Publication Day! Fallen Land by Patrick Flanery

State of the Union…

A stunning multi-layered book that works as both a fine slow-burning psychological thriller and more deeply as a metaphor for the troubled American psyche in the post-9/11, post economic collapse world. Great language, great characterisation, great story – not just the book of the year but quite possibly the book of the decade. Really, what more could you want?

My full review is hiding behind this link 🙂

fallen land

9 thoughts on “Publication Day! Fallen Land by Patrick Flanery

  1. That’s a bit damned with faint praise isn’t it, these days – only book of the decade, – when most of the (unprintable) unmemorable books are probably being marketed as ‘best book in the whole of eternity throughout the whole of the space time continuum’


  2. I am amazed at just how many really good books that are being published and some that are being re released – certainly a lot more on offer than the “top 10′ you get in the syndicated book stores. I lament the slow death of the independent book seller. I cannot keep up with the amazing number of books I want to read.


    • I’m exactly the same – for every book I read I seem to add two to the TBR pile. I must admit, although Amazon really annoys me and I hate that they’re gaining a monopoly over the book business, it’s because of their review and recommendations system that I’ve been introduced to so many authors who’d just slipped under my radar before. And now the blogosphere is making things even worse! Every day somebody posts a review and I think – must read that!


      • I know, I agree, there are so many good blogs, good books, good reviews, great reviewers…I just want to read and read…work at the moment is getting in the way… I have however read one amazingly good book this week – Questions of Travel – Michelle de Krester – a contemporary novel that just blew me away – so many issues raised, so ironic, great sense of humor, drama… insights… for me this book has it all. I’ll put my review up later – i actually found it hard to write the review because all I could do was think of more points I wanted to illuminate. I really recommend and suggest you get a copy .


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