If Snow Hadn’t Fallen (Lacey Flint Novella) by SJ Bolton

A taste of unease…

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if snow hadn't fallenIn terms of plot, this novella-sized story falls between the first and second books in the Lacey Flint series, although it was actually published after the second one. Unusually for this author the plot is fairly clichéd; however, the quality of Bolton’s writing always lifts her stories above the average. The story starts with the burning to death of a man in the park behind Lacey’s house; and Bolton gives us a generous taste of the creepiness and unease that she used to such great effect in Dead Scared, the second full-length book in the series, which for me was one of the best and certainly the scariest crime thriller of 2012.

SJ Bolton(source: sjbolton.com)
SJ Bolton
(source: sjbolton.com)

Lacey Flint’s character changed quite a lot between the first book, Now You See Me, and the second – and for the better, becoming warmer, more open, more likeable. In this story, she is more like she was in the first book, a maverick loner, but we see signs of her becoming more part of the team and more involved with the other recurring characters.

In summary, a good if short read and interesting for watching Flint’s character develop. Having now read the new third book, Like This For Ever, I realise that part of this novella’s purpose is to introduce us to Lacey’s young neighbour, Barney, who plays a significant role in the book. As I’ve said in each review, although each book contains a standalone story, it’s better to read them in order because Lacey’s character and relationships develop as the series progresses; so I would recommend reading this as it was published – that is, after Dead Scared.

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