Waterstones Event: Peter May – Entry Island

Londoners, a date for your diary…


Entry_Island_JK (2)


Peter May will be attending Waterstones Piccadilly in London next Tuesday evening, 21st January 2014, to discuss his new book, Entry Island.

Entry Island is the best yet from Peter May in my opinion and, considering how good the Lewis Trilogy is, that’s saying something! You can see my full review here. (I assume it’s my gushing enthusiasm for the book that led the publishers to let me know about the Waterstones Event! 😉 )


Peter May


Although it’s too far away for me to attend, unfortunately, I’ve heard May talk about his work before and he is an interesting and amusing speaker; so if you enjoy his books and are in the area, you might want to put this one in your diary. Details of the event are here.

If you attend the event, enjoy!





25 thoughts on “Waterstones Event: Peter May – Entry Island

  1. aah, the joys of living in the uk! (ps, i don’t know whether it’s on your end, or on mine, but your ‘like’ button seems to be gone? could be me though, pc has been playing up a lot lately)

    • Only if you live in London, I fear! I decided not to be mean and mention that it seems strange that a Scottish author of a book mainly about Scots and Scotland is launching his book in England!

      Thanks for the heads-up – I was beginning to think nobody likes me anymore! It looks OK at my end, oddly, but I don’t think it’s just you – my likes are way down. If it doesn’t clear in a few days I’ll get on to WordPress…

      • That’s true of course!
        I didn’t see your like button on at least two posts now, perhaps if your likes are way down, there is indeed an issue of it simply not appearing!

      • I think WordPress has been loading slowly lately. It’s irritating. I just hit the like button, and it worked. Perhaps the author just wants to spend a little time in London? Wander about the Tate?

        • There always seems to be some technical hitch going on, but it usually resolves itself after a while…

          Huh! He should come up here and wander round the Kelvingrove Art Gallery instead!

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