Write Your Own…Mystery by Pie Corbett

write your own mysteryFun and informative…

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This 48-page guide to writing your own mystery story is aimed at children – I’d guess from about age 8-12. It’s very well written, clearly laid out and not in the least patronising.

Corbett takes us through how to decide on a plot, developing the characters of villains and sleuths, evidence gathering, misdirection – all the ingredients of a classic mystery. Along the way, he gives lots of tips on the technical side of writing – using clauses effectively, simple similes and metaphors, the importance of vocabulary, sentence structure and the need to get the spelling right. But none of this is done in a preachy way; Corbett explains why these things make a story easier to read and more exciting. He gives copious examples throughout, showing how using different words or structures can enhance the story-telling experience. The book is illustrated with diagrams and some nice little pencil drawings by Peter Bailey, and contains a glossary and index at the end.

Pie Corbett
Pie Corbett

Frankly, I think I’d have loved to be given this little book when I was a child, along with a nice empty writing journal and pens. Who knows, I could have been the next Agatha Christie!?! In fact, there are many of our best-known authors who could benefit from being reminded of some of the basics included here – like making your protagonist likeable, for instance! (Or getting the book edited for grammar and spelling before publication…)

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating… so, let’s see…

Plot…hmm…sleuth…OK…suspects…no problem…red herrings…right…cliffhanger…hmm…hmm…dramatic twist…uh-huh…right…here goes…

OK, my earth-shatteringly exciting new mystery is ready for publication!!! Hold tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

The Mystery of the Mysterious Mystery

NB This book was provided for review by the publisher.

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