Happy Thanksgiving!

In recognition of the day,

a few things for which this Scot thanks America…


Gotta dance...
Gotta dance…


Good morning!
Good morning!




The kitty litter...not the kitty
The kitty litter…not the kitty


Legal, moral and not fattening...
Legal, moral and non-fattening…


The Road goes ever on and on...
The Road goes ever on and on…


Also kitty-related...
Also kitty-related…


American Dream!
American Dream!


The Teddy Bear - meet my Edward!
The Teddy Bear – meet my Edward!


Thanks, America, SO MUCH!
Thanks, America, SO MUCH!




PS Since half of my kind readers will be spending the day stuffing themselves with turkey and weird pumpkin-based concoctions, the announcement of the FF Awards for Crime/Thriller and Book of the Year has been postponed till next week…

Enjoy your meal!
Enjoy your day!

37 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Oh SURELY you could have nominated, in honour some sort of crime book where the fell deed was done by poisoned pumpkin!

    PPS if Book of the Year isn’t you know who with you know what I will stuff my hat with pumpkin, cranberries and cheatin’ turkey (no turkeys were harmed in the preparation of cheatin’ turkey). Cluck!

    PPS sorry to be mean and horrid on this thanksy day – but are you REALLY thanking all those nice people over the pond for Coke or Pepsi??????? SOOOOOO much nasty evidence on this, the diet stuff even more so!

    On second thoughts YOU keep the Coke, and I’ll entertain that rather nice looking chap with the attractive tan the attractive mature facial hair and the attractive and seductive ‘ I never touch that canned stuff meself’ look. I wonder if i could persuade him to read me The Great Gatsby as a bedtime Story?

    • Can’t think of as single crime book related to Thanksgiving…and worse – I don’t think a single Honourable Mention is going to go to an American crime writer (hence the postponement – it seemed rude somehow…)

      Might be – but maybe I’ll surprise you! (Then again, maybe I won’t!)

      Love Diet Coke – everything’s bad for us apparently, so we might as well enjoy the ones we enjoy. The Philosophy of Chairwoman FF!

      Hands off my George!!!

  2. Is that really the original Edward? Can’t believe he’s survived considering what he’s been through. I made pumpkin pie for the after-school club – they weren’t too keen, but they scoffed the Twinkies, which I detest – there really is no accounting for taste.

  3. Not a big fan of musicals but I do like Singing in the Rain and On the Town. Gene Kelly was an incredible dancer and choreographer. Some of the horror stories I have read on the making of Singing in the Rain makes one appreciate his dedication. George Clooney is one of the few actors where the epithet ‘intelligent actor is not an oxymoron. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • I love the old Hollywood musicals – On the Town is one of my favourites – especially the dance routine in the museum. 😀

      Yes, I joke about loving Clooney for his looks, but I agree – he’s a great actor. Happy St Andrew’s Eve!

  4. Ha! Yes, and I’m still stuffing myself with leftovers, although we skated out of town with the “goods” and are eating, kayaking, and hiking in Bodega Bay so we can feel ever-so-more-virtuous than those sitting in front of American football games. 😀 We’re actually here because it’s absolutely glorious to spend the holiday in this tiny town by the sea.

    Kitty litter, Gene Kelly (the Broadway Melody dance sequence with Cyd Charisse still gives me hot flashes), teddy bears, lint rollers, and George Clooney. I’m with you!

      • “Bodega” translates to “store,” “warehouse,” or “grocery,” especially if alcohol is involved. Extremely apropos, considering it’s located on the western border of Sonoma County, part of the wine country to the north of San Francisco. The bay was named after the Spaniard who “discovered” it.

        I’ll be posting my “review” of my month in the igloo. It turns out that only a shadow of myself remained in the igloo. The real self has another story to tell. Stay tuned….

        • The Birds! I knew there was a cultural connection – The Birds was set in Bodega Bay. Now if only poor Tippi Hedren had been able to find the warehouse of booze, she could probably have got through the whole experience a bit more calmly…

          Enigmatic and intriguing…I look forward to discovering more…

          • I’ve never seen that film (but I did see quite a few birds at the bay). After watching Psycho, I had no nerve left. Perhaps if I find the warehouse, I, too, could make it through The Birds. 😀

            • You should watch it just before you go to Bodega Bay the next time – it will add an extra frisson of excitement when one of those gulls starts to swoop… 😯

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