Photographic evidence…

Fellow blogger and inquisitive voyeur Jilanne Hoffmann challenged us to Show Our Shelves, so here we go…

I decided to stick with the tidiest bookcase and surrounds, since to show the piles in other rooms would frankly have necessitated far too much organising and dusting for a Saturday! And the ‘extra’ bookcase at the back of the wardrobe would require the efforts of a supple limbo-dancer to photograph and I didn’t have one readily to hand. So Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, Anne of Green Gables et al will have to remain in unphoto’d obscurity.


Points to note:

  • Yes, that really is a box set of Enid Blyton on the top shelf.
  • The discerning amongst you will spot that there are two layers of books on each shelf – so you’ll just have to imagine the Reginald Hills, the Anne Carroll Georges, the Val McDermids, the Ian Rankins…
  • The politicians are on the bottom shelf – which seems appropriate somehow! I see Mandelson and Hague have got together not to mention Thatcher cosying up to Blair.

Then there’s the ‘OMG, where on earth will I put these’ pile(s)…



And no display of my library could possibly be complete without …




…my beloved Kindles, old and new. Hmm…only 65 in the Unread folder at the moment – must get some more books!

Well, what’s the verdict? Is there any hope for me? Anyone else out there willing to Show Your Shelves?? If so, link through to Jilanne’s Literary Mardi Gras, where you’ll also get a sneak peek at her own shelves. Go on….you know you want to!

29 thoughts on “Photographic evidence…

  1. Oh, I am beside myself! This spectacular display of literature leaves me wanting more, more, more! Can I just live in a library, please? And I love that you included your e-readers. As far as organization is concerned, I think I would have relegated the politicians to the bottom shelf. :o)

    Ellis, Shakespeare, Poe, Barnes and Annan on the same shelf. Oh my! I love this.


  2. Oh, I love it!! So very nice to know I’m not the only one with piles of books lying about on the tops of tables and such. And I don’t even want to think about how many are on my Kindle…


    • Kindles and online shopping have made it all so much worse! At least you used to have to limit yourself to the weight you could carry home from the bookshop… 😉


        • You would try to get me to abandon my one true love? Cruel, cruel woman!

          Just checked – 266 books on the Kindle, 12 of which are ‘Complete Works’ collections. I’d need to trade my little house for an aircraft hangar! In fact, it was lack of space that drove me into his arms in the first place…if I lived in a castle, he’d never have been good enough for me! (But don’t tell him!)


  3. I dare not (yet) reveal the higgledy piggledy, the dust lying atop those on open nshelves – I have even noticed A SPIDER’S WEB. Hmm rethinks, I might do this and claim it as a piece of artwork ‘still life with books and spider’s web………… could I get away with that without the rest of you thinking ‘what a slut’

    The only order in mine is the booksholf (the spider one) containing (mostly) my professional books – though some that should be there have migrated to other shelves (lack of space) and some complete aliens have somehow found there way there (no idea how)


      • Ah – now the clothes I wear are obsessively colour co-ordinated, but not my books. When I first moved in, I did library type stuff, many moons ago, so all the poetry books were together, in a beaut5iful chronology, from early and old English to modern poets. all the poets from a particular country grouped together all the plays, etc etc. But slowly and not so slowly higgledy pig took over. Now, at my eye levedl, the Making of The African Queem is next to Maus II – which at least is next to Maus, but that is next to The play Road by Jim Cartwright, and its neighbour is ….Alexander Borkman ‘s ABC of Anarchism. film making, caroons (albeit political cartoons) a bleak lyrical play about people on the margins, next to the politics of revolt (makes some sort of sense – but what to make of the next neighbour – Sir Philip Sydney’s In Defense of Poesie – and then…….Moominvalley in November – and, what is this? Office 2003 for Dummies!!!!! Clearly, shocking pictures WILL be needed to prove the total absence of any kind of system and serious butterfly sluttishness!


  4. And I thought I had too many books… You’re a lost cause! 😉

    My inner child is jumping of excitement after spotting that box set of Blyton!


  5. All my recent reads are on Kindle too, BECAUSE we have stacks and stacks of paperbacks, all read long ago and no time to read them again. Where is the village fete bookstall when you need it?


    • I know! I’m fairly ruthless about taking books I’ll never read again to the charity shop – but sadly that doesn’t stop the pile of keepers from steadily growing. The Kindle makes it so much easier but I admit it’s not as attractive as random bookshelves. 🙂


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