Seek and ye shall find…or maybe not…

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m completely fascinated by the Stats Page on the blog. It amazes me that someone pops in from Croatia from time to time, not to mention Vietnam and Nepal – hallo there! And if the person who visits from Barbados would like to give me their address, perhaps I could pop over for a wee visit? 😉

I’m intrigued to see what people click on and whether my widgets tempting people to visit other posts I’ve liked have any effect (not very much, is the answer to that I’m afraid). And I adore seeing that tiny little ‘views’ number grow…

But most of all, I love seeing what search terms bring people to the site. So often I feel like I should apologise for not being at all what they were looking for! So I’ve decided to respond to a few of the questions that have up until now sent visitors away disappointed…


Search term: picture of Anne Hathaway

Answer: To the many, many film fans who search for this, I’m sorry. I think we’re talking about different Anne Hathaways, but I hope you’re not too disappointed when you end up at this…

Anne and Will (
Anne and Will


Search term: plot of Three Men in a Boat

Answer: Three men row up the Thames in a boat and then catch a train back. Hope that helps!


Search term: Arnold H Lubasch e-mail address

Answer: Look, I only read his book – we’re not on those kind of terms!


Search term: anything containing the words ‘pirate copy’ or ‘torrent’.

Answer: Buy the book!!


Search term: Picture of Adonis

Answer: So sorry! Different Adonis, I think, but here’s a picture anyway…

Andrew Adonis (wikipedia)
Andrew Adonis


Search term: The Village is defined as a thriller.

Answer: Not by me, it’s not!


Search term: Lacey Flint is weird

Answer: I know…she is a bit…


Search term: ending of 6 years harlan coben

Answer: The End


Search term: Carmilla indistinguishability/criticisms/Catholicism/politics (I know it seems unlikely, but that search term or similar has brought hosts of people here from all over the world – I guess the book has become a set text.)

Answer: Just remember that Laura may or may not represent Anglo-Irish Protestantism fearing the onset of Home Rule, that Carmilla does represent Irish Catholicism, Carmilla doesn’t represent Irish Catholicism or Carmilla might represent aristocratic Irish Catholicism, or Laura and Carmilla are actually indistinguishable from each other – two voracious cultures (or should that be curvaceous vultures?) devouring each other. There! The exam should be a doddle now…

Carmilla and Laura
Carmilla and Laura


Search term: arne dahl sexual content

Answer: some, but I’d only give it a seven…


Search term: aatish1 full girals

Answer: Sorry, could you repeat the question?


Search term: The many, many people who search for ‘…. Book report’

Answer: Do your own homework, you lazy young whippersnappers!


Search term: vamos rafa shorts

Answer: Yeah, I’ve searched on that one myself sometimes…

rafa 2013 2

Late addition…


Search term: (The most recent request) the monster that emerges from the lagoon with wet eyes!

Answer: OK!

cat on water

Sincere thanks to everyone who visits – for whatever reason!

You brighten my day!

17 thoughts on “Seek and ye shall find…or maybe not…

  1. Oh, what an utterly UTTERLY blissful post!

    More please, for the feeding of my definitely frivol side. Please amend my profile accordingly, feisty fey AND frivolous, please.

    Yes, i too love those ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????? searches’

    I think, I just think you might have grounds for a little Jilanne type survey here – ‘What are your WEIRDEST/FUNNIEST/SADDEST search terms

    My answer to the girals, is that the searcher was a keen chef with a spelling problem, and your site is the OBVIOUS one to end up at when searching for that perfect recipe for heavily peppered mushrooms (yes, you’ll have to think about that poor culinary joke)


      • A search for “hand torn not cut” + bread on an image search yielded around 10-15 images on my site, including such notable and obvious connections as: A picture of lenin in his tomb: Beryl Bainbridge’s photo; a representation of the evolution of a quadruped primate to an upright man; A mountainside in Bolivia and a goat and a wolf looking at each other. It rather seems like a creative writing class essay!

        And oddly, a search for ‘a man in the desert looking confused’ did not bring ME to my site, whether on image or text search, though clearly someone found me that way. No wonder they were confused!

        And as for Physical address for Animal Kingdom?? Well I know I have cats, and sometimes they bring a few other animals (generally dead), to this address, but, no, I can’t make the connection

        And THIS search was frankly a little worrying……….fanci full; nude in the nature art. I did check to see if there were any nude photos of me, artistic or not, out there in the public domain. Breathes sigh of relief, and assumes blog must have been really disappointing when they found me – only one view

        Sadly, most of my searches are fairly sensible, but I do have some fondness for the following:

        macam mana di senarai hitamkan oleh bank which as everyone knows is Malaysian for being blacklisted by the bank and once again didn’t bring me to my site.

        I hope being blacklisted by my bank isn’t linked to those nude nature art pictures


        • 😆 Haha! It’s the general disappointment that’s the concern. A couple of people have found my Wealth and Power review – but I have no idea how. When I search for it, I get directed to my review of Knowledge of Sins Past – a murder mystery! Why? Only Google knows! But at least nobody has searched on ‘nude’ ‘fictionfan’ though of course now I’ve typed that, this is where they’ll end up if they ever do…


  2. I have to admit I’m the same way about stats. I like to look at where people have visited from and how they found me. I’m also always interested in the kinds of posts that draw a lot of visitors and comments. Can’t say anyone’s found me by looking for rafa shorts, though 😉


  3. 😆 No Clooney! We couldn’t stand Rosemary and we can’t stand George! 😉

    Definitely an interesting post. The professor wasn’t aware that one has these things in the dashboard…But the professor isn’t aware about a lot.

    I’m so glad that people don’t come searching for the monster that emerges from the lagoon with wet eyes! That would be the day!


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