Knowledge of Sins Past (Murray of Letho 2) by Lexie Conyngham

Murder at the castle…

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knowledge of sins pastIt’s not often I read two books by the same author one after the other, but I enjoyed the first in this series Death in a Scarlet Gown so much that I downloaded this one straight away. A good decision, since this one is equally enjoyable.

Set in early 19th century Scotland, Charles Murray has now graduated from St Andrews but, having been cut off by his father, has accepted the job of secretary to Lord Scoggie and tutor to his young sons. Lord Scoggie’s domain is divided between hill farmers and fishermen between which communities there is a long-standing feud. And when old India hand Major Keyes comes a-wooing the Scoggie daughter, simmering resentments come back to the surface…

Conyngham is very good at scene setting, equally convincing when dealing with the aristocracy at the castle or the fishermen in the village. Her characterisation is particularly good and she handles a large cast well, giving each a distinctive personality and voice. Murray’s position as secretary allows him to be as much at home with the servants as with the family, and his role as tutor to the two young boys gives Conyngham scope to introduce a considerable amount of humour into the story. The murder doesn’t happen till about halfway through the book, giving plenty of time for the reader to speculate about who the victim will be and why. The plot is well worked out and as with all good murder mysteries, the denouement is dramatic.

Because we see Murray developing as the books progress, I would suggest that anyone new to the series should read them in order, although each could certainly also be read as a stand alone. Highly recommended for anyone who likes crime or mystery novels with a historical twist.

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20 thoughts on “Knowledge of Sins Past (Murray of Letho 2) by Lexie Conyngham

  1. Oh, this one sounds as though the atmosphere is very well drawn here! And some times it can work very well when the murder happens a bit later in the story. It allows one to get to know the characters a bit better.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up about number 5 – I thought I could rely on Kindle to “suggest” any new ones, but apparently not. Just bought it, but no time to read it!


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