Recovery phase…

At last, it’s time to sit back and relax…


Decisions! Decisions!
Decisions! Decisions!


And here’s two of my favourite relatives who always make Christmas visits special!


Gorgeous Gingy!
Gorgeous Gingy!


Beautiful Bonnie!
Beautiful Bonnie!


Tommy has decided which Christmas present he enjoys most…


Nothing better than a box that's slightly too small...
Nothing better than a box that’s slightly too small…


While Tuppence tries to contain her excitement about the whole proceedings…


I want to be alone...
I want to be alone…


Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

37 thoughts on “Recovery phase…

  1. FictionFan – It looks as though you had a lovely Christmas! I just love the ‘photos of your guests and of course Tommy and Tuppence. You got some great gifts this year, too! I look forward to your reviews.

    • Yes, it was lovely, thanks, Margot. About the only time of the year when our family gets together now (including the more important pet members!). Hope your Christmas was a good one too! 🙂

    • The recovery will be assisted by copious amounts of cake and chocolate – for purely medicinal purposes, of course! Hope yours was a goodie too – with lots of bookie gifts! 🙂

    • Thanks, Alex, hope yours was good too! Looking forward to my bookie gifts – we very sensibly send each other lists of potential pressies – it eliminates most of the surprise element admittedly, but also cuts down on the unwelcome shocks! 😉

  2. Beautiful Bonnie could make one half of a matching set with my tortie and white, Toffee. A pair of attractive bookends – except you know once perfectly positioned for the oh so cute and attractive photo they would both MOVE .

    And – Tuppence’s tail is MADE to drape as a stylish scarf, except, I know, I know, from all you’ve said she would NOT pose attractively draped across the shoulders.

    Welcome back to the blog o sphere (the spherical being where some of us might end up after the stuffing and chomping and the quaffing and the just one more nibbling) – you have been missed!

    Clearly my nearests and dearests have decided I read far too much and need fattening up (or maybe are planning on becoming rich dentists) as the amount of edible and quaffable (all very delicious) which Santa bought – much of it chocolate, which we all know I NEVER touch – well not with my feet, anyway, is immense. The chocolate mountain starts here. In fact, I AM that chocolate mountain

    • I don’t think I have a career ahead of me as an animal photographer – a ratio of twenty departing bottoms to one cute face shot. And I absolutely can’t seem to get them without demon eyes – it took 14 attempts to get Tuppence with her eyes closed – I’m pretty sure she’s plotting revenge…

      Thanks, m’dear – only back briefly though till the New Year. I need to build up a stock of reviews having finally used up all my old ones, so the plan was to get through many, many books over the holiday – a plan thrown somewhat off-track by my Travails with Tartt (sound like one of these DVDs they keep on the top shelf, dunnit?).

      Yes, I too have acquired a small chocolate mountain, not to mention the home-made full size Christmas cake BigSister ‘forced’ upon me. Still, it’ll give me something to nibble while watching all eight Harry Potter films… 😉

        • I may take you up on that – in fact, I could get you to read all the really bad books and buy your reviews, while only reading good books myself. The unfortunate thing is that an FF ‘really bad book’ is likely to be an LF ‘brilliant’ and vice versa… 😉

    • Did you spot the Mistry? A Jilanne recommendation, that one… (Mistry was, anyway – I can’t remember if you mentioned this specific book.)

      Bonnie and Tommy are always good for cozy cuddling – not so much Gingy and Tuppence, who each place a high value on personal space… 😉

      • Ah yes! A Fine Balance. That’s the one I enjoyed. And I was just over on LFF’s blog, trying to decide if I’m going to recommend any of my 13 new books just yet. Strangely enough, I just realized that I own and have read one of books I received: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Did either of you two recommend that one earlier this year? I read it sometime in 2013. I don’t seem to have a formal TBR pile cross-referenced with the identities of those who’ve done the recommending. Do you both maintain spreadsheets to keep track of it all?

  3. Hah! I have just spotted Revolutionary Road as one of your new TBR’s FF – its been on my TBR pile for some time. I might wait for you to read it and rave (or not!) to rekindle (hah!) my interest (or not) It ended up being leapfrogged over by other more pressing ‘read ME firsts’ It was (if i recall rightly) a long ago recc from a Viner of Revolutionary persuasion. Well, that’s how it landed on MY TBR

    • Ah, now Revolutionary Road is a Matt Geyer recommendation as part of the Great American Novel conversation. I know this because it says so on my spreadsheet (sticks tongue out delicately in direction of Jilanne). Next year is going to be the year of the Great American Novel Quest…

  4. Funny – I was thinking the other day that MOST of the books I have particularly enjoyed this year have not been written by Brits but by Americans, even though they might not fall into The Great American Novel, which i assume is something which shows the fragre (I have just finished re-reading Iain Banks Transition from whence I have purloined the lovely word) of the States. Or by American/Canadian writers who have moved between. A couple (sticks tongue out INdelicately at FF) YOU hated – Donna Tartt, Ruth Ozeki, 3 we agree on Patrick Flanery, Ken Kalfus, Shirley Jackson and a fourth, Irish though relocated to the States Colm Toibin – and, hey those 4 all came originally as great reccs from you. The last one is very very definitely Scottish – Andrew Greig – in fact, interesting that the two British authors are both Celts. Maybe it is the slight dislocation I experience with speakers of the English language whose sensibilities and rhythms and way in which the language is used is different, subtly, so it ‘awakes’ me.

    So………….keep us posted about that GANQ – you MAY have to engage with perhaps encountering and slaying some dragons before you rescue the Prince and return to the Kingdom bearing great gifts and wisdom with which to enlighten and raise the consciousness of your community, for such IS the nature of the True Quest. Don’t forget to protect and fortify yourself with weapons of true chocolate, in case There Be Dragons

    • Yes, most of my best reads this year were American too – in lit-fic anyway. In fact, all five nominees for the FF Award were from US writeres – if you include Flanery and Hosseini as American. Crime stays stubbornly British for some reason. I think I find the American justice system weird and really can’t be bothered with every crime book ending up in a gunfight.

      I will indeed keep you informed on the GAN Quest – in fact, I may bore you rigid over it! I’m still working out the best way to approach it, but previous conversations with various people mean I already have a pretty strong list of contenders to work through – and it will of course be a great excuse to re-read Gatsby…

    • And to you, Angela! Yes, my note to Santa worked well this year – I’m looking forward to all of these books. I loved McIlvanney’s Laidlaw when I read it as a Kindle ARC last year, so highly recommend it, and hoping the other two in the trilogy are just as good…

    • What do you mean? These four are the most important members of my family…and by far the best-looking! 😉

      Bonnie is gorgeous, isn’t she? And nearly as sweet-natured as the Professor. Which is more than can be said for Tuppence…or Gingy!

      I shall send a special note to Santa asking him to make sure you get your very own slightly-too-small cardboard box next year,,,

      • haha I remember one post of yours when I first started following your blog where you mentioned them, and I was tickled pink. Tommy and Tuppence are possibly my favorite of Agatha Christie’s characters; plus, my family consistently names cats after favorite authors/book characters, so it was a double dose of happy for me! 😀

        • Yep, T&T are probably my favourite Christie’s too – wish there had been more of them. When I called the cats T&T I assumed everybody in the world knew who they were – I was stunned to discover how few people have ever actually heard of them. I seem to have spent the last five years explaining their names to people… 😉

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