The Nightmare Thief by Meg Gardiner

the nightmare thiefWhat a Woman!!

😐 😐 😐

Jo Bennett, the heroine, is investigating a suspicious death in the wild, mountainous terrain of the Sierras, when she and her boyfriend Gabe stumble across a group of teenagers being abducted and held to ransom by a group of assorted villains. Autumn Reiniger, spoilt little rich kid, thinks she and her friends are on an adventure weekend arranged by her not terribly nice father, but in fact the baddies have taken advantage of this scenario to carry out their nefarious scheme.

Pointy Stick
Pointy Stick

Trapped in the wilderness, surrounded by nasty people with great big guns, thank goodness Jo was there to help. Armed only with a knife and a pointy stick, Jo and her hunky but in many ways rather useless survival expert boyfriend set out to bring everyone home safe. Fortunately Jo possesses what must surely be superhuman strength and stamina and the young people are inspired by her to really quite amazing feats of their own, considering their ever-increasing list of nasty, life-threatening injuries.

A truly extraordinary series of coincidences ensues and some technological marvels, such as Jo’s ability to receive incoming texts on her phone while being unable to get a signal to send for help.

I understand this is not the first of Jo Bennett’s adventures. I can only say ‘What a Woman!!’. With women like Jo around I know I feel safer!

A routine, far-fetched, wilderness adventure. Quite readable, but you’ll have to be willing to suspend your disbelief a lot to enjoy this.

NB This book was provided for review by Amazon Vine UK.

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8 thoughts on “The Nightmare Thief by Meg Gardiner

  1. FictionFan – Thanks as ever for the candid review. It does sound like quite the adventure. I think I’ll pass for the moment and perhaps look for it when I want one of those novels to read when my disbelief is on holiday.


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