…

          I’ll be interested to hear if the Robotham’s as good as the last one…


          • I am hoping so too.:) He has written so many – I would like to read his back list one day.
            A beautiful sunny day here too today (it is Autumn here – so days generally fine and nights cool).

            Had any spectacular reads lately?


            • No, really going through a rubbish spell bookswise – well, crime books anyway. I’m finding I’m hating most of the books other people are raving about – way too violent and sleazy for my taste. Seriously going to take a break from crime except for authors I already know…


  5. Well I’ve already read Under A Silent Moon which had some nifty analytical stuff in it which I enjoyed and as you know I am just starting Before You Die and The New Moon isn’t really my thing so my TBR is safe from your touch for this haul 😉


    • Yes, I thought we were having quite a lot of crossover at the moment on crime stuff. I’ll have to see if I can dig up something irresistible for next week… 😉


    • I haven’t got around to starting it properly yet, due to the length of time it’s taking me to read The Luminaries. But I read through the first few pages and it looks as if it could be good…


    • She had one of these huge hits with Into the Darkest Corner a couple of years ago – which I liked but didn’t absolutely love. This one looks like it’ll be very different in style though…

      Thanks for popping by and commenting! 😀


  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! They do tickle my fancy! 😉 Thanks for sharing them here… I’ve listed them down to add to my TBR list. I’d love to read “Before You Die” and “Under A Silent Moon”.


    • I don’t know if you use NetGalley, but if you do Before You Die is still available – sadly Under a Silent Moon seems to have been archived now. I hope you enjoy them both…actually, I hope I enjoy them both too… 😉


  7. Now i’m truly worried. I had The Luminaries on my must read list. I must make a small attempt as I’m going to hear Elaenor Catton talk at the Sydney Writers Festival. Maybe I should read some cheat notes first :D. The rest of your list looks good.


    • Well, I’ve been reading it for well over a week now and still going…might finish it this weekend though. It’s shaping up to be four stars for me I think – so worth reading but not unmissable. But there’s still time for me to change my mind – I’m certainly finding it quite absorbing. And loads of people are absolutely loving it. You better get started soon though… 😉


    • Oops! Haha! Hadn’t looked at the prices – I’ve owned a copy for about a million years so didn’t realise it must have gone out of print or something in the meantime. Hope you manage to get a cheaper one! I love Wyndham – one of my favourite sci-fi authours. 🙂


      • I’ll bump it to the next spot in my queue. I’m starting The Goldfinch tonight and then I’ll pick up Wyndham. I need a solid way to organize my reading queue… generally, I can’t plan more than 1 or 2 (or 5) in advance. I love your TBR posts!– but I know they’re just going to make my own reading queue explode exponentially (there are worse problems). 😀


        • Ooh, good luck with The Goldfinch – I’m not one of its greatest fans! But loads of people seem to really love it.

          I of course have to have a hugely complicated spreadsheet to keep track of my TBR – in fact, if I spent less time calculating what’s on it, I could probably read an extra couple of books a week… 😉


  8. Have just pre-ordered ‘Before You Die’ from Amazon. (It’s not available on Kindle yet.) Your TBR list needs to go into the Guiness Book of Records, methinks. I estimate that mine stands at about 10.


    • 10!!! Oh, we’ll really need to work on that! You’re not allowed to be a blogger unless your TBR is at least 75… 😉

      Hope you enjoy Before You Die – I should be reading it this week if all goes according to plan – but then it so rarely does…


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