The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie read by Joan Hickson

Excellent reading of a classic mystery novel…

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the moving fingerThis is my top favourite of all of Agatha Christie’s stories, and this reading by the marvellous Joan Hickson is pretty much perfect.

Although this is a Miss Marple tale, she doesn’t in fact appear until the last quarter of the book. The story is told in the first person by injured airman Jerry Burton who, accompanied by his sister Joanna, has moved to Lymstock to recuperate in the peace and quiet of village life. But there’s no such thing as peace in a Christie village. Spiteful gossip, anonymous letters, jealousy, resentment and murder – not quite what the doctor ordered. However, as always with Christie, there’s plenty of humour, likeable lead characters and a little bit of romance. And when the vicar’s wife finally calls in Miss Marple to act as an ‘expert in wickedness’, we know she’ll dig the truth out from under the pile of red herrings that Christie has carefully strewn in our path.

joan hickson

Listening to Joan Hickson is like being read to by a favourite grandmother. This is a straight reading – she doesn’t ‘act’ the various parts, but her tone is full of expression and her rather old-fashioned accent is perfect for the period of the novel. Sometimes when listening to an audio book I find my attention wandering a bit – but not with this one. Ms Hickson sucked me in (despite the fact that I know the book so well) and held my attention throughout. She brings out the lightness and humour that make Christie’s mysteries such a pleasure and her obvious affection for the book is contagious.

An excellent reading of one of the very best of classic mystery novels. I downloaded it from Audible but it’s also available on disc, with a running time of 5hrs 39mins. Highly recommended.

Amazon UK Link
Audible UK Link
Audible US Link – the disc set doesn’t appear to be available in the US.

48 thoughts on “The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie read by Joan Hickson

    • I think it works either way – though I always prefer listening to books I’ve already read, so that my mind can fill in any gaps in concentration (audiobooks have been known to induce snoozing in this house…) 😉

      But it is really good – right up there with your favourite, Death in the Nile, which is my favourite Poirot.


  1. I didn’t realise this was your favourite as well – I think I like it largely because it only uses the detective to detect, not as the centre of the story. I always thought that Joan Hickson was the “best” (i.e. most like in the books) Miss Marple, so I am sure her reading will be excellent.


  2. Oh, I like this book very much too. I like Jerry and Joanna and I have always thought Christie had quite a good eye for her times and for her society. This book is one of those that shows that. And in my opinion, it’s hard to beat Joan Hickson as narrator. I have to say she does my favourite interpretation of Christie.


    • Joanna is fun – especially when she’s brought down to earth with a bang when the doctor makes her assist him…

      I love Jerry and Megan’s trip to London – a scene you couldn’t possibly get away with writing now, and yet so sweet.


    • I have the same problem, Paula. I used to listen to them while driving, which helped me concentrate somehow, but I don’t have a long commute now, so I don’t listen to them all that often any more. If you do try this one, though, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


    • It really is a great reading, I think. I always enjoy the bits of romance Christie adds to the stories, and the Jerry and Megan romance is one of the best. But I like Joanna’s romance in this book too…


  3. Thank you so much for following my blog! Your blog is like an inspiration for me, and it’s always nice to see that there’s a whole blogging community of readers. As for the audiobook, I really might try it out. I used to watch the British TV-Crime Drama “Miss Marple”, but now that it has ended I really miss Joan Hickson’s voice.


    • Glad to! I enjoyed poking round your reviews last night and am looking forward to reading more of them. And thanks for the lovely compliment – I hope you’ll come and join in the chit-chat sometimes. 🙂

      If you do try this audiobook, I hope you enjoy it – I love her voice too, and this reading is really great.


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