House of Rain by Greg F Gifune

‘…more things in Heaven and Earth…’

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house of rainDeep within him, Gordon has always carried the horrific memories of his time in Vietnam but his love for his wife Katy has allowed him to put those days behind him. But now Katy has died and Gordon is old and alone, and all the guilt and fear has returned – along with the voices in the rain, whispering, calling. Gordon’s nightmares of a night long past are now seeping into his daytime world and he can’t ignore them any longer.

Dark, frightening and blood-soaked, this novella length story won’t be for everyone. But it is superbly written and builds a truly nerve-racking atmosphere of horror. What really happened that night? Are the things Gordon sees and hears real? Or feverish, guilt-induced hallucinations? Where is the line between light and dark, nightmare and reality?

He is not mistaken. He is not asleep. He is not drunk or stoned. “Am I crazy?” he says aloud. “Or am I damned?”

“Maybe you’re both,” the woman replies…

Told in the third person, we see the story unfold through Gordon’s eyes. As we see flashes of the memories that torture him, we get to know him and to understand the things that haunt him. But like him, we don’t know where the truth lies, and his story is morally ambiguous enough that we can’t know whether the sympathy we feel for him is deserved. But we feel it nonetheless.

A horrifying scream shatters the silence. And then…tears…great heaving sobs of agony and pain, of realization…


“What have I done?” Another scream, this one his own. “God in Heaven, what have I done?”

Greg F Gifune (
Greg F Gifune

I admit this is considerably darker than my usual fare, but within a couple of chapters I was completely hooked and read it in one rapid sitting. I would say it’s the best ghost story I’ve read in years, except that it may or may not be a ghost story at all. It is, however, an extremely well-constructed psychological study of a man haunted to the brink of madness, whether by supernatural forces or by his own demons of grief and guilt. If it’s your sort of thing, I highly recommend it. And if it isn’t your sort of thing at all, you might still find, like me, that it’s well worth stepping out of your comfort zone for.
NB This e-book was provided for review by the publisher, Darkfuse.

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3 thoughts on “House of Rain by Greg F Gifune

  1. It sounds as though the suspense really builds in this one! And I’m interested in the plot point of not knowing exactly what happened, so having that sense of ambiguity. Sounds like something I’ll try when I’m in the mood for one of those darker stories…


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