TBR Thursday…

Episode 2

Kes: On my home-world it’s much simpler. You choose a mate for life. There’s no distrust, no envy, no betrayal.

The Doctor: Your world must have very dry literature.

kes and the doctor

I’m delighted to report that for the first time in months my TBR list has actually fallen – by one – to 99! However, this week you all had a wonderful time trying to undo all my hard work. In fact, twelve reviews tempted me this week, so I have had to ruthlessly shortlist…

Always a Bridesmaid Awards

With grateful thanks to the reviewers/recommenders, here are the runners-up in this week’s contest:

the last policemanA murder mystery set in a world under threat of destruction from an approaching asteroid…

Mysteries in Paradise says: “Public infrastructure is collapsing. Fuel supplies are almost nil. There is no public transport, telephony is collapsing, there are very few cars on the road. Outside public buildings people hand out pamphlets urging citizens to pray. And all the time the asteroid gets closer. The exact location of where it will hit, and exactly what day are still unknown.”

See the full review at Mysteries in Paradise


train dreamsA tale of the American West in the early twentieth century, seen through the life of one man…

The Indiscriminate Critic says For such a slim volume, it takes up a surprisingly large footprint in the imagination. Conjuring up sounds of train whistles and wolf howls, the thematic echoes manage to fill the spaces between. In many ways, it’s an epic writ small.”

See the full review at The Indiscriminate Critic


tigers in red weatherFiction set at the end of WWII…

What Amy Read Next says Tigers in Red Weather is a honest and beautiful novel of desire, abandon, despair and quiet desperation, offering the reader a dark mystery and an equally dark look into the inner workings of marriage, mental illness and the lives of the rich. The hot, lazy, summer setting with a bit of glamour thrown in echoes themes from The Great Gatsby, as facades are crumbling and ugly truths are surfacing..”

See the full review at What Amy Read Next


the devil in the white cityA factual book about two men, an architect and a serial killer, in the Chicago of 1893…

LitBeetle says They want to enrapture people, gain power over them, control their hopes and quell their doubts. Burnham wants to accomplish this through the artistry of architecture, throwing millions into reverie at what humankind can accomplish in an impossibly short amount of time. Holmes wants to seduce people with his charm and control their lives, and eventually control their deaths.”

See the full review at LitBeetle


And this week’s bride is…


a tale for the time being

A story of shared humanity and the search for home. Specifically recommended to me by Lady Fancifull.

Lady Fancifull says I’m deliberately saying nothing about how these worlds and voices connect and form something lovely – tender, horrendous, shocking, charming – because this is a book which demands the reader to have the experience, be surprised, be amused, be sickened, be saddened, laugh, cry.”

To be honest, I have no idea what this book is about – all the reviews seem to be vague in the extreme – but Lady Fancifull’s track record of picking books I’ll like is pretty high…

See the full review at Lady Fancifull

Now all I have to do is find time to read it…

42 thoughts on “TBR Thursday…

  1. Well, you certainly have some very strong candidates here!! I don’t envy you the task you had trying to decide which one to choose. And I always liked the character of Kes…


  2. All the books look too good, but I think my favourite (!) would have to be the one about the architect and serial killer. I love this new category, by the way. Even if there are funny pictures at the front!


    • I’ll have to read it fairly soon, ‘cos it’s an Amazon Vine book and they have this silly 30-day deadline, so the review shouldn’t be too long in coming…

      Tigers does look good, though…of course, if you review it, that gives me an excuse to bring it back for a future TBR Thursday! 😀


  3. I’m fairly certain that that’s sitting in the book case upstairs, but I’m so deep in Summer School literature at the moment that I’m not sure I’ve even got time to go up and check:)


  4. I’m not even going to pretend to add this to my heap – I am currently wallowing in “Golden Age” sci-fi and I think the aliens are eating my brain. These “megapacks” at 49p a pop are very insidious.


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