26 thoughts on “Shorts and Sweet! by Jane Austen (transl. J. McEnroe)

  1. Pobre, Rafa! He got tired of winning. He wanted to experience something new instead… 😉

    Colin Firth as Darcy… *sigh* He’s just so… *deep sigh* He just left me speechless. Now, I’m not gonna be able to focus on anything else for the rest of the day…


  2. Can we still be friends if I let you know that (whispers) I never thought Colin Firth was quite right as Darcy, i thought he was playing a strange Darcy Heathcliff cross and was a little too pouty.

    Oh dear, I think I may have destroyed a friendship.

    Is Colin Firth entering Wimbledon on a Wild Card or something?? Or are they remaking P + P with a Spanish setting, with Rafa as yer man…………..suddenly, the blog went quiet as half FF’s followers boarded jets to Majorca to tryout as Elizabeth……….


    • On the one hand, how could I be friends with someone with NO TASTE! Hmm…and yet…on the other hand, less competition…

      Rafa’s too sweet to play Darcy, but he’d be a lovely Mr Bingham, don’t you think? Of course, that would mean I’d have to be Jane…but then I couldn’t have Darcy…oh, dear, my imaginary love-life is really very complicated!


  3. A great contest, but seeing how folk like Watson have been affected by months out of tennis with career-threatening issues, it’s only fair that Nadal’s superhuman recovery is tempered a little bit.

    Tsonga’s year. Definitely. You can’t hold back the French Tigger!


    • Well, I’d like to see Tsonga win, except that’d mean I’d have to watch Andy lose again and I don’t think I could bear that! The one good thing about Rafa going so early is that I can now support Andy without guilt… 😉


  4. ¸FictionFuns deserves all my attention, but I am at the beginning. Very glad to discover you, thanks to PunchyLands.I already love you. Never heard about that hero in shorts. Do not laugh, I love Jane more than Scarlet… and R. Nadal.I’ve said enough.


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