“Lies, dadblamed* lies, and statistics.”

For geeks and nerds and fellow bookworms…


With some help from those lovely people over at Goodreads, here’s a little round-up of my reading over 2013:-

135 books read in total and 4 abandoned unfinished. This breaks down as

       Crime                                  66

       Literary Fiction                     37

       Factual                                31

       Fantasy                                3

       Horror                                   7

       Science Fiction                     1

(For those of you using a calculator, I know this adds up to more than 135 – some books are in more than 1 category.)


And I rated them as

       5-star                     59

       4-star                     41

       3-star                     20

       2-star                      9

       1-star                      6

(But I bet everyone remembers the 1-star reviews more than the 5-stars!)

* * * * * * * * *

Points of interest (to me – perhaps not so much to you!)

Gobsmacked that I read 31 factual books – that must be a record! Just think how knowledgeable I’d be if only my memory was less sieve-like.

An astonishing 91 of the books read were written by authors new to me.

Delighted that 74% of the books got a 4- or 5-star rating – a good year!

Goodreads tells me that my 135 books come to a total of 43,685 pages – an extraordinary average of 120 pages per day. (Note to self – get a life.)

According to Goodreads the longest book I read was Days of Fire at 816 pages. However it didn’t feel nearly as long as The Goldfinch (review to come), which at 771 pages was roughly 700 pages too long.

pile of books

And a few bloggie bits’n’pieces…

More than half of all views to my blog come from the good ol’ US of A – Howdy, Folks! I may have to adopt American spelling at this rate.

I read roughly 15 blog posts per day  at an average of, say, 300 words per post, and have been doing this since March…so a rough total of 1,350,000 words this year – equivalent to about 15 medium-length novels or a couple of chapters of The Goldfinch. Thanks for being so prolific everybody!

My most viewed post by far is Entry Island – proving that the way to get traffic is to be the first person in the world to post a review and make it a rave…I wouldn’t say it went viral, exactly, but it definitely developed a little cough.

A special thanks to the one person who viewed my blog from China – you made my year!

Where is Guam anyway?

4, 600 comments to date. Thanks for being a chatty bunch – the blog would be nothing without you all.


* * * * * * * * *

(*Euphemism courtesy of Professor VJ Duke.)

31 thoughts on ““Lies, dadblamed* lies, and statistics.”

  1. FictionFan – I am most impressed! And so glad that you read so many books you enjoyed. We may remember the 1-star reviews but the fact is, it’s good to hear that there were more good ones than…not. And you shouldn’t be surprised at all of the commenting. Your blog is great and I like the discussion it sparks very much. And your visits to my own blog always make it better. Here’s to a great 2014!

    • Thank you, Margot! What a lovely comment! Certainly I’ve been surprised and thrilled by what a strong and interactive community there is out there in blogworld – it makes it much more like fun and less like work. Looking forward to reading more great posts this year! 😀

  2. The Bears (who are know-alls) say that they think that Guam is an island in the Pacific and they are very jealous that no one has come to read their blog from there. What I would find most exciting about your year is the number of new to you writers that you have read. I don’t think anything quite beats discovering a new author whose works you can then go on to explore through the on going years.

    • Tell the Bears thanks! I often wonder how many people turn up by accident though – the irrelevance of the search terms to what’s actually on the blog often makes me laugh! Yes, it’s great finding so many new authors, though that’s largely why my TBR has got so out of control in the last year – that and all the posts from fellow booklovers. But I love having an out-of-control TBR actually – I can’t imagine me ever having that ‘nothing to read’ feeling…

  3. I love year end posts filled with book statistics, and I need to work on mine as well. I rely on Excel instead of Goodreads, so it’s even nerdier 🙂 I’m glad you had a good reading year, and I look forward on your take on The Goldfinch, which I bought for myself while I was Christmas shopping for others. BTW, for even more statistics, you can use StatCounter, which is a bit more detailed than WordPress. Happy new year!

    • My TBR is on Excel, along with my Amazon review stats – don’t encourage me to have another spreadsheet for ‘Read’! Eventually I’ll be spending so much time playing with stats, I’ll have no time left for reading. 😉

      Had a little look at StatCounter – looks good. Thanks for the tip – I may put that on the blog this year. Good to know I’m not the only stats watcher out there… 🙂

      I’m afraid my review of ‘The Goldfinch’ will be pretty negative, but loads of people are loving it, so hopefully you’ll like it better than I did.

      • You’re welcome for the StatCounter recommendation. I’m addicted to Excel too, but I’ve been reading too much over the holidays to look at my reading statistics for the year!

        Speaking of The Goldfinch, I came across Helen Finch’s blog via a link to her very funny list of books read in 2013, and I noticed she has a takedown of The Goldfinch. I’ll read it after I try the book.

        Hope you enjoy your next read more.

        • Haha! I checked out Helen Finch’s comments – I so agree! My review should be up next week but you might want to miss it till you’ve read it. Lady Fancifull thinks it’s wonderful though…her link’s in my blogroll.

  4. We have similar stats – though mine tend to be almost all crime fiction with the odd contemporary literature and light read thrown in for good measure. The Jussi Alder- Olsen you are reading looks interesting – I don’t think it is available in this region yet. I would like to read all in this series ( I have only read #3).

    • I’d have thought you’d have read far more books than me – you seem to race through them at a phenomenal speed! Though my excuse is that the factuals slow me down…

      Quite enjoying the Adler-Olsen, but not totally loving it. Like you, I’ve only read the third one, and I’m finding this one is harking back to the two that I haven’t read – a bit confusing, but I’m only about a quarter through, so it might all become clearer as I go along…

      • I didn’t start counting my reads/reviews until sometime in Feb 2013 – and sometimes I do read one or two books a day, I thought my numbers would be higher….but then I may have a week or so where I hardly read…I dont have your appetite for factuals,that would slow me down. I have some interesting reads coming up – have you read any Mo Hayder?

  5. that is an impressive number of new authors!
    i like the stats, i just had a check on mine and i read 92 pages a day on average last year. so looks like i have a wee bit more of a life (or, more likely, i just read much slower) :))))

  6. Well I for one am really looking forward to your review of Goldfinch! That is an impressive amount of books for 2013 and it is good to see that you liked more than you hated! I do love the stats posts and you’ve done so much better than me for factual books!

    • Monday, I think for The Goldfinch – I had to let it settle a bot so it wouldn’t come out as too much of a rant, but I may have failed… 😉

      It was a big year for factual books for me – partly because of NG and Vine. I’m much more enthusiastic about getting hold of them when they’re free somehow!

      • I don’t know if I’m ready to get between the likes of you two. I might get pelted with chocolates from one side and uneaten black buns or fruitcakes from the other. And what, pray tell, would happen if I only think it’s “good enough.” Pelted with rock-hard food objects from both sides? No chocolates? I’m shaking with fear at the thought.

        • Oh, we’re terribly polite when we’re disagreeing with each other – the joy of electronic communciation is that you can grind your teeth without the other person hearing. This is one reason I don’t Skype – then the other person might spot me sticking my tongue out and blowing raspberries…

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