While the Light Lasts by Agatha Christie

while the light lastsOne for Christie fans only…

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Being a big fan of Agatha Christie (even my cats are called Tommy & Tuppence!), I expected to enjoy this collection. However, I’m afraid I found it a little disappointing. While some of the stories were near to her usual standard, it seemed to me that some of the others had only been included as padding.

The stories contained in this collection are:-

Agatha_Christie_1The House of Dreams – a mild horror story
The Actress – a story about blackmail and revenge
The Edge – a story about twisted love and guilt
Christmas Adventure – a Poirot story about a stolen gem
The Lonely God – a romance
Manx Gold – a treasure hunt round the Isle of Man
Within a Wall – destructive love
The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest – another Poirot, this time a murder mystery
While the Light Lasts – tragic love with an African setting

Meet Tommy & Tuppence!
Meet Tommy & Tuppence!
The collection as a whole is of interest in showing Christie’s development and her forays into romance and horror writing, but none of the stories could be classed as great and some, particularly Manx Gold, are quite poor. I would be sorry if any newcomers to Christie’s work were to judge her on the basis of this collection. Much better to read one of the well-known novels instead – I would recommend Death on the Nile for Poirot, The Moving Finger for Miss Marple or get to know the original Tommy & Tuppence in Partners in Crime.

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12 thoughts on “While the Light Lasts by Agatha Christie

  1. I know what you mean about some of these stories. I actually have to say I like the real-life story behind Manx Gold – an interesting bit of background. And I think Christie always had a trace of romance in her mind as she wrote. Several of her novels have that thread in them somewhere. But I agree with you that this isn’t her strongest collection. But then, Christie’s weakest efforts are far better than lots of people’s best work…


    • Indeed! I was thinking about that with regard to your post on predictabilities – that in Christie there tends to be a romance with either of two outcomes; that one of the lovers is innocent but suspected, or that both lovers are working in tandem.

      Your posts are inspiring me to go back and re-read them all again!


  2. Very good review–though, you should have ripped more.

    Death on the Nile is my absolute favorite mystery novel! The answer stunned the professor into silence.

    Tommy and Tuppence seem great, even if Tuppence isn’t highly regarded. Poor Tuppence. 😉


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