It’s my birthday…

…OK, it’s not really. But it is my blog’s birthday – One Today!

(OK, actually it was the 9th Feb, but I forgot…)

Unfortunately since you all live far, far away, I can’t give you a piece of cake. So pop out to the bakery, buy yourself a cupcake and pretend it’s from me. Enjoy!

Blue Cupcake and Candle

* * * * * * *

Thanks all of you for making the last year so much more fun than I expected – thanks commenters, likers, silent readers, fellow bloggers, followers who never visit (and, in many cases, never have!), and all those people who pop in accidentally on the whim of weird Google search results. I value you all (though not equally 😉 ).

I often think my eclectic reading tastes might put people off, but when I look at the most popular reviews I have to conclude that my followers and random visitors are a pretty eclectic bunch too…

  1. Entry Island by Peter May
  2. Carmilla: A Critical Edition by J Sheridan Le Fanu
  3. The Cosmic View of Albert Einstein
  4. The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
  5. Like This, For Ever by SJ Bolton

My top rant came in in 7th position – my disgruntlement about the new rules for Amazon Vine, which indeed has stopped being a booklover’s dream since the changes. Thank goodness for NetGalley!

And my post on Rafa’s shorts has racked up zillions of views (approximately) and still gets visits – which must tell us something, but I’m not quite sure what…

rafa 2013 2(There, that should guarantee some views for this post.)

* * * * * * *

(And just to be on the safe side…)

(Well, it’s my birthday!!)

Hope to see you all again in Year 2!

76 thoughts on “It’s my birthday…

  1. Happy Blog-birthday! You have certainly provided much interest and amusement to this “Tonstant Weader”. But are you sure we are related – we so don’t share a taste in men, even if we do overlap on books.

  2. 😆 Lovely speech at the top! (It reminded me of Bilbo’s birthday speech.) I think we met some time in April, May, or June–I really can’t remember.

    Isn’t it fitting that Prince and the Pauper is up there?

    Rafa seems to have leg muscles, but if he doesn’t fix his position, I’m almost sure he’s going to injure hiself. (And the two at the bottom are obviously wearing wigs.)

    Happy Birthday, FEF, and FEF’s blog!

  3. Happy birthday, hard to believe it’s been just a year, I feel like I’ve known you forever!
    I made a lovely carrot cake today (in your honour, but also for the school bake sale), but unfortunately half of it collapsed when transferring it to a cake plate. Still, I offer you the unbroken half virtually and whole-heartedly!

    • Thank you! I must say it feels like more than a year to me too – and I expect it feels very long to the poor people who’ve had to put up with some of my reviews… 😉 The carrot cake is much appreciated – as is the knowledge that it’s not only my cakes that have that unfortunate collapsing habit!

  4. An exceedingly happy blog first birthday, dear FF. And (thanks only to you, in your ‘best blog midwife EVER’ guise) I am eagerly looking forward to my own on the very last day of March.

    HOW time, and posts, fly. I was particularly fond of your Amazon Vine rant – shame they just carried on picking their noses and examining their navels, rather than going ‘oh – right-oh we have got this BADLY wrong’ – which they clearly had, as the books available shrink monthly, because we have all become too nervous to take a punt on anything long, complicated or well-it-might-be dire-but-it-might-be-wunnerful, because in the case of the first two, it might take longer to read, and in the case of the last, we can’t just add it to the percentage which doesn’t HAVE to be reviewed, which for most of us was the dead and rotting turkeys we didn’t want to spend more time with, but, equally might not have wanted to lacerate in venomous outrage.

    Phew, that was a long sentence. Draws breath.

    Vine, the new home of sweetened porridge eaters pet food and the meal replacement cereal bar. Possibly these are all the same product, packaged differently

    FAR less unpleasantly I freely admit to being one of those who returns to the ever-green Rafa’s Shorts, from time to time, when the day is dismal and dark and spirits need the sort of lift that only Vamos Rafa, Vamos Rafa can supply.

    In fact, its cold and rainy here today, so before i cut myself a slice of that seed cake (yes there’s some left) in honour of your birthday, oh bright bloggy queen, let’s hear it again for Rafa’s shorts!

    • Ah, those heady days when we both started out! Those five million e-mails (a day) back and forth as I did my best to tempt you into the wondrous world of blogging! Those ten million e-mails (a day) when you finally did! That competition to conquer China! I well remember how proud I was on the rare occasion I got an image to go where I wanted it, or mastered a link! How wonderful to play with all those widgets! And then there were the indexes…

      And hasn’t it turned out fun? Bloggy people are so nice!

      Yes, I also admit to returning to Rafa from time to time – think how much we’re saving the NHS on anti-depressants! Actually I think they should give posters of Rafa free to all women on their 18th birthdays. Or better yet – Rafa clones!

      Enjoy the cake – I’m just about to have a birthday doughnut.

      • And don’t forget your patient coaxing and encouragement of me into the weird (very weird) and not-quite-wonderful world of HTML! Which you managed to get me reasonably proficient in even without the lure of ‘I will send you an image of an all singing all dancing Rafa when you get this right’ (it was in pre-Vamos Rafa days) I still think of you every time I type <a href and the rest ('bless you!') is what I feel tempted to utter if I say <a href out loud.

        I didn't dare type any more of the code in case it started to DO THINGS to my post.

        • Hehe! ‘Twas the blind leading the blind back there, wasn’t it? However we both made it, and I doubt anyone noticed the hiccups – nobody visited us except each other for the first few weeks as I recall…indeed, there are still days like that! 😉

            • I finally got Mongolia the other day, though I suspect it was a spammer! Just most of Africa, some of the Middle East, a few wee bits of South America, and an unidentified land mass to the east of Greenland and I will have achieved total world domination!!

  5. Happy Birthday. Never ones to pass up the opportunity for a party The Bears have bought a while birthday cake and are toasting your health even as I type.

  6. FictionFan – Happy Blog Birthday!! Thank you so much for all that you contribute to the world of reading and writing. Those ‘photos at the end help too – ahem… ;-). In all seriousness, I wish you many more years of blogging!

    • Thanks, Margot! And thanks too for all the support over the year, not to mention your own posts which have become a regular part of my day, and have introduced me to so many authors I hadn’t come across before. 😀

  7. Happy Happy Day! Congrats on your anniversary! You’ve made my past year ever so much more complicated and enjoyable! And how could I not love a blog filled with so many hotties? Those legs, those faces, the chocolate! Oh, and the books, of course!

    Cheers to a successful second year!

    • Thank you! I do believe you’re my best ‘customer’ and it makes me so happy when I actually persuade someone to read something…though I often think the blog would be more fun if I forgot the books and just posted pictures of gorgeous men!

  8. Happy, HAPPY one year Birthday to you! I love it here, and I learn a lot. 🙂 I enjoyed your little speech. Especially the “though not equally”. At least you are honest, and I so like that. What would Mr. Darcy thinkg?! 😉

  9. Happy Blog Birthday. I thought you’d been blogging for years. I’m quite satisfied with your eclectic reading selections. I will read any book if it catches my fancy. Well, there are some genres that will never touch my hands, but mostly if a book takes me away by page 10, I will finish it.

  10. Congratulations and happy blog-birthday to you! Thanks for creating such an interesting set of reviews and conversations, and best of luck to you this year.

  11. Congratulations FictionFan! I too mourn the changes to Amazon Vine especially as there are far fewer books to choose from as a result. I too found lots of new authors that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Thankfully there is NetGalley which is great although can be stressful for someone like me who has little restraint when it comes to new books. Anyway I raise my glass to you and look forward to year 2 of great reviews and introductions to great books that I might otherwise miss!

    • Thanks, Cleo! I know what you mean about NG – I’ve had to put in a one day delay between spotting a book and requesting it to try to control my urges! Still not helping much though… 😉

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