19 thoughts on “Three Greatest Scottish Creations…

  1. P.S, if the devolutionists win, can we south of the borderers have a grace clause which allows us to part claim Andy as one of ours at grand slams, otherwise (gulp) next year it will be 78 years between our last Wimbledon winner, and no other hope lying on the horizon.

    Here’s a wee dram and an oatcake raised to C’mon Andy. I’m sorry, the fried Mars bar is a little quease inducing, and though I have had haggis in the long ago past when i was young and innocent and ate meat, a plate of delicious neeps on their own don’t seem QUITE celebratory enough for your man, after that sterling (or even Stirling) 3 setter, which the Scot out of Ireland via Serbia did not LOSE, but the true wearer of the tartan WON.

    Unlike the sad ladies’ match, which Lisicki lost. Bartoli won it sure, but it would have been good if Bartoli WON it, like Andy WON it

    I’m SO glad it didn’t go to 5 – else A + E departments would have been over-run with people having heart failure!

    I DO think he could have managed some winner’s tears for us though!

    • Not a chance, I’m afraid – I thought Salmond was going to strangle Cameron with the Saltire at the end!

      Great match though, and I agree that Jock O’Vich didn’t lose – they both won…but Andy got the cup! However Jock’s still an honorary Scotsman as far as I’m concerned.

      Yep, three sets was enough for my poor nerves…and I wept Andy’s tears for him… 😀

      • I think Queenie will have to Sir Andy him so that we Southrons can claim him – if she gets her skates on, and does it fast, we could be having the delicious enjoyment of next year’s matches going Advantage Sir Andy Murray etc!

        PS FF you are so fickle, once your heart belonged to Colin Firth, then Rafa was your man, but now they are yesterday’s men of your heart!

        Do you think Lendl will let him off the ice-bath tonight?

        • I’ve never seen the point of fantasy monogamy! 😉

          He’ll have to lead the first dance at the ball tonight – I expect that’s more frightening than either the final or the ice-bath… I just want to know if Ivan’s smiled yet?!?

  2. Well done Andy – the consumption of high-blood-pressure medicine must have gone through the roof. And he’s “British”, not “Scottish” – he won!

    • Didn’t think I’d survive that last game – better than an ECG! At last! At Last!! And a great game between the two best players in the world (apologies to Rafa!).

  3. Haggis is delicious – the deep fried Mars bar, however is only out-classed in horror by the deep-fried Bounty.

  4. Oh, and if you had watched the programme last night, you would have seen Lendl smile TWICE – my TV screen almost fused from shock.

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