TBR Thursday 10…

Episode 10


Well, while I’ve been sharing the FictionFan Awards with you, the list of TBR contenders has continued to grow. I have collected a massive total of 38 possibles from the interesting and inspiring reviews you have all been producing over the last few weeks. But with a TBR still sitting at 97, and a Santa-related surge expected soon, I am cutting this list ruthlessly down to three. I must admit this was so difficult to do, I’ve pretty much had to just stick a pin in at random.

So here goes, then, for this week’s top trio…

Everyone’s a winner…


With grateful thanks to all the reviewers who’ve intrigued and inspired, here are the ones I couldn’t resist:

the dinnerA dark family drama that seems to be loved and hated by readers in equal measure…

Cleopatra says: “I found this book thought-provoking although it wasn’t what you could call an entirely enjoyable read.  In short there were moments when I was genuinely shocked at the revelations on the page in front of me.  I found it disturbing how my sympathy for the various characters changed totally with each piece of information casually revealed.

See the full review at Cleopatra Loves Books


i remember youA chilling ghost story set in an isolated Icelandic village…

Novel Heights says “I can say for certain that Sigurdardottir knows how to crank up the tension! Most chapters end on something of a cliff-hanger and there were some incredibly tense scenes that I really wouldn’t have wanted to read when I was on my own. There is very little graphic horror but much more the fear of what you can’t see – what’s around the corner or behind the door.

See the full review at Novel Heights


witness the nightOne of Margot’s picks of the year – so a must-read! Set in Punjab, a young girl is suspected of a horrific crime…

Margot says “This astounding debut novel tells the story of the murders of thirteen members of the wealthy Atwal family, and the efforts of one social worker to find out what happened on the night they died. It’s an unflinching look at life in Punjab, at the choices people make and why they make them, and at the effects of class, wealth and prejudice.

See Margot’s top picks at her guest post on Pulp Curry


And a few that slipped on to the TBR when I wasn’t looking…


silent springA seminal book on environmentalism, recommended to me by BigSister, this has influenced not just many of the environmental writers of today but also government policy over the five decades since it was written.

Despite condemnation in the press and heavy-handed attempts by the chemical industry to ban the book, Rachel Carson succeeded in creating a new public awareness of the environment which led to changes in government and inspired the ecological movement. It is thanks to this book, and the help of many environmentalists, that harmful pesticides such as DDT were banned from use…” Amazon


a kingdom far and clearA beautifully illustrated trilogy of novellas making up one contemporary fantasy. Recommended by blogging buddy Professor VJ Duke, better known for his rips than his tips…

The Prof says: “There is a lingering sadness in each of the stories that is buffered by a thread of hope. A perfect example of a modern “Fairy Tale,” that is as suitable to adults as well as to children, A Kingdom Far and Clear is a haunting read that will stay with you long after you’ve read the last word.

          See the full review at The Punchy Lands!


a naked singularityRecommended by Mike, not a blogger but a fellow Amazon reviewer. Mike’s previous recommendations to me include Gravity’s Engines, winner of this year’s FF Award for Science…but he’s also responsible for forcing me to read War and Peace. In typical Mike style, he has told me nothing about this book other than the title…

Funny, smart and always surprising, A Naked Singularity speaks a language all of its own and reads like nothing else ever written. Casi’s beautiful mind and planetary intelligence make him an inimitable and unforgettable narrator.” Amazon


An intriguingly eclectic mix this week, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Now all I have to do is find time to read them…

42 thoughts on “TBR Thursday 10…

  1. FictionFan – Thank you so much for the kind mention. 🙂 – And I do recommend Witness the Night. Your other choices sound fabulous too. I’m really keen to see what you think of, especially, I Remember You. I like Yrsa’s work very much


    • My pleasure, Margot! I’m looking forward to ‘Witness the Night’ – sounds like a really interesting setting. I have high hopes for ‘I Remember You’ too – I’ve only read one of her other books and really enjoyed it. There was a slightly spooky element to it too, and I thought she did it very well…


  2. I’m planning to tackle A Naked Singularity over the holiday period. And I too have a TBR list of about 100… My plan is to finish off everything I already have bought before getting anything new… doesn’t quite work in practice.


    • A Naked Singularity looks really interesting, and seems to be piling up some very enthusiastic reviews – I’m looking forward to it. Yes, I’ve never found any system that keeps the TBR at manageable levels… 😉


    • Of course you did, C-W-W! How could I leave you off? (Haven’t had enough reading time recently to get much further with it, but still enjoying it… )

      Don’t feel sorry for me – I must admit I’m more enthusiastic about this little list than I have been for the last few TBRs. Some intriguing books in there…


  3. Come on FF, in the cause of family harmony you really should buckle down to your Rachel Carson.
    Big Sisters ALWAYS know best meanwhile, I might just tippy toe over and have a look at Icelandic ghosts…………

    PS I SO disappointed you didn’t fall on my soprano You Tubeings found JUST for your delectation and delight.

    I lie, it was for my own D + D but i had a little chuckle wondering whether you would brave the dulcets


    • Hah! Only a women with no Big Sister would ever say such a monstrous thing!

      No, no, I’ve learned wisdom finally – look before I click. You’ll have to try much harder if you want to sneak a screechy soprano past me now… 😉


      • Mellifluous, nimble, effortless, quicksilver floating soprano. Watch it FF or I’ll find a screechy one specially and embed it beneath a photo clip entitled George Colin and Rafa sing a Hogmanay song just for you.


        • You would too, you vicious woman! But I shall retaliate by having a picture of adorable kittens which, when looked at, magically turns into Andy Stewart singing Donald, Whaur’s Yer Troosers…


  4. I’ve read the Professorish book. The language is beautiful, and the illustrations are stunning. I enjoyed the story immensely. Kudos to shortening your TBR! And good luck keeping it on a leash! 😉


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