The Mystery of the Amazing Shorts by Rafa Nadal

As Rafa storms back into form at this year’s French Open, all the experts are stunned by his amazing shots.

But some very shallow people (not me, of course) are stunned by his amazing shorts.

The question has to be asked….


2005 Winner!
2005 Winner!
2006 Winner!
2006 Winner!
2007 Winner!
2007 Winner!
2008 Winner!
2008 Winner!
2009 Winner! (Who's he? Rafa must have let him win...)
2009 Winner!
(Who’s he? Rafa must have let him win…)
2010 Winner!
2010 Winner!
2011 Winner!
2011 Winner!
2012 Winner!
2012 Winner!
2013 Winner??
2013 Winner??

…have Rafa’s shorts got shorter…or have his legs got longer?


rafa with trophy



20 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Amazing Shorts by Rafa Nadal

    • What gives you that idea? 🙂

      Yes, I love his personality…too. He never seems to have let it all go to his head. Usually I’m torn between him and Andy (being Scottish) but with Andy out this time, I can concentrate fully on Rafa’s amazing sho(r)ts.

  1. I’m afraid you really really should be publishing this post with a government health warning. After watching the video I had to drink several glasses of cold water, run cold water over my wrists, etc.


    I’d consider going down to A + E to get my blood pressure checked. Oh, wait………..the wait would only send my blood pressure up. Need to calm down. Watches video again. More water and wrist splashing.

    PS re your question. I blame the washing machine set on too high a temperature. Probably the local Rafa laundromat attendant is a Rafa fan, and did this deliberately. Many thanks laundromat attendant!

    • Yay! A fellow shallow person! The video’s great, isn’t it? Oh for the golden days of the sleeveless tops…

      He’s playing very well too… 😉

      ITV4 now!

    • Hehe! It might be working for the pressure on his knee, but what about the detrimental effect on the blood pressure of very shallow women the world over…

      (Not me, obviously! 😉 )

  2. Sent this to me friend isabelle – she thinks the real mystery is why he can’t afford underpants that fit!

    • He’s too highly evolved for the current skills of underwear engineers…

      Did you see him get presented with a birthday cake after today’s match? Awww…

    • Indeed! Bit of a let-down as a match, though – Roger was a shadow of his usual self. But delighted to see Tsonga get through. Did you watch the Radwanska-Errani match? It was a good battle.

  3. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch anything live today – StarterPacks, after school club barbecue and then the Law Centre management committee – all on one day( who thought that was a good idea?) so only saw the highlights.Tsonga does seem to be on a roll – French will be pleased.

    • OK we are all hoping and expecting that Rafa will win: but what’s not to like re David Ferrer? Made more than the most of his talent (and lack of height), soft “aagh” where others grunt, nice nature (and love the way his tongue licks round when he hits the ball

      • Haha! I haven’t noticed the tongue thing, but will look out for it! However nice Ferrer is though (and I agree he is) I’m afraid no-one can withstand the power of Rafa’s amazing shorts – especially when he spins them! 😉

        PS – Rafa grunting is surely one of the highlights of the tournament??

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