Left for Dead (A Maeve Kerrigan Story) by Jane Casey

An extra treat…

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left for deadMaeve is 21, straight out of police college and finding her feet as the newest member of the team. Out on night shift patrol, she and her partner are sent to attend what sounds like a ‘domestic’ – until Maeve discovers a young woman, still alive, but horribly injured…

This novella-length story is a prequel to the excellent Maeve Kerrigan series, showing us Maeve at the beginning of her career, and the case that led to her meeting her future boss, Superintendent Charles Godley. The investigation element is fairly minimal, though enjoyable, and apart from Godley none of the later regulars are here. So no gorgeous Rob, sadly – but this leaves Maeve free to get entangled with another colleague. And we get an opportunity to see that Josh Derwent isn’t the only MCP in the Met.

It’s a steep learning curve for Maeve, but she holds her own and we see the feisty, funny personality that Casey develops so well in the full-length novels. A good introduction to anyone new to the series and an extra treat for die-hard fans.

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28 thoughts on “Left for Dead (A Maeve Kerrigan Story) by Jane Casey

  1. FictionFan – Oh, what an interesting concept! A look at what Maeve was like as a younger cop gives Casey a really creative opportunity to flesh out her (Maeve’s) character. Innovative idea and I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  2. I love these singles that fill in the blanks along the way. Two of my other favourite authors, Elly Griffiths and Louise Penny have also written them and given me great pleasure.


  3. Sounds good. I have the first one in my TBR pile, but it is outstripping even my ability to keep up. I wish people would stop sending me policy papers to comment on – they get in the way of my recreational reading.


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