TBR Thursday…

Resistance is Futile…


It’s got to stop, I tell you! It’s simply GOT TO STOP!!!

Oh, I do beg your pardon! It’s just that, as I wander virtually through the blogosphere, peeking at the pictures, getting outraged at the politics, laughing at the humour, I try – I really try very hard – not to read all the fabulous reviews of fabulous books that you people out there tempt me with every single day! But it’s no use – as my body double* Seven of Nine would doubtless say ‘Resistance is Futile’.

seven of nine

And the result is that this week my TBR pile finally topped the 100 mark, and that doesn’t include all those 99p Kindle buys that seemed like such a good idea at the time…

So, what’s to be done?

I gathered together a top-level think tank (me and the cats basically, who think I spend far too much time reading already when I could be worshipping them instead) and this is what we’ve come up with….

TBR Thursday…

Each week I will note all the recommendations that have piqued my interest and on Thursday, I will pick one – ONE – to add to the TBR pile…while all the rest will be returned to the Sea of Unread Books like little wee baby fishes. Who knows? These tiddlers may return one day to be caught again…

(*I may have used a little artistic licence here… 😉 )

Close but No Cigar Awards

With grateful thanks to the reviewers/recommenders, here are the runners-up in this week’s contest:

how i live nowA Young Adult book about children caught up in the occupation when England is invaded by an unnamed aggressor…

Rebecca Bradley says “I read this book in one day, I just couldn’t put it down. Rosoff captures the innocence of emotion and feelings, grabs hold of you and drags you right in. I loved this book and if you’re thinking of widening your reading experiences, I’d recommend Rosoff.”

See Rebecca’s full review


Eva's eyeScandinavian crime with the first installment of the Inspector Sejer series.

Reading, Writing and Reisling says “A great read; a well structured plot, empathetic intelligent main characters, this is Fossum at her best. This is the first book in the Inspector Sejer series though it has been the last to be translated to English. The entire series is worthy of your consideration, you will not be disappointed.”

See the full review at Reading, Writing and Reisling


bad blood sandfordA dark crime novel set in Minnesota, part of the Virgil Flowers series.

What Are You Reading For says “In contrast to its complex plot, Bad Blood is very economically written – it’s a very lean book, largely thanks to Sandford’s extensive journalist experience. He rarely repeats himself, and also keeps nothing deliberately hidden; everything that Flowers learns is laid open for the reader, so we see the investigation progress alongside him.”

See the full review at What Are You Reading For


in true bloodProbably the most famous true crime book – and yet I’ve never read it!

50 Year Project says “But the murder and the days after were almost hypnotic. I can’t imagine the fear the family felt. And then the manhunt. Even though I knew the police actually apprehended the killers, I thought for sure they wouldn’t catch them when I was reading the book.”

See the full review at 50 Year Project


And the first TBR Thursday winner is…



A novel about art, art history and academic skulduggery.

Alex says “From the moment the book begins, with Kate’s concern about her husband’s prevarication during his sabbatical, through his terror when he thinks that someone else might have spotted the object of his thesis, to the reformulation of ideas to fit new facts or worse the reinterpretation of facts to fit the thesis, Frayn is spot on.  Sometimes I laughed out loud.  Sometimes I winced with painful recollection.” (Actually Alex’s analysis of this book is so thorough, well written an insightful that, even if you don’t fancy the book, I highly recommend you read her post.)

See the full review at Thinking in Fragments

Now all I have to do is find time to read it…

62 thoughts on “TBR Thursday…

  1. I think you’ve made a terrific plan for not letting the TBR pile get so big it threatens to put you out of your home. And if your cats agree, well, that is all there is to it. The cats have spoken. 😉 In all seriousness I like your idea very much, and I’ll be looking forward to your picks as the weeks go by.


    • The cats have been making their feelings known by chewing the corner of whatever I’m reading…including the Kindle! I hope I can stick to the plan, but it’ll be hard… 😉


  2. I’m almost certain that you become outraged over the PL’s politics. So do I at times.

    I think this is a great idea. You see, the professor has the gift of being able to say ‘no’ to every single book he sees, so he usually doesn’t have to worry about this sort of thing.

    The professor is actually surprised that you chose that novel over all the other crime ones.

    (Now I’m beginning to understand how I became Lee/Willis/Indiana…!)


    • I’m thinking of starting a campaign for the PL to have a referendum on independence…

      Yes, but now you’ve got sucked in to the blogosphere of book reviewers, we’ll all start forcing books on you (it’s already happening!) and then you’ll be just as bad as the rest of us. 😎

      I’ve splurged on crime this year – I need lit fic for a while…


      • Well, most of the nations and kingdoms in the PL are independent already. Of course, there are a few that aren’t.

        Och! You’re right. This professor used to turn down books all the time. Now I’ve got a TBR pile! The first ever!!!

        Yes, I agree. I think we need more Twain.


        • Ah, now I’ve become Empress of PL, none of them shall be independent any longer!!!

          I shall make it my mission to ensure that your TBR pile becomes as mountainous as everyone else’s… 😉

          Or more Austen…


          • Bud Parker and Napoly wouldn’t let you remain Empress, though…

            Now that I’ve been forewarned, I shall take the necessary precautions! This poor professor has never been a reader…maybe once…some time ago. (Reading Gatsby as of now–again. It makes so much sense that it’s quite bewildering. Needs a brutal ripping.)

            Dadblame Austen! I can’t believe what I’m going to have to go through soon…


            • Another two for banishment…

              But I’ll only pick books that will appeal to the average knife-throwing, worm-hunting, kung fu Professor-type… 😉

              See, I really don’t understand how anybody could not like Gatsby – especially Yankees. I genuinely think it’s an amazing book, and Gatsby himself is one of literature’s immortals. And Daisy (who I always see as Mia Farrow – her best role) is so….so…so…Daisy-ish! ‘I hope she’ll be a fool…a beautiful little fool.’ One of the greatest lines ever… I shall look forward to your rip 👿

              Hehe! You’ll enjoy it – and even if you don’t, I will – which is much more important!


            • That’s the vexing part. You actually choose books that are intriguing…

              Not worm hunting! Dadblameit! I hunted giant earthworms in my day.

              Gatsby makes as much sense as a hare’s front teeth! I think you use Yankee derisively, you…you…you lobster back!

              You would too. But no more Austen after this…your majesty!


            • Oh, giant earthworms – I see! Now I understand the attraction – that edge of danger – man pitted against beast, having to summon all his courage and skill simply to survive…

              Lobster back, is it? Well!! Just you try throwing me in a pan of boiling water and see what happens, you colonial!! Anyway, I bet secretly you think Gatsby’s wonderful…and a hare’s front teeth probably do make sense…to a hare…

              Of course not! Well, except for Sense & Sensibility, that is… 😈


            • Oh no. The professor just makes his situation worse and worse.

              I think you’re right. Gatsby would only make sense to a hare’s teeth. And I think a hare could gnaw on that book and still not get much out of it.

              Never another! Never!


            • Have you read Dune, Chicky-Spitz-Spitz? You’d love it!! People actually get to ride on giant sandworms!!! How exciting is that!!!!

              Tchah! You’re obviously not reading it right – try tunring the book the other way up… 😉

              Never is a very long time…


            • No… The professor has only read about 0.05% of what you and BigSister have read. (Can’t you forget about the worms? 🙂 )

              😆 Is that the problem? 😆

              A very safe time…


            • I really genuinely think you might enjoy Dune… and it would be fantastic for ripping… 😉

              OK, I’ll try to stop mentioning the worms…but I doubt I’ll ever be able to forget about them… 😆

              Well, either that, or try standing on your head…

              Once you’ve read P&P, I’m convinced you’ll be a convert…


            • Oh! The professor is really interested now! A professorish book that could be a great ripio…

              You know, it’s not like the professor picks on you about anything. (I still don’t understand how you could like Mr. R…really.)

              Oh no, I shan’t!


            • One for the TBR pile, then?? 😆

              I’m not picking on you over the worms – I think it’s lovely! Every boy should have a nice little hobby… for some it’s sport, for some it’s reading…for you, it happens to be worm-hunting…so sweet! And as creatures go, worms are much nicer than some I could name…

              Miss Tiffany might be willing to read another Twain though – The Innocents Abroad, for instance. that would surely be worth reading S&S for?


            • No, no, I resist!!!

              Worm-hunting is probably unique to this professor… 😆 I feel for Mr. R…

              *gulp* Well…I’ll try to get her to read that without having to go through torture. I shan’t read S&S! How could I call myself the professor then?


            • Resistance is futile! I’ll just tell Miss T to make you read it…

              The Professor is truly unique…in so many ways! As is that creature – is his character perhaps based on some of the worms you hunted?

              Chicky-Woot-Woot suits you better anyway. 😀


            • Well, I can quite understand why you don’t want to dance with Mr Twain – you might trip over his moustache. But I don’t have a moustache – and I bet Miss T doesn’t either…


            • Or perhaps he’s evolving into a giant worm… in which case, you could hunt him down with your Kantana! 😀 😀

              That’s because I think it suits you… 🙂


  3. Loved this post. So silly and yet so organized! I may have to apply a similar strategy to my own TBR list soon…it’s threatening to become longer than the list of books I’ve read!


    • Haha! I know! If I’d read all the books I intend to read, I’d be so well read… 😉

      But we’ll see if I can keep this up, or will I crack and go on a book-buying splurge…


    • It was very hard to eliminate the ‘losers’! But drastic action was required… 😉

      I’ll be amazed if I can stick to it though – I’m not noted for my restraint when it comes to acquiring books!


  4. I thought you were going to declare Thursday the day you read something from the TBR pile. I decided not to buy any more actual books until my TBR shelf was empty, so what happens? My Kindle bill goes through the ceiling.
    All of your chosen books sound interesting, although I read the Capote years ago, I’m sure the Freyn will be excellent: his books usually are.


    • Well, to my dismay, a book arrived from Amazon this morning – I must not have been paying attention when I ordered it! Some of the books on my Kindle have been sitting there unread for two years now – why do we do it? No willpower…


  5. My cat and dog think I read too much. Glad I made the runner’s up list and i do hope you eventually add In Cold blood to your list–I loved it! Thanks for the mention!


    • In Cold Blood was second choice – if my willpower snaps (which is quite likely) it won’t surprise me at all if it sneaks on to the TBR pile while I’m not looking… 😉


  6. Now I have to hope that ‘Headlong’ lives up to my review. I think you’ve come up with a very useful tactic here and one I could well do to follow. At least I tend to put mine on my wish list at the library rather than actually buying the books but that is now so long I don’t stand any chance at all of ever reading them all. Maybe my first act should be to weed that. I bet I can’t remember why I out half of them on the list in the first place.


    • Congratulations on being the first winner! 😉

      Yes, I carry out a TBR weed from time to time and really wonder sometimes why I ever added a book in the first place. But it still continues to grow…and grow…


  7. Sulk though I might that the Ozeki book didn’t make it – mind you, my distinctly even for me overwhelmed, ultimate gushery review has not yet been written, as I had a lot of responsible work to do all day today (unfair, unfair) but i have been teased at for about 5 days by this book A MAYzing.

    Anyway – kudos to the Frayn reviewer. Frayn is always worth moving up the TBR pile.

    I think you should just give up – order a job lot of caffeine chews, stop sleeping, and just read. You could do a ‘I am going to read 100 books in 100 days a thon and raise money for a charity – ‘taking myself off to a tropical island to sleep after my 100 days without sleep raising money for the charity that takes me to a tropical island to recover from 100 days without sleep…….and on!’
    What to do though when you are sooooooooo open to persuasion that you keep buying the books or even (this is sad – despite the huge pile of bought and ARC, what do I do today – my errand took me past the library, which was open. So I borrowed some books Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcccccccccccch Now the pile is even higher

    And that Frayn looks good…….


    • Your book only didn’t make the shortlist because no review to quote yet – I’ve held it back for inclusion next week with appropriate quote!

      The problem with this system is that it doesn’t take account of NetGalley, Vine, impulse purchases, re-reads, and the existing TBR. Oh, well, it’s a start I suppose…

      Now if I could just persuade all authors to stop writing books for roughly two years…


      • Perhaps the job lot of them could be exported to that desert island with their 7 records, copies each of the bible and complete works of Willyam, and their choice of one other book and luxury. They will all be so busy listening to each others records (and the island will be loud and crowded with all of them, borrowing each others extra book – and I assume unless everyone takes a sheaf of paper and a quill they won’t be ABLE to write. As most castaways seem to take other things ‘my set of golf clubs’ ”a jeroboam of champagne’ ‘some corn plasters’ (I made the last one up) you should find they are forced into silence until rescued. Of course their agents will then have several hundred ‘books’ to decipher, all scratched onto leaves with goose quills, throns and the like, so expect a DELUGE of books after the rescue


        • Great idea! Alternatively I could go to the desert island, complete with Kindle and box of books…and no wifi or debit card, so no way to top up. Now how much chocolate should I pack…?


          • Surely you ask that nice Kirsty Young woman for an unlimited supply as your luxury item – work out your average chocolate consumption per week, double it, and then multiply by 104 to cover you for the 2 years. Not sure of the weather on your island, you might need to also ask for an electricity generation and industrial sized refrigeration unit to keep the chocolate cool. But she might see that as trying to get 3 luxies for the price of one. Now here’s a thought – what about requesting one of every single chocolate bar box and packet IN THE WHOLE WORLD and claiming the information on chocolate bar wrapping from the entire world as your EXTRA BOOK! Then you could claim the generator etc as your luxury item. You will somehow need to get a kind friend to secrete your Kindle and all the books inside the industrial freezer as well, otherwise she is bound to search you for hidden extra books and will confiscate the Kindle etc


            • Weekly amount…hmm…double…hmm…times 104… Oh my gosh, the island’s going to have to be HUGE! And you know I hate hot weather… Greenland!!! Then I could also log into my own blog and finally get that elusive landmass on my map! And if you would be kind enough to get my Vine freebies dropped off each month, I’d even be prepared to log into yours too! 😉


            • Done deal! Clever you for working out how not to need a fridge. I just need to get my pilot’s licence is all. Inotice you didn’t suggest I dropped in you chocolate, you are quite right, trustable with the Vine freebies, not so sure about the choco eh?


            • Ah, you noticed that, did you? It’s just that if I had to take enough chocolate for both of us, then we’d need the entire Arctic circle…But, I tell you what, if there’s any chocolate left by the time I’ve finished all the books, you can have it!


            • Yebbut you’ll eat the best stuff first, I know you, AND no doubt lick the chocolate coating of the horrid hard toffees coated with chocolate. Perhaps polar animals losing some of their habitat and the collapse of the food chain might adapt to a chocolate remains diet and come back from extinction?


            • I don’t mean to horrify you, but I like the horrid hard toffees… And if any resurrected mammal attempts to nick my chocolate, it’ll be extinct again very quickly!


            • Sorry prof, I talk about chocolate much more than I eat it and am one of those annoying people with horse like appetites who can fight to keep weight ON Chocolate chatter, chocolate chat choccy chat chat. But i have just had a LARGE helping of very delicious sauerkraut – shall we cabbage chat?


  8. Glad you chose Frayn in the end. i like the idea you came up with because it does help deal with that automatic reaction I have whenever is we a book that I might be interested in. It’s just too darn easy to add it to those wish lists in Goodreads etc.


  9. I went to a secondhand book sale this week and stumbled upon Michael Frayn’s ‘Headlong’. I have read parts of a nonfiction book by him and have been wondering how his fiction would be. So I couldn’t resist getting ‘Headlong’. And now I stumble upon it again on your TBR list 🙂 That is some coincidence! Well, from your description it looks like a fascinating book. It makes me think of A.S.Byatt’s ‘Possession’. I will forward to reading it. I will also look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Happy reading!


    • It’s funny how that happens sometimes. 🙂 It looks like a really interesting one – I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t read ‘Possession’ – the only AS Byatt I’ve read is ‘The Childrens’ Book’ and I really didn’t like it. I should probably try something else of hers sometime…

      Hope you enjoy ‘Headlong’ – I’ll look forward to seeing your review!


      • Sorry to know that you didn’t like Byatt’s ‘The Children’s Book’. I haven’t read that and so can’t compare it with ‘Possession’ but as a standalone, ‘Possession’ was quite good. A literary detective story. Hope you enjoy reading ‘Headlong’. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.


  10. Love your post! I’m in the process of throwing up my hands (better than throwing up, I suppose) at all the posts sitting in my inbox, let alone the books I’d like to read. I should never go on holiday. the re-entry process is fraught with dangers. I may just have to take a hiatus from reading altogether so I can focus on writing.


    • Haha! I always feel like that about holidays – the aftermath is too horrendous to contemplate! Hope you had a great time on your desert island, though. 🙂

      I’m taking a little blogging break for a couple of weeks, theoretically to catch up on a few other things, but in reality I’m spending most of my time watching the tennis. Where was I when they handed out self-discipline?


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