Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell by MC Beaton read by Penelope Keith

agatha raisinBreaking up is hard to do…

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Agatha has married James and is just beginning to realise that she may have made a big mistake. He is critical of everything she does and Agatha’s self-esteem is suffering. And then she finds out he’s been having an affair. So when James suddenly disappears, her feelings are mixed. On the one hand, she gets her life back – but on the other hand she really wants to find him so she can give him a piece of her mind! But the police are looking for him too – his mistress Melissa has been murdered and James is the prime suspect…unless, of course, Agatha has done away with them both. Agatha sets out to prove her innocence, find James and catch the murderer…

I’m not Agatha’s biggest fan and have struggled to enjoy her adventures in the past. But when I saw that this unabridged AudioGo version is narrated by Penelope Keith, I thought this might be a way to get a better appreciation of the books. Keith gives a sterling performance, breathing life into each character and showing her ability to do a range of accents and personalities, and not all of them to the manor born.

Penelope Keith
Penelope Keith

Despite Keith’s best endeavours, however, I still found Agatha a rather annoying character – she spends all her time either in a state of rage and rudeness or on the verge of self-pity. The cast of suspects was very small so we kept going over the same ground again and again, and the dénouement felt contrived and unconvincing. However, Keith managed to bring out the humour in the book and her narration added enough to make this a reasonably enjoyable listen, even for me. I’m sure this reading would give a lot of pleasure to dedicated Agatha fans, of whom I know there are many. The running time is 7hrs 15 mins.

NB This disc set was provided for review by Amazon Vine UK.

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11 thoughts on “Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell by MC Beaton read by Penelope Keith

  1. I think that’s the thing about Agatha Raisin. You either adore her character or…you don’t. That’s the key to enjoying those books. I’ll admit I’ve not listened the books, and it’s always interesting to learn how the format in which one experiences a story affects what one thinks of it. So thanks for sharing your thoughts about the narration.


    • I love when established and talented actors do narration – the best of them really add something to even a loved book, and can make a less loved book more enjoyable. 🙂


  2. I do so agree about Agatha Raisin – the biggest mystery about the books is why no-one has murdered her (I live in hope).


  3. I’m not an Agatha Raisin fan either, so I’m not tempted by this – even with Penelope Keith reading it. I just couldn’t take 7 hrs 15 mins of the awful Agatha. Now I think about it, I wouldn’t last 1 minute!


  4. I read one of these when my library started to offer ebooks for loan simply because they were the only mysteries available. I’ve never found the energy to take me back again. If Big Sister is really going to do the deed I’ll help pay for the alibi.


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