The Mysterious Affair of Styles by Agatha Navratilova

Back in the good old days, Ladies’ tennis wear was sometimes a little strange to modern eyes…


Lottie DodLottie Dod 1893

5-time Wimbledon Singles Champion between 1887 and 1893. Shockingly short dress – I’m surprised Queen Victoria allowed it!!








Dorothea lambert Chambers 1903Dorothea Lambert Chambers

Won Wimbledon 7 times between 1903 and 1914, while looking as if she were going to a garden party at the Palace.







suzanne lenglen 1923Suzanne Langlen

Ladies Singles Champion 6 times between 1919 and 1925. Look at that French elegance showing through!





helen wills moody 1933Helen Wills Moody

Eight Singles Titles between 1927 and 1938. Frankly this outfit leaves me speechless!






billie jean kingBillie Jean King

The Queen of the Cardigan! And 6-time Champion between 1966 and 1975.






martina-navratilovaMartina Navratilova

NINE times Champion…and yet she still had to borrow her physio’s tunic!









Thank goodness today’s Ladies have a bit more style!!!



serena catsuit

Oh, Serena!

frock jelena

Oh, Jelena!!

venus playsuit

Oh, Venus!!!

bethanie mattek

Oh! No! No! NO, Bethanie!!!





24 thoughts on “The Mysterious Affair of Styles by Agatha Navratilova

  1. Aah BRILLIANT FictionFabn (typo can stay!) You have combined several interests for me, as a closet fashionista (I love looking at how clothes have changed) And you have put the whole thing together in mistressly style (such a shame the word indicating one has become an expert in something is linked with male persons, in fact, that it is gendered at all!) However Bethaniel’s costume DOES have rather Soho/Red Light district connotations, so who knows how she uses her racquet, or even plays ball! (Sorry, and unforgivably louche and lewd comment!)

    PS Surely Lottie Dod doubled as The Cook in The Secret Garden in that outfit?

    PPS C’MON LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you! It amazes me that they could play tennis at all in these dresses – and our lot today complain when the grass gets a bit slippy! But what’s going on with Helen Wills Moody and the bloomers??

  2. Love your fashion show!
    Wasn’t able to watch much today, but I gather that Djokovic is boringly through. Wish I could take to him,but he seems without form and void. C’mon Andy!

    • I don’t mind him when he’s in a well-matched thriller, but today’s match was pretty dull. The first set was fairly even but there was never any real doubt about the outcome. And Laura was rained off! Not the most entertaining day ever, I must admit!

    • I’ve sent you an e-mail, but the short answer is that I just found it on a Google search and don’t know who, if anyone, owns the copyright. Good luck with tracking it down!

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