The Best New-to-Me Crime Meme October-December 2013…


The Best New-to-Me Author meme is again being hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise for the last three months of 2013.

Lots of my favourite authors (Rankin, May, Turow, Grisham etc) published books in the last quarter so I’ve not read as many new-to-me authors as I did in the earlier part of the year. On looking back at October, November and December, I find I’ve read a total of 15 crime novels, of which 6 were by authors new-to-me (click on the links to see the reviews):-

The Land of Dreams by Vidar Sundstøl

Murder at the Maples (Flora Lively 1) by Joanne Phillips

Crimson Rose (Kit Marlowe 5) by MJ Trow

The Strangling on the Stage (Fethering Mysteries) by Simon Brett

Ten Lords A-Leaping by CC Benison

The Hanging Judge by Michael Ponsor


Out of these I had two favourites…


the hanging judge


A courtroom thriller showing how a death penalty case works. This debut novel is well-written and intriguing and, since the author is himself a judge, has a real feeling of authenticity.





crimson rose


Fairly light-hearted historical crime with a strong plot and a quirky sense of humour. Looking forward to back-tracking through this series.




Thanks again, Kerrie, for an enjoyable meme! Check out other people’s top picks for this meme over at Mysteries in Paradise.

18 thoughts on “The Best New-to-Me Crime Meme October-December 2013…

    • Yes – the ‘detective’ is Kit Marlowe and this one has Shakespeare in it too, as a kind of bumpkin just up from the country, before he started writing. It’s written in modern language and took a bit of getting used to, but I suddenly got into the swing of it about a third of the way through and really enjoyed it from there on in. Quite funny but well-plotted and the Elizabethan world came over quite well, I think (though I’m no expert). I wonder what you’d make of it?

  1. Argh I need to stop reading these lists because my bookshelves are HEAVING with my to-read list already (and yes I should probably join the 21st century and get a Kindle or something… but I love the smell of books. Did I just admit that publicly? Anyway) The Hanging Judge in particular sounds fantastic – there is something fascinating in the horribleness of the death penalty… my shelf can take one more!

    • I know – blogging just makes the TBR ever more impossible to control! (You could get a Kindle, and just keep one real book beside you…for sniffing 😉 )

      The Hanging Judge is very good – well written and feels very authentic…

      Thanks for popping by and commenting. 🙂

  2. Hello there. May I ask a question? When you talk about the ‘New-to-Me Crime Meme’, what do you mean by the word ‘meme’? I understood a meme to be an image that can be copied around the net and altered little by little as it goes.

    • Hehe! D’you know, I have no idea what it means! But Blogworld seems to be full of ‘memes’ and they all seem to be where someone picks a subject and then everyone posts on their own blog about the subject, and then puts a link to their post back on the original person’s post (if that makes any sense). So in this case Mysteries in Paradise is ‘hosting’ this ‘meme’ so everyone who posts goes back to her original post and puts a link. I think it’s supposed to encourage people to go look at the blogs of people they might not have come across before – but I’m not sure it really does. This is the only one I participate in.

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