Out with the old…

Happy Hogmanay, bloggie people!


Don’t forget to open the door at the bells (midnight) to let the old year out and the new one in.

And when you go first-footing tonight, be sure to take some traditional gifts…

Some black bun...
Some black bun…nobody eats it, but it’s traditional…
A lump of coal...
A lump of coal…though if you’re coming to my house, feel free to replace this with a big box of choccies…
A wee dram...
A wee dram…or a big one if you prefer…
A tall, dark stranger... (Last picture of Darcy this year - promise!)
And a tall, dark stranger…
(Last picture of Darcy this year – I promise!)

And be ready for the sing-a-long…



31 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh – the very very wonderful Eddi Reader, even managing to make me weep copiously at lunchtime, stone cold sober – even though she is still bringing helicopters in to land. May your lums be the reekiest of all, my dear. (PS I’ve heard biological washing powder can be very helpful!)

    PS Don’t you get inundated with elf and safety when reeky lums are spotted?

    Will raise a glass to you, yours and all the lovely bloggie community

    • It is an amazing interpretation of the song, isn’t it?

      Sadly, my lums don’t reek, since I don’t have any…but Tommy reeks quite often, so that makes up for it!

      Have a lovely time whatever you’re planning tonight, m’dear – and here’s to a great 2014!

  2. Sorry, can I just be pedantic here and write that one is supposed to open the front and back door. The back door lets out the old year and the front door lets in the new year. Happy New Year!

  3. Belated HNY on a very wet and very windy afternoon o FF – I’m afraid I got slowed down with the wishes by having another watch/listen to Eddi, and had to take time out for a sentimental blub or 3. The music and lyrics are really something else as delivered by Ms Reader, rather than just the boozy bounce you hear blasted out all around.

    • And you, m’lady! I know – it’s a great interpretation and I so wish they’d use that tune a bit more often at celebrations rather than the ‘traditional’ one. It makes me cringe watching all these revellers who don’t understand a word they’re singing…I tell you, when I rule the world, it’ll all be different! 😉

  4. I’m wondering if every culture has some type of dense goodie that isn’t meant to be eaten. Instead, it should be used to throw at the pessimists, the doomsayers, to knock them out for the new year.

    The Eddi song was the best rendition of Auld Lang Syne I’ve ever heard. Violins are my favorite instrument.

    We spent our new year’s eve at Steep Ravine, on a cliff overlooking the Pacific in an old wooden cabin with no electricity, no insulation, and a cozy wood-burning stove. Oh, and we brought a bottle of champagne (hot apple cider for our son) and a wee dram of other liquids (as you say). At midnight, we snuffed the candle, wished each other a happy new year, then fell asleep to the sound of waves crashing below us. A lovely intro to 2014.


    • I adore the idea of black-bun tossing as a new tradition – I think I’ll introduce it next year. I’ll start working on my list of potential targets…

      Brilliant, isn’t it? She recorded an album of Burns songs and they really opened my eyes (ears?) to how wonderful they can be. Several of them are available on youtube – check out Ae Fond Kiss…but have a hanky ready.

      Your new Year’s Eve sounds wonderful! I indulged in the other great tradition of watching the Hogmanay Show on TV – an experience that goes a long way to explain why we all get drunk on Hogmanay! Then we followed up with the rest of the tradition – criticise the show, discuss why Scottish culture is always so poorly portrayed, and then descend into a maudlin orgy of national self-pity. It was great! Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

      Happy New Year!

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